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For those of you who have personal goals like posting every day or every week, The Daily Post is here to help. Daily prompts and challenges can get you through patches of bloggers’ block, and tips on creating a vibrant a community and using more effectively keep you motivated and focused.

To participate in the challenge, tag your post with postaday or postaweek and sign up to follow The Daily Post so all our great resources go straight to your inbox. Don’t forget to snag a badge for your blog so everyone knows you’re a Post A Day blogger, and be sure to follow the postaday topic in the Reader to see what all your fellow bloggers are up to!

If you need a boost getting inspired, try using our daily prompts. Note that comments are always closed on daily prompts, to encourage you to post on your own blogs rather than simply leaving a comment with your response. Pingbacks are enabled, though, so if you link to the prompt post on your blog, your link will appear on the list.

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Page

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