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Central New York State Under Water

Our Prayers go out to the families in Central NY who are battling with the flooding conditions as we speak.
With heavy downpours still in the forecast there is no relief in site.
Thanks to friends back in New York via Facebook, here are current pictures to show what is happening.

1013031_373596362762996_2140581243_n 1003665_373596392762993_1090169542_n 1257_373596412762991_1683894765_n 1004021_373596422762990_76390715_n 1005594_373596442762988_722237535_n 1011881_373596452762987_813195232_n 1012184_373596466096319_389801757_n 9393_373596482762984_553759179_n 1011364_597980130232380_1957750647_n 970051_597979006899159_541903744_n 542159_474222785941449_1527062491_n 1048795_10200106731531081_731364344_o 1044856_4414680744275_1141787373_n 1010194_4414663463843_1117903096_n 1044098_4414661343790_1327277420_n 1044992_4414655823652_741618296_n 1017666_4414654543620_793128678_n 1025377_10201264179545510_1124492273_o 1053226_554945841218444_1857073315_o 1044365_10200311534170766_865440520_n 1009131_10151470918568247_424552050_o 1044876_373613202761312_1985814944_n 480129_373613232761309_651450731_n 1003987_373613059427993_254360299_n 1010659_10201479270534357_2066227133_n



Return to index… Clinton Early Learning Ctr.
Mohawk Limited-Chadwicks
All employees report at 10am
REDCO Foods- Little Falls
Closed: 1st, 2nd Shift Do Not Report

General Cancellations
Return to index… City of Little Falls
NYS Rte 5 from Gun Club to City Line
Commercial Drive
Closed from Henderson to Rte 69
NYS Route 28
Bridge in Middleville Closed
Slocum Dickson Medical Group
ILION Location Closed
Working Solutions Career Center
Herkimer Office Closed

The list is starting to grow of the closings in the area….

Stay tuned to for more closings

Remember that there is a boil water alert for the entire area.
Keep fridge and freezers closed.  Turn off any large appliances that are not in use while power is off …
You will have a power surge when power comes back on.
With our forecast of rain here in Tennessee it is a sign of more rain heading their way in next few days.

Prayers to all …stay safe and please contact loved ones…

Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Tunes For The Rain

Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain

Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RAIN.

pouring rain


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 Hope the rain clears in your area and life is good…
Tammye Honey


Question To My Readers

Night time half staff


Before I begin let me express a prayer to the families in the Oklahoma region of our Country.  
A sincere thank you to all the volunteers who have come forward to assist during this time.


I had a slight dilemma today with an issue and I still do not understand the meaning or purpose.  Perhaps someone from my reader nation can explain.

Without going into deep details, an incident occurred where a point was being made about a subject.  The subject went astray, as does happen at times.  
Then a certain point had to be made by a person.  This point was cruel, mean, unthoughtful, totally not necessary.  
It was made with contempt, almost as if to be mindfully hurtful when made.  There was no thought as to how much it had hurt the guest of the home even when it was pointed out.  The point was still the driving force that would not be dropped.  

At that point in time, even my interventions were of no use and the cold callous comments continued.  The feeling of self centeredness and superiority in one’s own opinion was what seemed to be on the plate of the speaker who was not going to stop.  The guest politely  left.  The speaker did not stop.  

When is it necessary to “drive a point home” so much that it is mean and hurtful to another.  Isn’t life too short?  I am just not understanding the need for this.  I really need someone to explain to me why it is ok to hurt others over petty crap that will not pay my bills next month.  It will not bring back the lives lost today in Oklahoma.  

Was it worth making two women cry to make yourself feel like a real man?  Was that the real purpose?  I am really not understanding.

Does it really matter if someone is or is not an “Army Brat”?  Will they pay their bills on time if they are or are not?  Does it really matter in the end?  Was it worth it?

Just needed to write,

Tammye Honey



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MikeFest Countdown Timer Starts Again

002 (3) ??????????????????????


