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Revival Week At Oakwood Free Will Baptist Church End Times /Rapture

Revival Week At Our Church

Guest Speaker Brother Cecil Boswell

Friendship Free Will Baptist Church in Ashland City TN

Speaking At Oakwood Free Will Baptist Church, Oakwood TN

Brother Cecil worked as a Mechanical Engineer For the U.S. Navy.

He uses scripture along with mathematics to explain The Rapture of Revelations.

Thank You For Viewing

Hope that you have learned as much as we have.

Tammye Honey

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So Today is K in You Tube Music World

Sure, but now the second half is going to be starting soon.  Some bloggers have been getting weary, worn-down.  A few have even given up (don’t give up!).  We’re almost down by 100 from the original 1969 that we had when the Linky list closed.  Some are gone because we had to clean them off the list for one reason or another.  But some others just gave up.  Don’t let yourself become one of the quitters, especially if you’ve already gotten this far.

Next week starts the kick-off for the second half.  Time to get your second wind.  Revitalize.  Stoke the creative furnace for the down-hill ride to the end of the alphabet.  You can do it!

And don’t forget the social media networking.  I’ve been seeing a lot of you making rounds and making new friends and encouraging regular friends.  Don’t slack off.  Now’s when we all need more encouragement with comments.  And when you can, be sure to follow the bloggers you really like and want to stay in contact with.  We all like more followers don’t we?   Follow others, or subscribe to their blogs, and you may be adding to your own following.

Now, the second half is coming.  Let’s get ready for the kick-off and finish the Challenge bigger than we started.

So today we are clicking those ruby heels as I promised and we are off to find Kansas:

ruby slippers

What would life be without our beloved Katy Perry

Some of you are not old enough to remember this band…but say hello with a Kiss

A newer generation singer is Kayne West

Kendrick Lamar has Explicit content so you will have to look his up on You Tube

That last kitty cat did me in it is now 6AM and my own kitty cats are wanting to be fed…daily prompt will be getting up soon so will be blogging that so be back soon…

Tammye Honey



The Letter F



So we are off to see You Tube today to see what it has in store for us today…

So tell me who did I forget on the F’s?

Leave me a message and let me know please….

Tammye Honey


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The Letter E



So here we go I am caught up to the letter E…what does You Tube have for us today…what bands come to mind for you?  Would love to hear if I miss any please feel free to add at the comment section.

So who did I miss in the E’s?  I feel like there was someone important that I am totally overlooking here…I am experiencing music block…

Who do you think that I missed?

Tammye Honey

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The Letter D



So what surprises do we have for the letter D?  I am still finding bands for the other letters and having to go back and add as I go…

So let me know who I missed here…leave me a video clip of any bands that I missed with a comment…

Tammye Honey

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The Letter C


Here are what I found for the letter C… I have to admit this is more work than I anticipated when I started…there is a lot of music out there.

Chief Keef but I will not post his video…

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The Letter B



So here we are at the letter B… now who is the first group that comes to your mind… mine is…

So here are a lot of B’s do you have some to add to this list…leave me a comment…with a video of any that I missed…

Tammye Honey

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Tribute to Tracy Byrd The Keeper of the Stars

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase


Who would have believed that one year ago we created this video and posted it on You Tube only to have 41,393 views in one year.  Thank You Readers and Viewers of our YouTube Site



We have had such wonderful feedback and it feels good to touch others live in such a positive way.


Thank You for allowing us to do this.


Tammye Honey and Eman