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Daily Prompt: Taking A Vacation

Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit?

I don’t like big crowds so that really rules out a lot of places.  I love to take day trips.

Yes She’s a Yankee from New York and I’m a Rebel from Tennessee. 034 (4) 034 (2) world Emmylou Harris and me on stage at the Grand Ole Opry 005 010 (4) 016 002Nashville is great to take day trips and still not see everything

What about it speaks to you?

There is so much to see and so much history there and history in the making.  Nashville Tennessee is a great place to visit for us.

We can take in a concert or just see the street musicians and see the historical beauty.  Only being one hour from home.

The trip is inexpensive and fits well in our budget.  We do not break the bank to do it.  Every trip is different.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us VACATION.

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Would love to hear what your favorite Vacation ideas are.  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Tammye Honey

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Xtra Special Day of X on YouTube


With out X-Ray vision this may be the stumper of the alphabet for me.  I would like to take one moment to honor the passing of a music legend.

He was a music great and will be missed in our area of Nashville, Tennessee.

Since I think I missed Rush in the R’s here they are to honor them with Xanadu.  Were you thinking of Olivia Newton John?

Seeing that I missed the Deftones with the D’s (Xerces).

I am X-tra happy as I did not think there were going to be this many in the X family.  Must be X-Factor is working.

See you on Monday for the Y of You Tube.

Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Local Flavor: Welcome To Tennessee

Daily Prompt: Local Flavor

Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

Thanks for the great idea, biancadventures!


Welcome to the great state of Tennessee.  The weather is fine and the people are friendly.

Titans Fan

Home Of the Tennessee Titans


Home of Nashville The Country Music Capital

016 010 (4) 005 Emmylou Harris and me on stage at the Grand Ole Opryworld 034 (4) Yes She’s a Yankee from New York and I’m a Rebel from Tennessee.r1

Reporting to you from Clarksville, TN and Ft. Campbell KY (Home of 101 st Airborne)

033 CIMG0253 12 7

Where the Military are proudly training to serve our country.

It would take close to a week just to see all of the sites in and around Clarksville, TN and Ft. Campbell, KY.  Then Nashville which is only about one hour away would also take close to a week if not longer to check out all of the sites, never mind the hot spots and the great street musicians who play nightly.

There is lots of fine dining from burgers and fries to four star restaurants… within walking distance after you park in Nashville, TN so bring your walking shoes and enjoy.

If you have a military ID then you have no problem getting onto base at Ft. Campbell, KY, which is a city of it’s own.

Come and check us out… You will love it.  Everything from fishing to shopping, sight seeing, and fine dining.

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Tammye Honey.

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Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day 2013

Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day 2013


Please join the ASPCA and fellow animal lovers on Tuesday, April 16, in Nashville for Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day! This is an exciting opportunity to let your state lawmakers know, in person, that you support animal protection and oppose laws that would allow animals to be hurt and exploited.

During Lobby Day, you and other animal advocates will be the voices for animals in your state!

Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day provides animal advocates with a structured, comfortable setting in which to meet their elected officials. We’ll organize and help prepare you for these meetings with insider tips and an overview of pending or upcoming legislation that directly impacts animals.

This event is critical to our lobbying efforts and to preventing animal cruelty. It’s also a great networking activity, and is invigorating, inspiring and very personally rewarding. Don’t miss out!

Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day 2013

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Time: 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
Cost: None!
Place: Tennessee State Capitol
Old Supreme Court Chamber (first floor)
900 Charlotte Avenue
Nashville, TN 37219


If you do not know what this is all about then perhaps you should check out a friend of mine who has a blog that is dedicated to animal voices in the world.

I urge you to find out where this is happening in your area and try to attend.

Thank you for reading and have a purrfect day. Keep a smile and pet an animal.

Tammye Honey


Hey Mr UPS Man

You stop here at least once a week and this week I have not seen you… Now I know your truck by now and so does my dog…she barks and brings you a bone…

It does seem like a long day for you as some days we get packages as early as 6 AM and other days we get packages as late as 10 PM and I realize that you have started your day from Nashville, Tennessee which is quite a distance from me at least two hours away in traffic…and I do appreciate the travel to me…I really do…

I also realize that I do have different drivers due to vacation schedules and that perhaps my little package went to the wrong place…however to insist that you did give it to me and I signed for it…yesterday when I never saw you?

Please recheck your scanner and your truck as you are looking for a tiny package that is white…

It only holds a gathering foot for a sewing machine…does not sound like much unless you sew a lot of ruffles…or make a lot of pillows like I do…eleven at Christmas…thank goodness all of them were not for girls…saved on a few ruffles there….

This little bad boy from could save me hours of work…

So please, Mr. Please… Can you check just one more time and humor a lady who sits by her window watching for you…


A sewing fanatic with a project to do…

Thank You…

Tammye Honey