Welcome to the South.  Here the weather is so subject to change.  It can be freezing in the early morning and by 5 PM you are looking for a cool place to hide.   The rain in the Spring is just as strange.  We had standing rain in our poor yard during the month of April.  The old saying is April showers bring May flowers.  Instead, we are receiving buckets of rain.  Severe thunderstorms on the horizon with a hint of the possibility of tornado warnings.



That was the weather report that we woke to this morning.  When you are planning an event the idea of being in a little rain is a possibility.  This was a bit of overkill by Mother Nature.

For the safety of the various bands that are to play, food vendors, non food vendors and spectators, water and electricity just do not mix.  Monsoons and electricity are like a plugged running hairdryer in a bubble bath.  A total recipe for disaster and a shrinkage of a crowd in a hurry.

So the process slowly began:

Tribute to Michael Russell
07 May 1994 – 29 June 2006

Notifying each element of the festival to see if the new date of June 8th would work for them or if it would be a no go.  When you are calling 30 plus non food vendors, it makes for a busy day.  You do not want them to read it on Facebook and think that they were kept out of the loop.

The response was wonderful.  What a great team of non food vendors we have.  The bands were all great about rescheduling also.  The food vendors again come to the rescue.  I think my hardest call was  the Bakery that is new to our area.  Imagine telling a bakery that you need them to stop baking for an event and hold the presses for a month.  Luckily they had two functions that they were doing on the same day.  Surprise, they will be ready.  We actually made life a little less complicated for them.



We do live on to see another day.  Our new day is now June 8th.  With phone calls made at least some of the hard work is done and now it is just a waiting process to see what Mother Nature can throw at us between now and then.  If you are in the area during that time, would love to see you.  By then we should be dug out of our Monsoons and enjoying the sunlight and warmth that the South is known for.

That is our bands which are still working on the line ups due to other commitments now…  We are not out of the woods yet, although our compass is working well.

Over 10 Straight hours of live music.

This years line up so far, more to be added:

Ben Gallaher @
Oblivion Myth @
Dogs at Bay
Transend the Fallen
For Lack of Lithym
Mindset Defect
Killing Grace
Awaken @

Plus performers playing off stage around the Fest.

Thank you to our Sponsors / Vendors / Crafters, so far

We Urge you to Visit their Booth and Support Their Business.

1. ManCave: Guide Will J. Brant @
2. Scentsy/Velata: Tammye Green, Independent Certified Consultant. @ &
3. Thirty One: Chantelle R. Dempsey, Independent Consultant,@
4. Paparazzi Accessories: Aimee Miller, Premier Director & Lisa Mannion, Independent Consultant @
5. Tupperware: Michele Turk, Consultant @
6. Origami Owl: – Lisa Clarke, Independent Designer #3986 @
7. It Works!: Carolyn Evens, Independent Distributer @
8. ACE: Beth Vincent, Senior Associate @
9. Need Something Framed & More: Silvi Mize, Owner @
10. Arica Langelier, Realtor PenFed Realty, Real-estate
11. Crafts Galore and Soaps & More: Brenda Duckett, Owner @
12. Lemongrass Spa Products: Charla Pugh, Sales Consultant @
13. Mary Kay: Melissa Arrington, Independent Beauty Consultant @
14. Honey Bears Boutique: Linda Walker, Owner @
15. Raving Wolf’s Varity, Custom handmade Native American and Biker Jewelry: Ravingwolf, Artist, Designer, Owner @
16, ViSalus: Craig Critchfield, Independent Promoter @
17. La Bella Baskets: Michelle Rose & Lelia Restivo Consultants @ &
18. Jladycreations: Jacki Lowner, Designer/Owner. One of a kind jewelry @
19. Blackfire Bakery: The Foxworth Family, Owners @
20. Jenny Lander’s Gems: Jenny Lander, Owner/Designer. Custom made jewelry @
21. The Pampered Chef: Angela Davis, Independent Senior Consultant @

Reserve your spot now. Limited Openings, on a first come bases, no duplications of vendors.

These businesses will not have a booth at Mikefest 2013, but have made generous donations to the cause. A very BIG Thank YOU.

