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Finally I can type again

It has been a gruesome haul with my left hand being out of service since June.  I really missed being able to blog.  Then, to make matters worse, I was locked out of my website when I was ready to return after months of therapy.  I am back and ready to type away.  Missed everyone and all of the posts that I have not been able to read in my email inbox.  I am so excited to be able to start to type again and express my thoughts on electronic paper.

Be back shortly,

Tammye Honey

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Daily Prompt: I Live For Now & Future Not Past

Daily Prompt: Your Life, the Book

From a famous writer or celebrity, to a blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WORDS.

No one…My life is private.
My past was long ago.
I do not want to relive it.
My future is what I am living for.

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Tammye Honey



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Daily Prompt: A Fan of Sports?

Daily Prompt: Fandom

Are you a sports fan?
Tell us about fandom.
If you’re not, tell us why not.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SPORTS.

Let me start by telling you that I love everything from Hockey, to Football with Basketball thrown in.

With that said, I have grown to love College Sports.
The reason being is that they do not go on strike.

First, years ago the Hockey team went on strike and did not return for the season.
Next came the baseball, who have repeated the game several times.
By then I had gotten so involved in college sports that I did not care anymore.

I will sit and watch a game with my hubby on Sundays.
I am actually more into sports than he is lol.
Since he does not care for college sports, that is something I watch alone.

I picked Wake Forest for a team only because I liked the name.

Would love to hear your imput on sports.
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Tammye Honey

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Daily Prompt: Strange Encounter Indeed


Daily Prompt: Stranger

by michelle w.

Have you ever had a random encounter or fleeting moment with a stranger that stuck with you?

The first strange encounter was that this was in my email tonight and then the page was missing when I went to look for it on Daily Prompt…

Life is all about fleeting moment…brief encounters that touch your life.  Little things that you notice each time that you start to read an article from a fellow writer.

A poem that makes you cry or laugh.  A poem or a story that you want to change the ending to.  I felt compelled to write about this tonight only because it seems like someone spammed Michelle this morning and Prompted in her place…only to have her prompt become dust in the wind…

Tammye Honey