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Daily Prompt: Clouds Have A Silver Lining

Daily Prompt: Silver Linings

Write about something you consider “ugly” — war, violence, failure, hatred — but try to find beauty, or a sense of hope, in your thoughts.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us UGLY.

A Benefit Concert is normally to raise money for a great cause.
The big celebrity shindigs normally have a huge turn out of celebrities who convince people to donate.

The latest Benefit in Boston is still all the rage in Twitter and various social media.

The hype?

Benefit Concert Unites Americans in Love of Boston, Hatred of Dane Cook

The Boston Strong benefit concert that streamed over the web Thursday night was notable for appearances by homegrown artists ranging from Aerosmith to the reunited New Kids on the Block. But the most talked about act of the night was Dane Cook… and not because America suddenly fell in love with him all over again.

The hostility toward Cook toward the end of the show became rampant enough that the comedian became a trending topic on Twitter — out of sheer contempt. He’s always been a polarizing comic, but what caused him to become a social media supervillain on a night devoted to charity and good vibes? Just this: The web feed being viewed by millions went dead as soon as he took the stage and came back on as soon as he left, leading to rampant speculation that he had disallowed organizers from sending his set over the web like everyone else’s.

Eventually Cook confirmed it himself, sounding blithe about the rampant contempt directed his way: “Hey everyone sorry my set was not a part of the live stream or televised! I didn’t want any of the new material to hit the airwaves yet! I can’t wait to share it soon!”

If the marathon bombings made Bostonians mad, Cook’s “Dane Cook move” (as one angry tweeter put it) might have been the one thing that could have enraged locals even more. Jeff Howe, a sports writer for the Boston Herald, unleashed a series of tweets bashing the comic. “Couldn’t imagine turning on a city the way @DaneCook did tonight. I know that’s not how it goes here in Massachusetts… I’ll admit, I used to think he was hilarious, but turning your back on your state makes you look like a squirrel… Why use a tragedy to tease your career?”

Dane Cook [Getty Images]

Other Boston residents or sympathizers joined in on Twitter: “I have loved Dane Cook since day 1, but I am just speechless on what he did tonight. Feel betrayed”… “If this rumor is true about Dane Cook blocking the stream of his performance for a charity show, he should rot in hell asap”… “Dane Cook right up the with Onizneb as the shame of Massachusetts”… “We will always forgive Doug Flutie for the gym shorts, but we will never forgive Dane Cook for being Dane Cook”… “If Dane Cook wasn’t just censored and he blocked it himself, he has become public enemy number 1″… “I hear Dane Cook earned $100,000 for Boston charities by auctioning off his exit from the stage”… And so on.

Cook did allow himself to appear on camera for the all-star finale, joining Aerosmith for the the classic rock song “Dirty Water” and wielding Steven Tyler’s mic stand, apparently unaware of the fact that he’d just become the most discussed alleged evildoer in America. As one tweeter wrote, “Watching Dane Cook sing and dance oblivious to the fact Boston hates him is the funniest thing he has done in years!”

At first, viewers figured there might be technical difficulties when the feed dropped out moments after Cook came on stage, since the first third of the five-hour-plus concert was plagued by streaming difficulties that rendered the show virtually unwatchable. That buffering disaster caused untold thousands to tune out of the broadcast and stirred up its own social-media firestorm, until the streaming finally smoothed out at about the time Jason Aldean took the stage two hours into the show.

Did someone lose sight about what a fund raiser is all about here?  Perhaps next time Mr. Cook should think twice before making an appearance till he is ready to publicise his material.

Giving the fundraiser a black eye was not his intent, or at least I hope not.  All in all Money was still raised and even he was still able to raise some money.

That is the silver lining to this cloudy day.

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 Thank you for reading,
Tammye Honey

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Daily Prompt: Comedy of Errors Making Pasta

Daily Prompt: Comedy of Errors (and bonus assignment!)

by michelle w. on February 27, 2013

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!

Bonus assignment: do you keep a notebook next to your bed? Good. Tomorrow morning, jot down the first thought you have upon waking, whether or not it’s coherent.