1. Thirty One: Christy Pouw, Consultant @
2. AVON: Angela Shelton, Independent Sales Represented
3. The Pampered Chef: Angela Davis, Independent Senior Consultant (Is now a vendor)
4. Tupperware: Eman & Tammye Green, Independent Consultants @
5. Dove Chocolate Discoveries: Sharon Rowley, Independent Chocolatier @ (Possible Vendor Now)

This year’s Mikefest 2013 Official Event Photographers: ….So Smile…Thank You…

Sharper Edge Photography:
LC Photography:

So grab your lawn chair, and get ready to be entertained with a whole day of music and fun.

No outside beverages
No drugs
No Pets

New Vendors will possibly be added due to the Change in date also so please standby as we are still upgrading lists daily.

Reporting to you live from Tennessee,

Tammye Honey.


Would This Be A 2 1/2 Dog Night?

As I was lying in bed last night trying to get comfortable to watch a little television it slowly began to happen.  I could hear thunderstorms in the distance outside so I had anticipated already what type of night I was going to have.



The term 3 dog night has been around for a very long time. So has the band lol

That is not the 3 dog that I am talking about today though, that will come up when I get to the Letter T lol…

Alaska. A traditional Inupiat Eskimo igloo four miles south of Nome.



That is more the 3 dog night that I am talking about…

On thunderstorm night in our home, my hubby decides to take to the couch as he likes to stretch out and knows what is going to happen.  I get company in our queen size bed.  As I laid there last night each animal slowly crept onto the bed, one at a time.  As the thunder drew closer, the number increased.  I only had my cell phone with me and was lying on my side with my one arm pinned with a huge cat lying on top of me.  Peachy pushed against my shins as I was curled in bed.  Trina was against my back and tush.  TC took up my stomach area.

1365918900840 1365918873410

2013-04-14 00.56.30

2013-04-14 00.57.28


Now being wrapped like I am in a sleeping bag with only one hand out to try and function with the camera on my phone without moving…that is what makes these pictures so funny and was so difficult to take.  The cat on top of me weights close to 40 lbs.

Could not resist sharing this.  I have to admit that I was very warm.


Daily Prompt: Escape Plan for Tornado

Daily Prompt: Escape!

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).



It is beautiful here most of the time.

A tornado can strike at any time.


So could an earthquake.

They are both a very real reality to think of yet not have a constant fear of as if we were on a coast line with the hurricanes.

We have a cap on the back of our truck which houses two cots, sleeping bags, canned goods, fresh water and several other necessities.

We have them packed for Vendor shows yet they are there should we need them for tornados as well.

Our medications are in bins that can be grabbed and taken with us at a moments notice.

The animals food is positioned near the door.

What would your escape plan be?  Do you have one in place?

Would love to hear…leave me a comment.

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Daily Prompt: No Childhood Revisit Here

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

by michelle w. on February 9, 2013

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?

Truthfully, every parent will say that they would have liked to have had more for their children or an easier life.

If this were to have happened though, would they appreciate the finer things in life?   They too have struggled to achieve a better life for themselves and an awesome life for their children.

We have to ask ourselves if we had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow would we have stopped there?

Would I have the drive at my age that I have now?  Would I still be willing to teach eager students who want to learn?

Would I have met the loving hubby that I have today?  I would not trade that for anything.

Would I have my same animals that I have today?  I love them all like children.

Would I be in Tennessee enjoying the weather instead of the foot of snow that New York State received last night?  Would not trade that either.

That is a tough question.  As far as revisiting my childhood…would not want to do.  To redo that would be rewriting history and possibly opening up wounds that were closed with stitches and have long since healed properly.

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OH Brother Gazebo Here we come

My hubby was rattling my case about buying toys and not using them regularly.  To me this is the pot that called the kettle black.  I have not seen him in his work shop building in almost a year. Our Gazebo was destroyed during a storm that partially destroyed it last month then last night was wipe out.  The only thing that we salvaged was the net zip up screens and the very tip top, as well as a few tiny shelves that were inside of the gazebo.  The remainder was bent and twisted beyond recognition.

My Idea:  Build a new one out of wood that is treated lumber.  That is stronger and will withstand the storms.

