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Homemade Dryer Sheets

I have heard so much about these and so many people are using the Tupperware containers to store them in that we can’t keep them in stock.  They are using the container with a neat lift out center to keep the liquid in the bottom for reuse.  I found a blog on another site with another great way to recycle flannel shirts and make them.

Homemade Dryer Sheets // Clean Living

I’ve heard from multiple friends how I should start creating my own laundry detergent (which trust me, it’s coming in the near future of clean living), but I hadn’t heard of anyone creating their own dryer sheets, so I looked to my good ole pal, Google, for some tricks and tips. I came to find, much like a lot of clean living recipes, that it’s easy as pie. I was definitely skeptical with the main ingredient being vinegar (cause we all know that’s a lovely smell..), but I was so happy with the result. Here’s how it’s done:
 Flannel fabric
1/2 cup vinegar
15 drops essential oil
Combine the vinegar and essential oil (I used lavender) into a small bowl and mix well. Next, cut the flannel into small 5×5 inch squares. Soak each square in the liquid mix, and lay them out to dry on an old towel. Once they have dried, store them in a sealed container. The vinegar smell will be strong at first, but once it’s gone through the dryer cycle the harsh odor will disappear and leave a fresh, clean scent. What I love about this is how soft the lavender scent is, not overwhelming in the slightest. Plus, the flannel is recyclable, so you’re doing mother nature a favor, as well your wallet. Sometimes, we all win. I’m okay with that.
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Women are all about saving money these days in simple easy ways if they can so I really hope this helps.
Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment Is All About Hands On

Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment

by michelle w. on February 10, 2013

You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?

Not only am I a “Hands on Learner”, I also teach the same way.  This post is just above two about my newest student.  It fits in so nicely.


There was a time back in the stone ages when I was just going through a divorce and could not afford to have plumbers, carpenters or electricians coming to the house to fix things.  So, I went to the local B.O.C.E.S. and took a Basic Electronics I & II Course.  If some basic wiring went wrong in the house or I had to change an outlet, a switch or  wanted to upgrade a lamp I could.

The local hardware store was wonderful.  They were only a phone call away.  My plumbing woes were solved.  I would walk in with a diagram of what was wrong and what I needed with the measurements and they would talk me through it with all the supplies.  If I hit a glitch when I got home, the speaker phone was on speed dial.

Since I did not own a car and had a really long driveway and an empty garage, a friend of mine asked if I would like to make some extra cash.  Hmm. Single mom, two teenage daughters and lots of formal dances to go to… First question, what am I doing? Second Question, Is it totally legal?

He changed out engines and his hands were so big that it was difficult to get into different areas.  I was his extra pair of hands.  With a set of overhauls and hair in a hat, I climbed into the truck.  With a can of WD40, I could loosen anything and get into the areas that were tiny with my long fingers.

When my daughters were older, I found myself going back to college as I needed some type of degree to get a decent job.  To work while I was going to school was difficult.  I decided to tutor while going to school.  I was supposed to tutor Anatomy and Physiology however, I found myself tutoring Computer 101 and English as well as Spanish.

Now I am taking my domestic skills and teaching others with a hands on approach.


Let me know what you think about how you learn and what style works for you.  Please take the time to answer the poll so that the readers can see the results.

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Thank you for reading and Thank You so much for the wonderful words of support.

Tammye Honey


New Student, Part Two: Baby Blanket

For a student who has never sewn before to finish three projects that she can show her hubby proudly and state “I made these myself” is an accomplishment.

Perhaps it is the way that I teach, perhaps it is my patience, or just the fact that I listen to each student and their needs.

This particular student has jumped in the water instead of taking baby steps.  She is all about the learning and takes every open slot that I have.

Her next project is the baby blanket.  That type of project under other circumstances, I would discourage a new student that is fresh in the water from learning.  She is beginning to do an Olympic course of learning so that she can complete it before this baby is born.

blanket1 blanket 2 blanket 3 blanket4 blanket5 blanket6This plus the curtains is what we achieved in six hours.

Her next session will be to apply the seam binding and then get to the new project that she has already selected which is Nursing Coverings.   Stay tuned for updates on our projects.

Thank you for reading

Tammye Honey


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OH Brother Gazebo Here we come

My hubby was rattling my case about buying toys and not using them regularly.  To me this is the pot that called the kettle black.  I have not seen him in his work shop building in almost a year. Our Gazebo was destroyed during a storm that partially destroyed it last month then last night was wipe out.  The only thing that we salvaged was the net zip up screens and the very tip top, as well as a few tiny shelves that were inside of the gazebo.  The remainder was bent and twisted beyond recognition.