The one and only time that we have tried to make pasta, I forgot what pasta was all about the first time through and tried to make it with Gluten Free Flour.

Nice option to baking

Nice option to baking but not pasta making

The second time of trying we used regular flour and used a YouTube Video…I think he had a few too many glasses of wine… the pasta was way too thin and had holes.

The third attempt got us as far as making the dough from a recipe that my hubby’s friend gave him.  By then, my kitchen looked like a tornado had gone through it and the mess was incredible.

4354413748136Pdrying rackattachments ravioliclock tickingIt was late at night and we were both exhausted… I ended up just doing dishes with hubby’s assistance and going straight to bed.  Tossing the dough into the trash.

Perhaps another day I will try again…when I am feeling brave.

Perhaps I might even consider just leaving it to Barilla


A3_HT A3_HT_ID811 A3-RI_ID0532wf A3-RI_ID0544wf A3-RI_ID0552wf A3-RI_ID0555_1wf A4 A4_0 A4_PB_ID1_0 A4_PB_ID3 A4_PB_ID5 A4_PB_ID11_0 A4_PB_ID13_0 A4_PB_ID38 A4_PB_ID39_0 A4_PB_ID43 A4_PB_ID70 A4_PB_ID71 A4_PB_ID73 A4_PB_ID74_1 A4_PB_ID86_0 A4_PB_ID89 A4_PB_ID93 A4_PB_ID99 A4_PB_ID100_0 A4_PB_ID101 A4_PB_ID102_0 A4_PB_ID103_0 A4_PB_ID104 A4_PB_ID105_0 A4_PB_ID106 A4_PB_ID107 A4_PB_ID108_0 A4_PB_ID109 A4_PB_ID111 A4_PB_ID116 A4_PB_ID117_0 A4_PB_ID119 A4_PB_ID120 A4_PB_ID121_0 A4_PB_ID405_0 A4_PB_ID407_1 A4_PB_ID410_0 A4_PB_ID806_0 A4_PB_TriColorPenne

Perhaps Barilla Pasta is not such a bad way to go sometimes…

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Daily Prompt: My Most Satisfying Meal

Daily Prompt: Seconds!

by michelle w. on February 22, 2013

Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten in glorious detail. 

This was a simple and easy dish to prepare I have even included where to find the recipe.

I have made this recipe several times with various fish and meats as substitutes for the shrimp and each time it is perfect.

I find my mouth watering as it is cooking.  I am so glad that it is a fast dish to make as I have a huge bowl of it right away.

There is something about this dish that calls you from the refrigerator and says “Come and get more”

Calendar and Items Clipped

I try to resist yet the sound of the dish keeps calling my name.  I have to stop what I am doing and go get another plate of it and warm it in the microwave and eat till I feel like I am going to burst.

I have to admit this is one dish that has this power over me.  There are not many dishes that can do this to me and make my mouth water just thinking about it.  This one does.

I can almost hear you thinking, there is nothing special about this dish, once you have eaten it you will think differently.

Thank you for reading and happy eating…

What is your favorite meal that makes you go back for seconds and makes you drool?  Would love to hear about it…

Let me know….

Tammye Honey

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Daily Prompt: Live to Eat|

Daily Prompt: Live to Eat

by michelle w. on December 21, 2012

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

It is sad to say that I only travel as far as my kitchen for my meals.  Since the meals that I eat have to be recreated around my dietary needs and around my corn allergy it is difficult to eat out.

Often Used Business Cards

Often Used Business Cards

Power Strip

Power Strip

Calendar and Items Clipped

Calendar and Items Clipped

Towel Holders

Towel Holders

Vintage Medium Lid Holders

Vintage Medium Lid Holders

Aprons out of traffic

Aprons out of traffic

Rather than reach under a cupboard

Rather than reach under a cupboard

Instead of painting

Instead of painting

Recycle Bag Dispenser

Recycle Bag Dispenser

Roll Around Petition

Roll Around Petition

Roll around Rack

Roll around Rack

Tupperware Lid Holders

Tupperware Lid Holders

Spice Rack

Spice Rack

Mounted Cups Behind Microwave

Mounted Cups Behind Microwave

Took around kitchen

Took around kitchen

Easy mount and molding

Easy mount and molding

Goodwill Photos

Home Sweet Home

CIMG0069Making my own recipes I am certain what is actually in the food each time and I am not running for the Epi Pen.