Home Depot and Lowe’s  DYI Projects to the rescue:

Home Depot DIY Weekend Project

The detail lacked a bit here and I really did think that it did not have everything included compared to the other one that I have enclosed….

Lowe’s DIY Weekend Project

Construction Note

These instructions are for a basic pergola with square rafter ends. You may alter the design and cut shapes in the rafter ends for a more decorative effect.

Example Dimensions:

  • The deck has 2 x 8 joists 16 in. on center (OC).
  • The pergola will be 8 ft. square with 4 x 4 posts, doubled 2 x 8 beams, 2 x 6 rafters 24 in. OC and 2 x 6 bracing blocks 24 in. OC.
Check with your local building authorities before beginning to find out if any permits are required. Whether joists are set 12″, 16″ or 24″ OC there will always be joists at multiples of 48″OC.

Laying Out the Site

Laying Out the Site

Follow the steps below to lay out the site for your pergola.
Step 1Determine the approximate area where you want the pergola. Locate a deck joist at one of the corners and mark the decking flush with the inside edge of the joist (mark 1). Measure 8 ft. along the joist and make another mark (mark 2). Snap a chalk line between the two marks flush with the inside edge of the joist.
Step 2Partially drive a 6d nail into the decking at mark 1. Tie mason’s cord to the nail and pull it perpendicular to the chalk line. Use the following method to square the cord with the chalk line.

3, 4, 5 Method: Measure 3 ft. along the chalk line and mark, measure 4 ft. along the cord and mark it, then adjust the cord until the distance between the two marks is 5 ft. (see Figure A above).

Measure 94 1/2 in. along the mason’s cord and make a mark (mark 3). Snap a chalk line between mark 3 and mark 1.
Step 3Repeat step 2 from mark 2 to locate mark 4.
Step 4Marks 3 and 4 should be flush with the inside edge of a deck joist. Snap a chalk line between marks 3 and 4, flush with the inside edge of the deck joist (see top view of Image B above).
Step 5Stand a small piece of 4 x 4 on the decking at mark 1. Align the outside edges of the 4 x 4 with the chalk lines. Trace the other two sides of the 4 x 4 onto the decking. Use a jig saw or a reciprocating saw to cut out the hole for the 4 x 4. (see Image C) Perform the same steps at marks 2, 3 and 4.

Setting the Posts and Beams

Setting the Posts and Beams

The steps below will help you set the posts and beams for your pergola.
Step 1Have a helper slide a 10 ft. 4 x 4 post into the hole at mark 1. Align the bottom of the post flush with the bottom of the deck joist, while the helper holds it plumb. Drill two offset 1/2 in. holes through the post and the joist. (Offsetting the holes helps maintain the strength of your framing members.) Secure the post to the joist with 6 in. x 1/2 in. carriage bolts (see image). Set the posts at marks 2, 3 and 4 the same way.
Step 2Measure up 8 ft. 6 in. from the top of the decking on post 1 and mark it. Use a water level to transfer the mark on post 1 to the other posts. Cut each post off at the marks.
Step 3Square two 10 ft. 2 x 8s and cut them to 10 ft. exactly. Screw the 10 ft. 2 x 8s together flush. The fasteners should be in rows of three, spaced approximately 24 in. apart and driven in from alternate sides to ensure the boards don’t separate.
Step 4Measure the distance from the outside of post 1 to the outside of post 3 and subtract that number from 120 in. (The length of the doubled 2 x 8 beam).
Step 5Divide the difference from above by 2, to determine the overhang of the beam at each post.
Step 6Measure in from each end of the beam and mark for the overhang.


Outside of post 1 to the outside of post 3 = 94 1/2 in.

120 in. – 94 1/2 in. = 25 1/2 in.

25 1/2 in. divided by 2 = 12 3/4 in.

The beam overhang on each side of the posts is 12 3/4 in.

Set the beam with the top of the beam flush with the tops of posts 1 and 3. Also align the overhang marks flush with the outsides of the posts. At each post, drill two 1/2 in. offset holes through the beam and post. Secure the beam to the posts with 7 in. x 1/2 in. carriage bolts (see image above). Set a second beam on posts 2 and 4.

