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Daily Prompt: My stats are unrelated

Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CONNECTIONS.

Since my hand is in the “new” soft cast it is impossible to get it near the keyboard.
I am behind in blogging and do apologize.
The throbbing is like a toothache combined with a migraine and earache but in the hand.
They are guessing three weeks of this till I have my hand back.

IMG_20130718_124818 2013-07-18_16.29.18


At least when I hit it now, there is more padding,

So to answer the Daily Prompt:  My Top Ten

Home page / Archives 1,708
Girlscouts selling cookies 227
About 215
Homemade Dryer Sheets 139
My Blog 137
Weekly Photo Challenge: Theme of the Week is Future Tense 133
If You Are Going To Be In The Clarksville TN Area 116
Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap Is there one? 111
Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters I Created 106
Weekly Photo Challenge: (Love, my definition in photo) 94

They have no real connection or link.

Would love to hear how you are doing…will be back soon… is where you can find out what other Daily Prompt Writers had to say.



Daily Prompt: Just One Goal

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SINGULAR.

To check out what other Daily Prompt Writers had to say:

Would love to hear your goals,
Leave me a comment.

Tammye Honey

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When Is A Vacuum Not A Vacuum?

Weekly Writing Challenge: The Best Medicine


  • Write about a sad or particularly difficult situation you faced, and find the levity in what happened or how you dealt with it.

If life were perfect, cats and dogs would not shed.
Carpet runners would not collect the fur every time they run past them.
My hubby would not require a surgery that we have to wait to get in for.
I would not have fractured two fingers on my left hand.
Hubby would not have PTSD.
Hubby would not think my vacuum sounds like engines of a fighter jet.

Put them in a jar and shake them up and you have a sticky mess.

One napper, four shedders and two fingers that do not want to be helpful later, you can see my delimma.

I try to quietly sweep.  It picks up two small cats twice a day yet does not seem to help.

When he used to drive to go somewhere I would celebrate by dragging out the vacuum and have to empty twice per room.

The birds love me.  All the nesting material they need in one stop shopping.
They have until the lawncare people come to mow the lawn again to use all the materials for their nests.
Since it smells like our cats, you would think that they would not want to use it at all.
Perhaps it is to throw the cats off the trail of new babies.

picks from lexar 693

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Life works itself out….

Some days it feels like deja vu…

Tammye Honey


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Weekly Writing Challenge: Where Do We Go From Here?

Weekly Writing Challenge:


follow up 3


damn cat




What evil is lurking about between my mind and my fingers to the keyboard?
Help from my cat walking across my desk.

When he takes his nap my thought patterns will reappear…
Don’t Cats Sleep days, Hunt nights?…

Play all day, sleep all night…
Something In their food?

CIMG0001 (2)





Where do we go from here?

Tomorrow Will tell …









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Daily Prompt: The Forbidden Fruit of Life

Daily Prompt: Never

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

When I first saw this prompt my first thoughts were if I would never write about it then why would I answer this prompt?

Sexually explicit items

Violent in nature Items

Personal Details of Friends and Families

If I am not writing about them then I am certainly not sharing pictures.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FORBIDDEN. 

damn cat

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On to the next Daily Prompt…perhaps it is the Migraine that is in Day 2…

Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Tribute to National Poetry Month

Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson

National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at at end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse.
  • Highlight the extraordinary legacy and ongoing achievement of American poets
  • Introduce more Americans to the pleasures of reading poetry
  • Bring poets and poetry to the public in immediate and innovative ways
  • Make poetry a more important part of the school curriculum
  • Increase the attention paid to poetry by national and local media
  • Encourage increased publication, distribution, and sales of poetry books
  • Increase public and private philanthropic support for poets and poetry


Reflections back upon a month, just thirty days to go
Perhaps your life was full of fun, perhaps full of woe
From start to end we have had the rain
Could it have effected my brain?

The thoughts are not rolling out as such
The words not flowing, not saying much
Perhaps the absence of coffee is why
This is so true I can not lie

The Prompt was to reflect on a month gone by
Perhaps it is best to let a sleeping dog lie
I plan to move forward and see what is new
The sky should be sunny, bright and blue

So this is my plan that I have decided
Perhaps my brain wont be so divided
Going this way and that doing ten different tasks
For each of them, wearing different masks

Perhaps I am different than the rest
As you read the Prompts  you will see the best
To be inspired by a prompt is so grand
Some days it boosts you to beat the band

Then other days the Prompt is dull and boring
To the point where it totally leaves me snoring
Perhaps tomorrow will be an inspiration indeed
That will take my writing into full speed

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Hope you enjoy their work as they fulfill their dream

Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Having a Critical Eye

critical eye


Daily Prompt: Critical Eye

Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.

