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This is where I just tell life in the Retired lane….

You know…those slow pokes in the highway that are in the wrong lane going way too slow…

Or in line at the fast food restaurant and taking forever to order cause the husband can’t hear what the clerk is saying….

Not actually hubby

This is real hubby trying to Skype with customers…

Headphones are not overkill, he needs all the help he can get

Yep, that is us…we are used to driving on a military post where the maximum speed is 35 in a few places but most of the time it is 25 so of course we do most of our shopping there and just feel like the rest of the world now drives way too fast….lol…

I was used to 55 as a speed limit…then I moved to Tennessee and wow!  I stay way to the right…

You will find by my blogs that Erma Bombeck was one of my favorite authors and she will be missed.

Right next to Heloise she was a must have when it came to raising children…

Never mind Dr. Spock….he did not give me a sense of humor at 2 in the morning when my baby was vomiting all over me and coming out the other end at the same time, with an enormous fever.

As I stuck the baby in the tub clothes and all to bathe…then peel off the nasty clothes…with the hand held shower head…I would read the Erma Bombeck as I rocked the clean baby in the rocking chair aloud to my daughters and put them to sleep….

Worked well for both of us…

Thank you for viewing and following…please leave a comment and rate…

Tammye Honey (That’s what hubby calls me)

10 thoughts on “My Blog

  1. 100 likes in a week is so wonderful thank you for the warm hello…and welcome…

  2. I’m hoping our own daughter’s future fevers ever find her exploding from both ends.

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  4. Thank you for the visit and the like.

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  6. Glad I found you! And thank you for visiting my blog. I have a bloggy friend that lives in Nashville, it seems to be full of lovely people (at least the ones I meet in this world)

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