My Idea:  Build a new one out of wood that is treated lumber.  That is stronger and will withstand the storms.

Home Depot and Lowe’s  DYI Projects to the rescue:

Home Depot DIY Weekend Project

The detail lacked a bit here and I really did think that it did not have everything included compared to the other one that I have enclosed….

Lowe’s DIY Weekend Project

Construction Note

These instructions are for a basic pergola with square rafter ends. You may alter the design and cut shapes in the rafter ends for a more decorative effect.

Example Dimensions:

  • The deck has 2 x 8 joists 16 in. on center (OC).
  • The pergola will be 8 ft. square with 4 x 4 posts, doubled 2 x 8 beams, 2 x 6 rafters 24 in. OC and 2 x 6 bracing blocks 24 in. OC.
Check with your local building authorities before beginning to find out if any permits are required. Whether joists are set 12″, 16″ or 24″ OC there will always be joists at multiples of 48″OC.

Laying Out the Site

Laying Out the Site

Follow the steps below to lay out the site for your pergola.
Step 1Determine the approximate area where you want the pergola. Locate a deck joist at one of the corners and mark the decking flush with the inside edge of the joist (mark 1). Measure 8 ft. along the joist and make another mark (mark 2). Snap a chalk line between the two marks flush with the inside edge of the joist.
Step 2Partially drive a 6d nail into the decking at mark 1. Tie mason’s cord to the nail and pull it perpendicular to the chalk line. Use the following method to square the cord with the chalk line.

3, 4, 5 Method: Measure 3 ft. along the chalk line and mark, measure 4 ft. along the cord and mark it, then adjust the cord until the distance between the two marks is 5 ft. (see Figure A above).

Measure 94 1/2 in. along the mason’s cord and make a mark (mark 3). Snap a chalk line between mark 3 and mark 1.
Step 3Repeat step 2 from mark 2 to locate mark 4.
Step 4Marks 3 and 4 should be flush with the inside edge of a deck joist. Snap a chalk line between marks 3 and 4, flush with the inside edge of the deck joist (see top view of Image B above).
Step 5Stand a small piece of 4 x 4 on the decking at mark 1. Align the outside edges of the 4 x 4 with the chalk lines. Trace the other two sides of the 4 x 4 onto the decking. Use a jig saw or a reciprocating saw to cut out the hole for the 4 x 4. (see Image C) Perform the same steps at marks 2, 3 and 4.

Setting the Posts and Beams

Setting the Posts and Beams

The steps below will help you set the posts and beams for your pergola.
Step 1Have a helper slide a 10 ft. 4 x 4 post into the hole at mark 1. Align the bottom of the post flush with the bottom of the deck joist, while the helper holds it plumb. Drill two offset 1/2 in. holes through the post and the joist. (Offsetting the holes helps maintain the strength of your framing members.) Secure the post to the joist with 6 in. x 1/2 in. carriage bolts (see image). Set the posts at marks 2, 3 and 4 the same way.
Step 2Measure up 8 ft. 6 in. from the top of the decking on post 1 and mark it. Use a water level to transfer the mark on post 1 to the other posts. Cut each post off at the marks.
Step 3Square two 10 ft. 2 x 8s and cut them to 10 ft. exactly. Screw the 10 ft. 2 x 8s together flush. The fasteners should be in rows of three, spaced approximately 24 in. apart and driven in from alternate sides to ensure the boards don’t separate.
Step 4Measure the distance from the outside of post 1 to the outside of post 3 and subtract that number from 120 in. (The length of the doubled 2 x 8 beam).
Step 5Divide the difference from above by 2, to determine the overhang of the beam at each post.
Step 6Measure in from each end of the beam and mark for the overhang.


Outside of post 1 to the outside of post 3 = 94 1/2 in.

120 in. – 94 1/2 in. = 25 1/2 in.

25 1/2 in. divided by 2 = 12 3/4 in.

The beam overhang on each side of the posts is 12 3/4 in.

Set the beam with the top of the beam flush with the tops of posts 1 and 3. Also align the overhang marks flush with the outsides of the posts. At each post, drill two 1/2 in. offset holes through the beam and post. Secure the beam to the posts with 7 in. x 1/2 in. carriage bolts (see image above). Set a second beam on posts 2 and 4.