Setting the Rafters

Setting the Rafters

These steps will allow you to set the rafters properly on your pergola.
Step 1Set the rafters 24 in. OC. Find and mark the center of each beam. Measure from the center of the beam and mark it every 24 in. You should have five marks on each beam, one in the center and two on each side. The marks represent the centers of the rafters (see top view of image).
Step 2Measure the distance between the beams from outside face to outside face and add 12 in. The extra 12 in. allows the rafters a 6 in. overhang at each beam. Cut five 2 x 6s to length.


The distance from outside face to outside face of the beams is 102 in.

102 in. + 12 in. = 114 in.

The rafters should be cut to 114 in.
Step 3Center the rafters on the marks and screw them to the beams. The rafters should overhang each beam by 6 in.

Installing Brace Blocks

Installing Brace Blocks

Use the following steps to add the brace blocks to your pergola and complete the finishing touches.
Step 1Measure between the rafters and cut brace blocks from 2 x 6 boards (for rafters 24 in. OC the braces should measure approximately 22 1/2 in.).
Number the rafters from left to right (see Image A above).
Step 2Measure 10 in. back from the inside face of the beam along rafters 1 and 2 and mark them. Continue measuring and marking the left side rafters 24 in. OC. You should have four sets of marks.

Secure the bracing blocks between the rafters.
Step 3Go to the next set of rafters (Rafters 2 and 3) and measure from the inside face of the beam 13 in. and mark each rafter. Then make marks 24 in. OC and install brace blocks. Between rafters 3 and 4 mark and install brace blocks as you did between rafters 1 and 2. Between rafters 4 and 5 mark and install brace blocks as you did between rafters 2 and 3. Offsetting the brace blocks allows you screw through the rafter into the end of the brace block instead of toenailing (see Image B above).
Step 4Stain and seal the pergola to match the deck.

Tomorrow is Our Three Year Wedding Anniversary.  What a great gift for hubby to make me… that or a new phone system…hint hint hint….

I had made and sent around 11 personalized pillows to each of our grand children for the Holiday season last December.  I have also been able to do a few local personalized jobs for area residents on items that are unique and local seamstresses will not do.

Now I have ordered more feet from Amazonthat are to arrive any day… so look out world I am about to expand.

Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine

This relic is over 30 yrs old and still going… will sew tent material so jeans are a breeze.  Between the two I am in heaven.  The only problem is with all of my moving I have lost a lot of my attachments for this machine.

Have a great day and keep all your thoughts happy


Wind Storm in Oakwood Tennessee

Our little neighborhood got hit hard today with the storm.  When it was over we took a little ride with our famous cameras and captured it on video to share on YouTube of course.  We have permission from our neighborhood since our last video.

Hoping it shares here so you do not have to click on it…

Live electrical wires across the road in two places

200 year old tree is up rooted from ground

Utility pole knocked to ground with live wires

Huge tree burned from inside out

Huge holes ripped in our new gazebo

Everything turned upside down

Stay safe this storm came up out of nowhere and lasted 5 minutes…

Tammye Honey


When It Rains It Does Pour!

We have had several severe thunderstorms in our area recently…

There is the site if you would like to track your area to see how you are doing…

Needless to say we have had to place claims with our insurance company…something that neither my hubby or I have ever done before.   We went from a few rain drops of problems to the monsoon in no time…

Roof Damage

Plumbing and Flooring damage

Same storms…backed up lines…plugged drains…water heater blows up…floors flood…

Insurance Claim rep actually says to me are you sure… ugh

I am looking at it and the estimates lady…I have it in black and white…wtf…seriously?  Then hubby grabbed the phone… because he could not hear her he said that he would have to put me back on…

When I came back on the only thing she said to me was here are your claim numbers…

She for some reason just did not want to deal with me…or was it something hubby said that could have been worse than me while I was dealing with the plumber and roofer?

Nah, I am so pleasant it must have been his lack of hearing and her wanting to go to lunch.

So now we are waiting for claims adjuster number two to call us and come out.  Then we wait another week then I no longer will have to look at the black standing water in my bathroom sink.

I’ll bet if it were her sink life would be a little different.


Tammye Honey