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Chocolatier TammyeHoney


Since I love to bake and cook a lot and my hubby is all over chocolates, it only made sense to begin to sell what I purchase a lot of.
He even got into my baking chocolates that I had hid in the fridge.  He did not even realize they were baking chocolates.

With the offer that they were giving for June it seems like the perfect time to get in.

Let your prospects know that when they join in June, they’ll get our Tools of theTrade for FREE – a $66 retail! (see descriptions of products on page 29 of our Spring 2013 catalog.)

  • Stainless Steel Retro-styled Cocktail Shaker
  • Soft-Grip Offset Spatula
  • Professional Scraper
  • Professional Chef’s Pastry Bag
  • Chef’s Tips of the Trade – a helpful reference card with tips for using each tool

In addition to our Tools of the Trade, June recruits get our Ms. Brown VIP Signature Product Box (a $30 retail value) – for a grand total of $90+ in bonus gifts – and even more in Sponsor Bonuses when they join and recruit others in June.   

New Chocolatiers – You’ll earn DOUBLE POINTS toward DCD Leaders Trip 2014 – New Orleans for recruiting and selling during your entire Quick Start period (90 days). That means if you joined on June 30, you could be earning points right through mid-October! Maximize Quick Start to earn all the incentives, promote to Team Leader and join us in the Big Easy.

Sponsors – You, too, continue to earn points beyond June 30 when your June recruits qualify (up to 45 days after the incentive earning period). Be sure to coach them off to a strong start to ensure they submit $200 in personal sales.

So now you see why I am a Chocolatier… or

If you cook a lot with chocolates or have a chocolate consumer in your home you may want to look into this to earn commissions on what you would consume anyways.

8 thoughts on “Chocolatier TammyeHoney

  1. SoundEagle adores chocolates as much as you do!

    Now, after reading and seeing so much about chocolate here, I shall have to increase my will power and to severely limit my consumption of chocolate and pastry and icecream. . . . . and to change from singing “Food glorious food” to “Fruits glorious fruits”.

  2. SoundEagle cannot fly if it gets too heavy . . . . .

  3. SoundEagle cannot soar if it gets too stressed . . . . .

  4. From one bird to another, SoundEagle would like to eat Dove (milk chocolate)!


  5. To reciprocate your showing me yummy chocolates here, please allow me to share with you a number of surprises from

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