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For Those Who Served Our Country Thank You

Please allow me to begin by saying Thank You to all of the women and men who have served and are serving in the Military to help keep our country free and allowing us to have the freedoms that we have.

Not a day goes by that  He is not missed

The sacrifices that their families make for sometimes over a year of being apart not knowing if the loved ones are really safe.  The missing of the children growing up and being a part of their every day lives.

If you ever get the chance to see the different memorials that are traveling around the United States of our Veterans who served for our Country please take the time to see them.

We told a group on Facebook that we were going to the Vietnam Memorial and the response from Families to please send an etching of the family members name was incredible…

Our lists were split into two parts and we went for two days.  With the assistance of the staff there, we etched and took pictures which we posted on Facebook so that the family members could copy them.

hubby is finding a name

My husband was in three different wars overseas before I met him and lost several brothers in each.  They were not blood brothers, they were truly “Brothers in Arms

That was a tearful two days, yet it was such a lifting experience for two of us to bring such joy to so many families all over the country.

The happy families

To know their loved one was remembered

If you see a soldier in uniform….stop and think about my blog please…

Thank them for their service…so many people just walk by them as if they are not there.  Put a smile on their face and shake their hand…

One of the many walls

That soldier was one that we were fortunate enough to have gotten back…

Thank you

Just one of the many wars that our soldiers are still MIA…

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog…

Tammye Honey