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Creative Writing Challenge: The Transformation


Creative Writing Challenge: Metamorphosis

Those naughty biochemists have been busy again, and have accidentally released a powerful mutative toxin into the water supply by mistake.
People left, right, and center are transforming into the animals they most resemble (in character, or looks) by the light of the full moon.
Tell us the tale of a human-animal transformation.

Think about who the transformation is happening to, and what it says about them. For instance:

  • Is everyone turning into dead-eyed herd animals? Is this perhaps a satire on television habits? Or groupthink?
  • Has a beautiful celebrity with an ugly personality transformed into a more fitting animal version of their true selves?
  • Have your wildest animal-turning dreams come true? Or nightmares?
  • Has not fitting in with the people in your school/office/town suddenly been greatly underlined by the fact that they look like lizards and you don’t?
  • Have you always longed to take flight and move far, far away? Perhaps now you can.
  • Has someone been ignoring their true feelings for so long that they’ve now taken irrepressible animal form?
  • Or maybe it’s just that their feelings or circumstances are so strong that they’ve taken the form of some representative beastie?
  • What if we turned this on its head, and a favorite (or feared) animal or pet, like your dear friend Mr. Schnoocums the kitty-cat, turned into a human by the light of the moon?

Moon light

It was a warm Summer evening.  The light of the moon lit the skies so bright.  It was a full moon tonight.  The animals in the foreground of the surrounding area could be heard singing to the moon.  Their howls were clear in the night air.  As she walked along the pathway that lead back to the house she could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing at attention.  Was it fear, or was it an internal warning that danger might be approaching?

She quickened her pace, as she could feel her heart racing in her chest.  She had strayed on her walk a bit too far that evening.  She was glad to have the moonlight to guide her as she had forgotten a flashlight.  She did not mean to be out this late in the night.  She was not prepared.  She searched the area as she walked hoping to find a large, fallen tree branch or something that she could use as a walking stick.  Something to protect her from the night noises that were lurking between her and her home.

She felt a slight panic coming over her body as she continued her journey.  She was beginning to shiver.  It was a warm night.  The fear of the unknown had taken over her body.  In the path ahead of her she heard a rustling of leaves.  She could feel her heart in her throat.  She tried to cry out.  There was no sound coming from her mouth.

She had slowed her pace, as she approached the direction of the noise.  An owl in the tree above gave a shriek cry as she jumped.  She could see a figure in the clearing.  By the light of the moon, it looked half woman and half dog.  She stopped in her tracks.  Was it her imagination working overtime?  Had she seen this creature or was it part of her imagination working overtime.  The howls continued as she stood there and listened.

Where had that creature disappeared to?  Would she pass it if she continued on?  Fear had become her.  Gasping for every breath, she wanted to run.  Her feet would not obey.  She was frozen, like a statue.  Would she be eaten alive?  She vowed to never leave the house again without a flashlight and walking stick.

She began to pray.  It was all she could think to do.  What had she seen?  Where had it gone.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in the distance.  Her heart began to race again.  Was this help or another trick of her mind.  Where was that creature of woman/dog?

No one was ever going to believe her.  That was if she made it out alive.  As she tried to walk,  her knees began to shake.  She collapsed onto the ground.  She laid there, unable to move.  Her thoughts raced through her head.  Would she be eaten?  Had she been a good person?  Had she wronged others and now would be unable to make it right with them before her death?


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