Getting Recipes from the web and from various magazines such as Bon Appetite Magazine, Family Circle Magazine I can make great food at home and just modify the ingredients to meet my needs.

Changing Corn starch to Rice Starch or Potato Starch is a simple and healthy trade.

Changing regular flour to Gluten Free Flour is a simple and easy trade out that is healthy and easy.

CIMG1382CIMG1463CIMG2279Not only do we eat healthy, we are able to eat what we want, we save money on car gas and on restaurant costs as well.

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Dinner Choices

Late Night Snack

Late Night Snack

I gave hubby a choice for what he wanted for dinner today…


Fresh Potato salad



No one said that my hubby does not have a sense of humor

Tilapia with Roasted Potatoes was another choice

CIMG1377CIMG1447Cream of Potato Soup

4354413748136PFresh Pasta with Sauce

drying rackCIMG0069Seafood and bowties

Just a different View

with eggs and homefries

Now I have to wait for hubby to decide before I cook for the day lol



Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Weekly Photo Challenge:Delicate…

“Delicate could be the tracings of frost on a window, a child’s tiny fingers and toes, the intricate pattern of a tree’s canopy, or something yet-to-be-discovered. So much of this challenge depends on your interpretation of “delicate,” and we look forward to seeing the range of images you capture”.  – Michelle


tammyehoney loves cooking

Hubby of course wants his soup again…I needed something a little different yet healthy so I went for the griddle that was on the stove and added two pieces of tilapia…

I then threw some fresh spinach atop of each then some season all and garlic powder of course…

Covered and allowed to steam

Setting the thermostat to low so I could do other things….

then turned fish once and recovered…

placed one in plate then added….

You got it whipped cream cheese from Philadelphia Brand and it is soooo goood….

Adding second piece of Tilapia and spinach over while still hot….

then dig in…

Dinner in less than 20 minutes….and is actually healthy for you…

Tammye Honey

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Our 4th Of July Shared With You

A nice bowl of the cherry tomatoes and bowtie dish with shrimp added today… is where I hid the original recipe it is so versatile to just add anything with…

Then I made Italian Wedding Soup which is simmering and we will have tomorrow….

Will wait till tomorrow to add that simple recipe lol…

Peachy is doing well on her third week with us…is now going potty on her own with no leash, such a difference from her first week with us…

She can now be brushed without sounding like she is being killed by a flock of turkey vultures…

Does a little dance on hind two feet to get your attention and be petted…even with hubby…

She guards her food and actually growls at Trina if she gets too close yet they walk in yard together with the cat to go potty…

Also do stare downs from office to kitchen lol…

Hope your Holiday is a safe and happy one…we have decided to stay home since this is Peachy’s first one with us and we are not sure how she is with fireworks which are banned in our county due to lack of rain this year…

Oh and I almost forgot…I was nominated for another award…which was so sweet from

Thank You so much…. Now I only hope that I live up to it…

Also so sorry to have lost…

Happy 4th… Stay Safe


Tammye Honey



Meat Manicotti,and a little thing of spinach for me, I Hope

Logo of the Barilla Group

Logo of the Barilla Group (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok so I have been sitting here starving and reading blogs wondering what to make for a quick dinner and ugh … Omnomalicious just does me in …

Since I am not a fan of any type of Sausage…I am thinking Spinach since I bought 4 bags of fresh baby spinach on last trip to market… however, as I am getting ready to make it, hubby pops in, sees my ingredients and heads to freezer to return with MEAT, lol.. so here we go with pictures even… Ok then I purchase a different brand of lasagna that I will not mention that was other than Barilla and am totally disappointed so it is back to pantry and I am left with Manicotti or Jumbo Shells so we will see from here…what a day so far…

This was going to be an easy meal and now food is on hold like most planes that I ride that circle the airport for hours waiting to get permission to land..

