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If you say you are bored or broke

10264061_10202686819984773_2222674070672019122_oThis is a few ideas to get you out of your slump….


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Tammye and Emmanuel

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My Organized Mess

I would show you a picture of my office, however…it is “Top Secret”…off limits…

Certainly not this bad

Although at the end of the month prior to filing it can almost feel that bad…

Not as bad as this one either…more contained

Since I run 5 businesses out of this office I really do not feel that being able to place my hands on something requested within 30 seconds is a bad thing…

This includes product returns, products to be returned, Tupperware Exchanges, and Warranty or upgrades, Video Commercial materials for customers, and business cards.

This is closer to my cluster mess

Add a few stress balls, an intercom system, a security camera system and you about have it…

So when hubby says to me when are you going to redo this room?  My question is…

Where do I run the businesses in the meantime?  Since they can’t go over or under, perhaps up…. I will hold that thought for another day…

Have a great evening and hope that your organization is always to the best….

Thank you for viewing…

Tammye Honey