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Daily Prompt: How much info is too much?

Should You Let the Cats Out of the Bag? Blogging About Family and Friends


Here are a few suggestions that the Daily Prompt gave to use before you put yourself and your family out there into public viewing.  It may not be what you say but what someone else shares and comments on after that actually does the damage to the family relationship.

  • What if it were me? If you were reading your closest friend’s blog and saw a similar story about you — perhaps something you hadn’t shared with others yet — how would you feel? (What’s that; your closest friend doesn’t have a blog? Why not?)
  • If I were telling this story to a group of people, would I share these details? Picture the real-life equivalent of your blog readers: you’re at a party talking to a group of people, some you know well, some less so, some not at all. You’re telling the story. Are you okay with those to whom you’re less connected hearing it?
  • Am I talking about children? My children? They’re not in the same position to assert themselves and ask not to be mentioned; that goes double for other people’s children.
  • You’re browsing Facebook and see that someone’s shared the post with less-than-positive commentary; how do you feel? Do any protective instincts kick in? Blogging isn’t just about what you share, but how others run with that. Are you comfortable if someone takes the story and sprints in the other direction?
  • If a prospective employer or partner found the story, would reading it hurt your friend’s chances? This is unlikely, especially since you’re probably not using your friend’s full name with loads of identifying details; the underlying question is whether the story puts your loved one in any kind of compromised position. Whether or not they’re identifiable, it’s probably not ideal.

Lots of stories are fine to tell — the hilarious story about the UPS mixup your cousin told you at Thanksgiving probably doesn’t impact anyone, except maybe the UPS man. In other cases, it’s worth thinking through the what-ifs.

These ideas really sounded like a great foundation to keep peace and with the Holidays coming up and silly things possibly happening around the table perhaps this will stop a war in 2014.

If you are not sure if it will not keep peace in the family, here is my advice to you…

Some things in life are worth biting your lip and keeping it zipped.  Unconventional love does not always mean what we think.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this matter….leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this subject…

Do you agree or do you feel differently and why?

I am listening…

Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow Shot Hard

Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow

by michelle w. on February 14, 2013

It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

If you had asked me ten years ago if I now would be wed,

My answer would have been simply “Are you sick in the head?”

Here I am now, almost four years married to a wonderful man.

Not even certain how the story quite began.

We were just friends, introduced by friends of each.

He in Tennessee, I in New York, what a huge reach.

With God’s hands in the plot,

Oh who would ever have thought.

One Thanksgiving weekend, both being alone,

Would be the start of our future and build our new home.

We joked and we laughed about getting together.

We were constantly watching the Winter Weather.

I boarded a plane to head to Tennessee.

Such a beautiful place, I was ever to see.

The entire weekend, we ate and we laughed.

The arrow had landed that would last and last.

It will be four years this coming June that I said “I do”..

To start a new life and bid adieu.

To a single life that I knew so well, where I did not date.

The thoughts of marriage or dating were not mine to debate.

To those who are single I have these few words to say.

Enjoy the life God has given you each and every day.

If you have faith for God to do His will to be done,

When God feels it is time, it will be the special one.

To those of you who are married, enjoy this special day.

Make your mate feel loved in a special way.

This morning my hubby came in to say “I love you” and looked at my hair.

I had just gotten up, it was quite a scare.

He told me he loved me, more than life itself.  Yet my hair looked like DC after the rain.

I laughed, told him I was about to shower, and I was not vain.

Life will be good for each day we start our marriage all over again.

damn cat1damn catdamn cat2Enjoy your Valentines Day.

Tammye Honey