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Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background Of My Yard



As the Average person looks at this photo, They see a citronella candle sticking out of a bush.  A lawn with a series of trees.

What I see when I look at this photos is besides a shrub that needs to be trimmed is a sunset that is over Kentucky as I am standing in Tennessee.

On a regular basis I can sit and look out my window and watch a storm front pass over our area and head straight into Kentucky past those same trees, totally missing our area.

Huge bolts of lightening in the night sky that pass by that small space lighting it up as if it were day.  This night it was calm, the cloud formation was so beautiful as the sun was setting over the horizon over the state of Kentucky.

In the Background: The places that we pass through day after day, or even once in a lifetime, leave in their small way, echoes and traces of themselves upon us. But so often when taking self portraits or pictures of friends, the places themselves become a soft blurred mush of indistinct semi-nothingness, the limelight stolen by our smiling faces. In today’s challenge, let’s turn the tables. Take a picture of yourself or someone else as a shadow, a reflection, or a lesser part of a scene, making the background, or — as in the example above — the foreground, the center of attention.

What do you see in the Background?  Do you have photo’s that capture more than what is just present?  Would love to hear.

Tammye Honey