Honestly I will not stray from this pasta company ever again…

Grandma Cattot always said that if you must cheat and can’t take time to make the pasta or machine is in repair shop then do the Barilla or make a veggie dish… now I know why. May she not be cursing me in Heaven right now and I just asked my hubby for a pasta maker for my birthday in September.  He said to email him a good one so I am turning to you my friends and saying help..I want to make every thing from noodles to lasagna to manicotti to spirals with it…I want it to be multifunctional and versatile as well as heavy duty.

  • No dried pasta can compare to the taste of fresh homemade, and luckily the world’s most popular pasta machine is also the most versatile. Simple-to-use and solidly constructed, this authentic Italian machine produces smooth sheets of fresh pasta from your dough with the help of an attached motor. An adjustable dial with nine settings allows you to roll out pasta to your exact desired thicknessfrom 2 1/2 mm to 0.3 mm. The body of the machine is made of nickel-plated and chrome-plated steel for long-term resistance to corrosion and features flat rollers for making the dough sheet, as well as an easy-to-remove double-cutter. The rollers are constructed of special nickel-plated steel with a double-slotted opening for the handle and motor unit. All gears are in case-hardened and tempered steel for extra-long life. The handle and table clamp feature handgrips made of ABS plastic suitable for food use. The attached motor allows the machine to freely run while you can feed pasta through the desired pasta attachments. Three attachments are included: an attachment to roll out dough, to make angel hair and fettuccini. Five-year warranty. 6 3/4 h x 13 1/4 l. Hand wash. Made in Italy.Web only.
  • Specialty Kitchen Gadgets – Make authentic pasta your grandmother would be proud of, using this pasta machine from Italy. Atlas 150 machine with narrow and wide cutters makes 4 types of pasta; flat dough sheet, fettuccine, spaghetti and tagliolini. Simply change the thickness of the dough sheet to make round or flat noodles. You control the noodle size by rotating the dial from .3mm to 2.5mm in a total of 9 positions. Using a family favorite batch of dough, fill and crank to knead and roll out the pasta. It’s that easy to enjoy beautiful, Italian-made pasta at home! Detailed instructions and recipes included. This is the machine that is sturdily made to pass down from generation to generation. Chrome-plated steel body and nickel-plated rollers resist corrosion. Made entirely in Italy by the quality manufacturer of pasta machines for more than 60 years. Wipe clean. 3-year manufacturer warranty. 8L x 8W (14L w/handle) x 6H.Lasagna and ravioli attachments available separately. Motor unit also available separatel – Specifications Model V177 8L x 8W x 6H 6-lb. Made in Italy 3-year manufacturer warranty Care and Use Wipes clean
Marcato V240 Atlas 150 Pasta Machine And Motor Set

Marcato V240 Atlas 150 Pasta Machine And…

Write a review

$144.36 – $169.95

This will be the perfect gift if he wants fresh pasta …

So after boiling the pasta for eight minutes

and cooking the meat in the diced onion and fresh Italian Basil and Italian Parsley from my flower pot garden and a few tsp of minced garlic and olive oil in pan…

I chopped and added the cherry tomatoes to add on top of meat.

I have taken the ricotta cheese and whipped together with egg and garlic powder and a hint of Mediterranean herb and chilled while waiting.

Stuffing was easy for me as I used to sit at a tv tray on the porch swing every Saturday morning early and stuff cannoli with a spoon and a bowl then place on a lined cookie sheet. I never knew a pastry bag existed till I was well into married life lol…

350 oven F for about 25 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbling sauce.

I used fresh spinach for mine and steamed in my Tupperware Steamer for 7 minutes on power of 7 since we have a 1200 watt microwave.

Adding water to base

Two pounds of fresh baby spinach

Cover and then get on with cooking

Unlike frozen spinach, this is ready to use…

Just stir in desired quantity and it chops it nicely while stirring it.  I also added a bit of Mediterranean Herb and garlic powder while stirring.

I stuffed, covered with a layer of the ricotta cheese then sauce and a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese then when finished baking added a hint of spinach on top of pan to remind hubby that this pan was spinach dish.

Happy Eating to all… on my way to dig in …

Tammye Honey