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Raw Footage of Miss Shelby

Thought I would share some raw footage of Miss Shelby so that her parents could get the photos once this hits my wall on Facebook.

It took me this long since we have been busy with Non Food Vendors for the Mike Fest 2013.

We have been making arrangements to give them information and have their baskets for donations delivered.

CIMG2619 CIMG2620 CIMG2621 CIMG2622 CIMG2623 CIMG2624 CIMG2625 CIMG2626 CIMG2627 CIMG2628 CIMG2629 CIMG2630 CIMG2631 CIMG2632 CIMG2633 CIMG2634 CIMG2635 CIMG2636 CIMG2637 CIMG2638


We are so honored that you are here and that you joined us…

Thank you again to her mommy and daddy Amanda and Jeff for allowing me to be such a part of her arrival.  Thank you Christy for being there at a vital time of need.

Thank you to a wonderful crew of nursing staff at the hospital who all worked together to help bring you to your mommy and daddy.

What a blessing she is.

Tammye Honey