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Writing 101: Day 5 A Brief Encounter (Part II of A Part III Series of Day 4)

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply. Today, write about this encounter. And your twist? Be as succinct as possible.

The letter read that he had left because of his PTSD.  He knew how much his crying out at night was upsetting her and he did not want to hurt her any more.
He loved her with all of his heart and owed her every thing.  He did not feel it was fair to make her suffer the way that he did each night in his mind as he relived his war days.
As I turned the envelope over I could see drops of tears on the front with slight drips of mascara.

On the bottom, there was an impression of a kiss with a scribbled note that said I will find you.


For My Friends Who Are Sad Today

Just think of the happier times of life.  Think of your blessings in your children.

Think about the happier times to come in life with them.

Remember that your future and theirs depends on you.

Remember that children are a pocket full of sunshine

Remember that Tomorrow is another day…to start over….

Smile it takes less muscles than a frown…and it won’t leave as many wrinkles.

Tammye Honey