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Spreading The Word To Please Vote

My neighbor is very supportive of his son.  I have had many posts on my blogs about the family previously if you search through my two years of blogging and you come across anything to do with MikeFest.  They are the founders of that program.

Their son is in a group that is called Eye Tooth.  This band plays not only locally but across the state of Tennessee.  They have been in a competition recently and have required people to vote for them.

Right now their standings are looking rather good.

I have watched this young man grow up and be a part of not only this band but also this community.  He is a good role model for our youth and should be supported.

Please take the time to vote for Eye Tooth.

Thank you for your support in this matter

Tammye Honey


Question is does You Tube have much for the Letter Q?



The Burning Question in my mind will YouTube show me more than Queen and Queen Latifah?
I am on my Quest to see…

Shame on me (I am blaming it on lack of coffee for not remembering right off top of head)

Guess that really answered my Question today lol….
Now on to see what burning Question that the Daily Prompt has in store for me today…

See you tomorrow for the Letter R…

Tammye Honey

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The Letter I





The letter I is today’s prompt…You Tube should be interesting.

Have a great day and see you tomorrow for J…

Tammye Honey

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The Letter H




Today the letter H is not a chore.  I am actually looking forward to going to YouTube to see what is there for me.  This one should be interesting as not too many bands in the H family come to mind off hand.

I do not post the other people who are doing the challenge only because there are so many.  1890 Writers are doing various articles on topics that range from

1. WRITING :                          (WR)

2. BOOKS:                              (BO)

3. FILM :                                  (FM)

4. PHOTOGRAPHY:               (PH)

5. GARDENING:                     (GR)

6. CRAFT:                               (CR)

7. ART:                                    (AR)

8. MUSIC:                               (MU)

9. CULINARY:                         (CU)

10. LIFESTYLE:                      (LI )  

11. FASHION:                          (FA)

12. PERSONAL:                      (PR)

13. SOCIAL MEDIA:                (SO)

14. GAMING:                           (GA)

15. EDUCATION :                    (ED)

16. POLITICS:                          (PO)

17. HISTORY:                           (HI)

18. SCIENCE:                          (SC)

19. HUMOR:                             (HU)

20. TRAVEL:                             (TR)

21. MISCELLANEOUS:            (MI)

22. ADULT CONTENT:             (AC)

If you would like to see others articles and what they have written then go to and scroll down to see the list of names of participants.

So that concludes the letter H… see you tomorrow for the letter I…

Thank you for reading and for your comments…

Tammye Honey


The Letter G




Today is the Letter G…I feel as if I should be visiting Sesame Street when I go to You Tube…but I will be good and just go look for bands and singers…

That should do it for the G’s now you can comment and let me know who I missed for the day as I head over to do the daily prompt….

Have a great day

Tammye Honey