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Bad Experiences With Side Effects Of An Allergy

Simply walking into a room and taking a few pretzels from a bowl to eat.  
Adding mascara to my eyes.
That is all that it took.  

Inhaler, allergy meds, they did not help.  A small amount of relief but not totally.  I did not want to do the epi pen.

When do you decide enough is enough and give in and see a doctor?

Left eye swollen to the point where it was almost shut.
Itching across the abdomen.  
This all started on Saturday.

By Monday, with no signs of improvement, the doctor was called.

Feeling like I was being dragged behind the truck, I went in to the doctor’s office to get a shot.  Now I had pain in two places.  His suggestion was to place a hot pack on my eye to reduce the swelling so I could at least see out of it.  I had been doing ice packs prior as a home remedy.

I came home, took a new Dish towel that I had just washed and dried and attempted to sew up all the sides, leaving a small opening on one end.  I turned it right side out and proceeded to fill it with long grain rice.  I then sewed up the opening and placed it in the microwave for four minutes.  

From there I headed to bed.  My hubby was amazed that this little project worked.  

It is wonderful.  It was something that I had at home.  I did not have to stop anywhere to make a purchase.  It was quick and easy to make on my sewing machine and I had instant relief.  

The trick is to not over fill the bag or it will burst.  Do not heat over four minutes in the microwave or you will burn yourself.  

heating pad


For more information about corn allergies here is some insight: and also at

If this information can help even one other person from having to go through the week I have had, it is well worth sharing.

Benadryl has Corn Syrup in the liquid or Corn Starch in the capsules so before you reach for that for relief…read the information.

My best to all.

Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After Without Migraines

Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After

by michelle w. on February 26, 2013

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

I have a happy life.  Good Marriage, Great Animals, yet my migraines take me out of circulation for several days.  I have medication that I take daily to try and prevent them (When I remember to take them)… if I have forgotten, the migraines come into the picture and I know it.  I can’t eat, can not tolerate light, sound or even smells.

Between eating foods that I should not and forgetting my medications…I know it is coming…the migraine medication itself works quickly like the package states, however…I am out like a light for days.

Other than to get up and stumble around to feed the animals and let them out to do their duty, I am hid in a dark room with no light.

Having a bucket by the bed is a necessity.  Less clean up when I smell something or if I move too quickly.

If you have ever suffered from a migraine or know someone who has then you know what I am saying here.  It is not a pretty sight.

Crawling back out after a series of three days to see the house and what I have missed in cleaning ugh…

Time to play catch up in more than just my blogs…

Have a great day…

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Daily Prompt: No Nightmares Here Anymore

Daily Prompt: Nightmares

by michelle w. on February 19, 2013

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

As a child and into my teens I can recall having nightmares on a regular basis.  It was simply my subconscious reliving in vivid details.

When I became married, we settled into a nice home near a fire station.  During one of the first few nights we were there, a fire had occurred during the night and the siren had gone off to alert the local firemen.  My new husband shook me as he said that I was standing on the bed crying and shouting that we needed to find the local air raid shelter.

When he woke me, he asked me why I was carrying on so in my sleep.  I could still hear the alarm and the memories of grade school and having to do the air raid shelter runs were very vivid in my mind.

For those of you who are really young, yes we had to rehearse these drills like a fire drill in school twice a week.  We went under the school below the basement into air raid shelters.

This was the early sixties in Detroit Michigan.  This was a prime target for bombing as was any large city with major industry.  The car industry would certainly be no exception.

That is the last time that I can remember having a nightmare.

I have always been a light sleeper and awake to the slightest of noise in the home.  The light sleep began with the pregnancy of my first daughter and has continued through the rest of my life.  When motherhood kicked in the sound sleep walked away.

Now I sleep with a mask on which blocks any light from the room and I have found that a do get a more tranquil sleep.  I just dream of how I am going to rearrange the rooms in the house.  I know what is on my subconscious mind lol.

Now I ask my readers the same question:  “What was your last nightmare?” and “What do you think it meant?

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 Sleep well my friend, clear your subconscious mind prior to going to bed…if you can or you might be entering “The Twilight Zone”
Tammye Honey