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Daily Prompt: The Trees In The Forest

Daily Prompt: Landscape

When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?

Looking in or out?

Looking  Out My Window

I see the trees in the forest.  I see the entire package and then take a step back to enjoy it’s beauty.  Does that make me different?  Does that give me good peripheral vision? I decided to seek advice on the statement to see if I am off base on this one or if I am in the ballpark.

When people use the phrase ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ – it means that people are losing themselves in the details (trees) that you forget the larger picture or vision (forest). This phrase is very commonly used in business. Some people get so stuck in the details that the details become the overwhelming focus that sometimes leads towards a different solution such that you forget the original vision.

Perhaps it is the Libra in me that makes me stop and weigh it all out.

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 So that is 37 different views of what the acorn is doing in that forest…happy reading
Tammye Honey






The Apple Tree

An old story that my grandmother used to tell me growing up was about an apple tree.  I really did not understand it then.  During my youth, I used to wonder what it had to do with Johnny Appleseed, or if it did at all…

Then she would sit me down and try to clear my head…reminding me that some day, when I got older, this story would make sense to me and I would share it with my children.

She said that life is like an apple tree and people come in all different types like the different types of apples that there are…

Some apples grow at the bottom of the tree which does not make them any prettier or sweeter than the ones at the top.

It is the apple that grows the strong stem in life and holds fast to the tree of knowledge that can get ahead in life.

To stay strong and secure with oneself and feel good about oneself will cause an inner shine and as the tree grows the apple rises to the top of the tree causing others to long for those qualities.

To be picked from the crowd of rotten apples on the ground, a ladder is necessary to grab the prize above…

The proud owner who knows the prize indeed knows that the climb is well worth the effort…and that not having sold oneself short for quick gain was well worth the wait.

Taking a look a life…which apple have you became….

Hopefully the one that needed the ladder…

Have a great evening….

H apple ly yours

Tammye Honey