Setting the Rafters

Setting the Rafters

These steps will allow you to set the rafters properly on your pergola.
Step 1Set the rafters 24 in. OC. Find and mark the center of each beam. Measure from the center of the beam and mark it every 24 in. You should have five marks on each beam, one in the center and two on each side. The marks represent the centers of the rafters (see top view of image).
Step 2Measure the distance between the beams from outside face to outside face and add 12 in. The extra 12 in. allows the rafters a 6 in. overhang at each beam. Cut five 2 x 6s to length.


The distance from outside face to outside face of the beams is 102 in.

102 in. + 12 in. = 114 in.

The rafters should be cut to 114 in.
Step 3Center the rafters on the marks and screw them to the beams. The rafters should overhang each beam by 6 in.

Installing Brace Blocks

Installing Brace Blocks

Use the following steps to add the brace blocks to your pergola and complete the finishing touches.
Step 1Measure between the rafters and cut brace blocks from 2 x 6 boards (for rafters 24 in. OC the braces should measure approximately 22 1/2 in.).
Number the rafters from left to right (see Image A above).
Step 2Measure 10 in. back from the inside face of the beam along rafters 1 and 2 and mark them. Continue measuring and marking the left side rafters 24 in. OC. You should have four sets of marks.

Secure the bracing blocks between the rafters.
Step 3Go to the next set of rafters (Rafters 2 and 3) and measure from the inside face of the beam 13 in. and mark each rafter. Then make marks 24 in. OC and install brace blocks. Between rafters 3 and 4 mark and install brace blocks as you did between rafters 1 and 2. Between rafters 4 and 5 mark and install brace blocks as you did between rafters 2 and 3. Offsetting the brace blocks allows you screw through the rafter into the end of the brace block instead of toenailing (see Image B above).
Step 4Stain and seal the pergola to match the deck.

Tomorrow is Our Three Year Wedding Anniversary.  What a great gift for hubby to make me… that or a new phone system…hint hint hint….

I had made and sent around 11 personalized pillows to each of our grand children for the Holiday season last December.  I have also been able to do a few local personalized jobs for area residents on items that are unique and local seamstresses will not do.

Now I have ordered more feet from Amazonthat are to arrive any day… so look out world I am about to expand.

Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine

This relic is over 30 yrs old and still going… will sew tent material so jeans are a breeze.  Between the two I am in heaven.  The only problem is with all of my moving I have lost a lot of my attachments for this machine.

Have a great day and keep all your thoughts happy


An Offer For Losing Weight That Got Me Thinking

I received an offer that I was asked to pass on to my readers for a chance for anyone who is unfortunate enough to be thinking about having to enter into the wonderful world of dieting to approach it with a new twist and have a little fun with it…and possibly win

Now to give you the requirements…
So to enter, your readers should just leave a comment with their suggestion on a fun, creative fitness or diet challenge.
Should just be 1-2 sentences. We’ll pick our favorite and tell you the winner so you can announce it, after a week.
“SlimKicker is a calorie counter and game that turns your diet and fitness goals into a level-up game with points, rewards and challenges.
You level up by tracking healthy calories and exercises, and completing challenges such as quitting soda for a week. They also have diet recipes for many diets as well.”
with ‘diet recipes’ linking to:
On A personal Note:
Now I was actually amazed at the number of different diets available on this site when I did go to it and although I am underweight at the present time, it does not always mean that I have been this way nor that I do not understand how hard it is to lose weight because trust me when I say…I have been on both sides of the coin.
Best of Luck with the contest and I really hope that this helps you with a little more fun in your life on your way to a few pounds of shedding weight…
If any of you find this is not what Sue Cheng is claiming please let me know so I can pull this post…her email was real…Sue Cheng <>; she did answer me right back with all of my questions also. So I decided to offer it to everyone…
Tammye Honey


After losing so much weight I can now take this inspiration and revamp my summer skirts Thank you…

Diary of a Mad Crafter

So I know I said yesterday that I probably wouldn’t be posting anything today after my long day yesterday, but you know me, I just can’t stop!!! Anyway, a few days ago I went garage sale hopping with my friend Tracy (totally addicted btw), and I got this amazing skirt. I would never wear it as a skirt, but it’s amazing nonetheless. It also appeared to be handmade, which in my book, is awesomeee. I knew immediately that I was going to cut it all up and make it into a dress.

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My Insomnia Bedroom

I finally charged the battery in my camera so I could take pictures of the bedroom that I painted which has a half bath that now matches also but I did not want to bore you lol…I was suffering from pain from a gall stone that was huge and awaiting surgery so sleeping was not an option so painting was a way to get my mind off of it.

