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While Waiting at the Doctor’s Appointments

I am not a person who can just sit idle in a doctor’s office without getting antsy.
I love to take my crocheting with me so that I have something to keep me busy and keep my mind off of why we are there.
I have found that it keeps me focused and makes the time go by so much faster.

We had several weeks of  back to back appointments so here is my creations.

My inspiration was the scarf that Mikey had as a challenge at  The Crochet Crowd.



A hat to keep my head warm.  Fingerless Gloves with a hat of their own lol.  The shimmering heart scarf.

Some of my projects that I am working on are just too large to transport so I have to find little things to fill the void.

With my Kindle Fire I can download my pattern and take it with me.
I have also picked up many new prospective students too, who want to learn to do what I am making.

Let me know how I am doing so far…would love to hear from you.

What is your latest project?  Share it with me please.

Tammye Honey


Basics of Crocheting Class

I wanted to do a Power Point to see if I could start to give instructions and link them on my Word Press Blog so that my students would have a reference point once they were home to look up any questions that they had and were afraid to ask or forgot my number.  This is a test for the future to see if it will work or if I have a lot of bugs to swat out of my path before I perfect my mess.

project one project two


Just two creative ideas that come complete with the yarn included…