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Road Trip A-Z Challenge Day 8


Post A-to-Z Road Trip [2013]

This trip has been so much fun so far and the reader response has been incredible.  
I am glad that I have had readers who are traveling with me every day.
This has really made it feel like a real road trip to explore parts unknown of the writing world.
The nice part is we can all do it in our pajamas with a cup of our favorite coffee or beverage.
The About me sections of each stop are what the Author writes.  It is their own words so you get to know them.

So off we go to our first stop: 

About Denise Reashore

Denise M. Reashore spends most of her free time reading, writing, and gardening – – or staring out the window at the brightness of a new day and dreaming of digging in the earth. Throughout the winter, precious free time goes into mapping and planning her future garden and, hopefully, writing and reading retreat. The rest of the time, from September to June, she spends working as an elementary school teacher. She lives on almost 3 acres, in an old Victorian style home, with her husband, dog, and two cats . 

I was born in Seattle and got a BA in Journalism fromthe University of Washington. As an advertising copywriter—one of the original Mad Men— I wrote material for more than 100 major firms in California, including PR for the Apollo lunar space program. I received numerous awards including a CLIO (the Oscar of advertising). 

[comp] Man and Dog [32kb]

I was also a sportswriter and screenwriter, and many of my screenplays have won and been finalists in the Motion Picture Academy‘s Nicholl, Acclaim, Chesterfield, Hollywood Symposium, and FADE INcompetitions. My articles and stories have been published in numerous men’s magazines as well as youth-oriented publications like BOY’S LIFE.

I enjoy the fanciful and macabre on screen and in books. I now live in the shadow of Mt.Shasta, surrounded by a loving family and one sweet pit bull named “Dreamer.” 

Ultimate Goal

I want to be a writer, yet Henry David Thoreau’s cautionary words echo in my brain: “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” Knowing I have promised to blog daily for the coming year, I am committed to living the next 365 days to the fullest by seizing new opportunities, making old routines less mundane, and immersing myself in the details of ordinary situations. Building these habits will be key to convincing myself that I can legitimately sit down to write a future bestseller! 


sometimes, links are better than words… :)


and sometimes, not…

I’m new to the blogosphere, relatively speaking… actually I’ve had this blog for a while… I didn’t browse or comment much, so it was pretty much written for me… now that I’ve collected an awesome list of bloggers to follow, I expect more than my eyes will see this blog (yaay!!!)… I still write it for me, but in the back of my mind there’s always that editor that reminds me that others may see this too… (don’t tell him/her how many times I used “that” in that last clause)… I hope that remains a win/win deal!!! ;)
note RE my ID pic  (no, not this one – this is the black hole I’m at the event horizon of) …  yes, that’s really me… about four decades ago… I just want everyone to know I’m still the same person I was then… trust me… (mwha-ha-ha-ha-ha)… this helps me feel that I knew back then what I know now… ;)

cheers, y’all!!!

The ABCs of the Alpacas

For some time I only had the one scape-alpaca, Arnie. I was in need of something a little bigger than a scape-goat when it came to excuses for not writing. Arnie filled the hole. He has since formed a herd, because as comments on here insist, alpacas are herd animals. Arnie and I are now accompanied by his lovely wife, Bondi, and son Cambridge.

Sorry it is a short trip today, I have a new hot water heater finally supposed to arrive in a few minutes if they do not cancel again today.

More tomorrow I promise if the sun rises and I am taking oxygen.

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4 thoughts on “Road Trip A-Z Challenge Day 8

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy your road trip. Looks like you are off to a good start. 🙂

  2. I tend to spend time reading the blog post vs the bio..if they have a bio. Sometimes after several blog visits back and forth I read the bio to see what else we may have in common. And or if I just blog walking not associated with a linky or a meme or a challenge I’ll read the bio to see how to best open a conversation. That’s always a fun way to meet new folks. Making my way through the road trip linky. Gassed up…miles to go before I sleep.

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