I do not brag to know how to be a music critic.  My hubby says I have that look…that critical eye that says it all without saying a word.  That is not what I think that they meant here.

I decided to go and acquire some assistance on this matter and was more than kind to furnish me with all  of the material that I hope I will need.

Writing a Music Critique

What Is a Critique?

A critique analyzes, interprets, describes, and evaluates an event, answering the questions: “How? Why? How well?” A critique does not have to be entirely negative; it may be positive, negative, or a combination of the two.

The object of this exercise is to listen to music with a discriminating ear. This does not mean that you cannot also enjoy the experience as well. A good critic walks into an event with an open mind, seeking to gain insight through a particular performance. There is also a human side of being a critic. Although your critique will not be read by the performers, you should always keep in mind that there are real people involved who in most cases have put forth their best efforts. Not withstanding, an honest critique can also be a source for valuable, constructive suggestions.

When writing your critique, please include the following:

Introduce the titles of the piece(s), composers, place of performance, date of performance, and performers involved. If it is an operatic, musical, or vocal performance, include the text’s authors as well as a brief description of the plot (if known).

How Do I Write a Critique?

The very nature of music resists attempts to verbalize it—that said, when doing analysis, avoid overly sentimental, “precious” description of musical events, as they just take the place of more serious discussion.

Avoid the “one thing after another” or “listing” approach to writing—that is, always reporting the musical events in the order in which they occur (i.e., the first movement does A, B, and C, and then the second movement does D, E, F, etc.)

You may critique the performers, conductor, organization of the event, and even the audience.

Instead, try and answer the following questions:

  1. What was your overall reaction to the performance?
  2. What was the strongest element of the performance?
  3. What was the weakest element of the performance?
  4. Was the event well-organized? Was there any element of the performance that detracted from your concentration or enhanced it?
  5. If the performance is vocal, how did the text correspond with the music? Did the music communicate the text effectively?
  6. If the performance was purely instrumental, what visual images and/or emotions might have been conveyed by the music? Did the music communicate effectively?
  7. If there was a conductor, did you feel the conductor communicated his or her interpretation of the music to the players and the audience?

In addition, a simple method of describing the actual music itself is SHMRG: Sound, Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, and Growth (texture/formal structure). Even though many of you are not Music majors, you can list one thing about all or a few of these items that caught your attention. Since our minds cannot retain all that our ears hear in most cases, focus on a few key events and hold on to them as the music unfolds.

Some helpful hints:

  1. Listen to the pieces in advance. The Music Library has an enormous collection of recordings, and the Classical Music Library or Naxos database, available on the IUP Libraries website, is also a good resource.
  2. Read the program notes while waiting for the performance to start.
  3. Choose the right seat—usually the back of the floor section or the front portion of the balcony are the best acoustical places to sit.

According to writing has very easy concepts to follow:

Writing requires a thinking process. Most of the problems students have with college writing are not matters of grammar and punctuation, but are matters of learning how to think critically, how to generate ideas, to organize, and to support those ideas with concrete, specific evidence. Your own experiences are important in thinking and writing, but most college writing involves relating your experiences and thinking to the important ideas of others. In this course, reading and thinking about other people’s ideas is part of the course. Responding in both an affective (meaning “in the realm of the emotions”) and a disciplined, critical way to the important ideas of what we read is part of the writing process.

Revising and learning to edit are a major part of the writing process, even for experienced professionals. You will have a chance to revise the paper after it has been peer edited and read by your unit professor. The final paper grade will be based on your final revision. Individual conferences with professors contribute to student growth as writers. In addition to two scheduled conferences per semester, we invite you to come in any time you need help. Unit papers are only one of the ways in which writing is incorporated into the core courses. Writing instruction, pre-writing activities, journals, critical-reading exercises (including problem solving, some of it collaborative), group work, and conferences with faculty will be part of each unit.

Perhaps it is my lack of coffee this morning, I am not sure but I can’t seem to find my critical eye as I normally blog on food or daily prompts so I will go and find my eye and coffee while you can check out what the other great Daily Prompt Writers had to say:

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Keep your eyes open, I may be back if I find the critical eye.
Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Decisions, Decisions, How are they Made?

Daily Prompt: Decisions, Decisions

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

This I found to be a very interesting prompt vector-of-a-confused-cartoon-man-scratching-his-head-with-a-question-mark-thought-cloud-by-gnurf-71

As I sat pondering the question I wondered if it was because I was born at the cusp of Virgo to Libra that I do balance a decision and then go with the gut instinct? Or do I always need the balance to win?

th (1) th (2) th (3) th (4) th (5) th (6) th (7)


Perhaps using both theories is a concrete way to judge the situation and come to a decision or perhaps I should wait to weigh out the facts a bit longer to give the perplex answer for today’s prompt…

Going with the gut might make a hasty decision.  What do you think my beloved reader?  Would love to hear what you think on this matter.