I also took pictures of the accessories that were picked up at flea markets, the Goodwill and Yard Sales to complete the room and the Media Room as my hubby calls it (I call it the guest room).

Over the headboard

Next wall

Here three simple boxes on a shelf from a book case that was going to be discarded by a neighbor that I took apart and recycled the lumber adding two holders worked perfect…

Curtains were already there

Since the curtains were already there I just used a bit of rit dye and toned down the golden color a bit…lol hubby never noticed…

Simple mirror and picture

By adding a simple mirror and a single flower (Goodwill find) which I just laid at an angle hubby had a mirror for his dresser

Night Stand

Hubby came home with this night stand for me when he was out while I was in bed from surgery to put my reading on (Goodwill find)

Recycled Shelf

Recycled shelf like the other one and the remainder are in the tiny bathroom with a vase (From the Goodwill) shells in the bottom and a philodendron in with two candles simple but pretty.

Grandchildren Stool

Just under the shelf is the time out stool for the grandchildren for when they visit and we have to bring it out…great place to store it.

Turning on side makes an additional dresser

Since this trunk is full of the old slide projecter viewer and slides it is not something that I really want to stick in a closet to fill up the closet floor so I decided to make it an addition to my dresser and stick my little collection of piggy banks on it except for the door stop one…we have to make sure our doors do not close on one of our cats of course lol…

A simple picture

A simple picture of a flower with my sock dresser tucked behind the door and out of the way was an easy hide away for my jewelery on top as most is still in original boxes lol…

The picture is of a single flower and was again a purchase from the Goodwill…

Cold Winter Nights

No room would be complete without the dog pillow for the floor with the flea lamp near by for just in case…I turned it on so that you could tell what it is…it also serves well as a night light for Trina at night…In the Summer she stays on her pillow in the store on the Terra Cotta floor with the big overhead fan and the two screen doors open for a big cross breeze… but Winters dad got her this so she is comfortable…

Hope you enjoyed the insomnia bedroom and when I put down the plastic to paint I did make sure he could breathe I had already done his head area during the daytime lol….

Thank you for viewing and feel free to comment…

Tammye Honey

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Additional Tips

I told you I lay awake nights…and that my hubby is afraid to walk in the morning cause I no longer lay in bed lol…

Vintage Medium Lid Holders

By hanging these on the side with bread tie wraps it enables me to move them the next time that I decide to roll this entire rack somewhere else… this mount is great cause it is not in the way of anything and holds all of the smaller lids.

Towel Holders

By making a few of the towels so they stay in place as a decoration and changing out the two towels on the ends daily I have fresh towels in hand to wipe my hands while cooking that are safe from flames yet close enough for use while necessary and neat at all times.

Calendar and Items Clipped

Our stainless steel fridge does not allow to use magnets on front so a calendar with a paperclip for shopping list and the points from Betty Crocker for the grand children’s school in the envelope that I seal just before a visit and place in my over night bag is a great way to save everything right at hand where I need it…as I run out of items I log it on my grocery list.  As an appointment comes up the pen that is attached to the calendar allows me to jot it as I am doing something else…

Power Strip

By simply attaching this strip to the back side of the rack, which actually turns out to be out of view from the front I simply pull it up and plug in an appliance in the front if needed in the work area there so the rest of the counters are still free and I can continue cooking….

Often Used Business Cards

On the side where no one normally looks is where I use my magnets with the business cards…yes in my office I have a file of them…I ask for two business cards for a business we use often actually more cause we place a stack in our store for customers and put one on our bulletin board that I made….

I hope that these tips helped and I hope that you will also share with me some of the tips that you have done on a shoe string budget as well…

Thank you as always for viewing my blog….

Tammye Honey

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Easy Fix to A Dull & Drab Kitchen

One of my sleepless nights which sadly do happen often I got the bright idea to add some color to my kitchen…the inexpensive way…

I went on the road to garage and yard sales with the mission of finding the cheapest wallpaper or contact paper that I could find….

my results are as follows…adding a bit of cheap molding and a few photos from our local Goodwill helped me finish my task along with a few items to allow me to hang my cooking utensils, cups & pot holders…Cost…50 cents for contact paper, $3.00 for accessories from Goodwill, $1.00 for potholders from Dollar General and $5.00 for molding from Home Depot.

Goodwill Photos

Easy mount and molding

Took around kitchen

Mounted Cups Behind Microwave

Voila my kitchen was done with an entirely new look…