Will you be doing research to answer or going with your gut to answer me as well?

Here are what another  Daily Prompt Writers had to say on the subject:

My short story “New Life” (in Russian) published in “Belgorod Business Class” magazine (first number) | Inside My Glitching Mind

The others are either not early bird writers or are still using a reasoning approach to the question rather than going with their gut.  Be sure to check back with Michelle at the top of my post during the day for more posts on this subject…it might be they just needed a coffee jump start.

cup of coffee


Pictures are courtesy of Yahoo Image Search Results.

Tammye Honey


Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters I Created

Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters

by Erica on February 11, 2013

For some of us, blogging is personal. Others are trying to educate or entertain; many more are hybrids. Yet we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges help you to push your writing boundaries, show off your blogging chops, and, hopefully, spark more post ideas.

To participate, tag your post with DPchallenge or leave a link to it in the comments. (It would also be great if you could link to this post to encourage people to take part – the more the merrier!)  Your post should be specifically written in response to this challenge. We’ll keep an eye on the tag and highlight some of our favorite posts on Freshly Pressed on Friday.

As the saying goes, no man person is an island. From your closest friend who makes you laugh uncontrollably, to your favorite aunt who’s quirkiness is only surpassed by her zany sense of humor: our lives are filled with characters. For writers, interactions with the characters in our lives often crosses over into our work, influencing a fictional character’s personality or inspiring a dialogue that’s been translated from real life to the (virtual) page.

In writing, building a realistic portrayal is hard work. Beyond giving someone a name and describing their appearance, we use our words capture the small details that define a person, whether it’s the way they furrow their brow when they’re angry or rub their hands together when they’re nervous.

This week’s writing challenge: Tell us about a character in your life. It could be your best friend, your partner, your child, or even your third grade teacher. With as much detail as possible, make this person real for us. Tell us more than what they look like or how you met. Let us know what their laugh sounds like, or that oddball quirk that makes this person so unique.

Need some ideas to get started?

  • Do a character sketch, drafting up a detailed list of their special characteristics and traits.
  • Tell us about a specific memory you have of this person that highlights their personality and the singular way they approach life.
  • Write a post from their perspective, matching your narrative voice so that it sounds just like them when we read it.

The goal is to make this character of yours as real as possible for your readers, as if we had known them all along ourselves. Each character in your life is unique, and we want to see their individuality shine through.

2013-01-17 12.50.18

When I read this challenge I remembered a video that my hubby had made of taking our dog Trina to the landfill and then home.  A typical 5 minute trip that they do all the time, but one day, he wanted to videotape it.  When they returned home, I not only made the video, I also made the dog talk.
I could only imagine that Trina sounded like Scooby Doo.
I think through my video I was able to convey a story line as well as get you to know our Trina.


Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words, Looking Closer

Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words, Take Two

by michelle w. on January 28, 2013

For some of us, blogging is personal. Others are trying to educate or entertain; many more are hybrids. Yet we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges help you to push your writing boundaries, show off your blogging chops, and, hopefully, spark more post ideas.

To participate, tag your post with DPchallenge or leave a link to it in the comments. (It would also be great if you could link to this post to encourage people to take part – the more the merrier!)  Your post should be specifically written in response to this challenge. We’ll keep an eye on the tag and highlight some of our favorite posts on Freshly Pressed on Friday.

This is Trina

A Picture is worth a 1000 words

Some times a photograph can say it all without uttering a word.  That is what this photo does for me.

I can not begin to describe everything going on in this picture and give it the justice that it deserves.

Our favorite hangout in the Summer time as the work is finished and it is time to relax while we watch the animals run in the yard around us.

The lighting around the building gives us just enough light to enjoy the evening in a romantic setting yet not draw the bugs of the evening air.

The wind chimes hanging over our heads ring a beautiful song as the night breeze begins to surround us.

Our Sun Tea in one hand and holding each others hands as we just relax and ponder our day or discuss the next one about to approach.

Our Workshop where our wooden benches and plant stands are made by hand or furniture is refinished to make it come back to life.picks from lexar 693

Where we can watch the birds sit calmly on the wires nearby chirping their songs

CIMG1419 CIMG1410 CIMG1407 CIMG1406 CIMG1403 CIMG1402

As the sun goes down just enjoy our back yard around us.

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Thank you for reading …


Tammye Honey