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MikeFest Countdown Timer Starts Again

002 (3) ??????????????????????


Welcome to the South.  Here the weather is so subject to change.  It can be freezing in the early morning and by 5 PM you are looking for a cool place to hide.   The rain in the Spring is just as strange.  We had standing rain in our poor yard during the month of April.  The old saying is April showers bring May flowers.  Instead, we are receiving buckets of rain.  Severe thunderstorms on the horizon with a hint of the possibility of tornado warnings.



That was the weather report that we woke to this morning.  When you are planning an event the idea of being in a little rain is a possibility.  This was a bit of overkill by Mother Nature.

For the safety of the various bands that are to play, food vendors, non food vendors and spectators, water and electricity just do not mix.  Monsoons and electricity are like a plugged running hairdryer in a bubble bath.  A total recipe for disaster and a shrinkage of a crowd in a hurry.

So the process slowly began:

Tribute to Michael Russell
07 May 1994 – 29 June 2006

Notifying each element of the festival to see if the new date of June 8th would work for them or if it would be a no go.  When you are calling 30 plus non food vendors, it makes for a busy day.  You do not want them to read it on Facebook and think that they were kept out of the loop.

The response was wonderful.  What a great team of non food vendors we have.  The bands were all great about rescheduling also.  The food vendors again come to the rescue.  I think my hardest call was  the Bakery that is new to our area.  Imagine telling a bakery that you need them to stop baking for an event and hold the presses for a month.  Luckily they had two functions that they were doing on the same day.  Surprise, they will be ready.  We actually made life a little less complicated for them.



We do live on to see another day.  Our new day is now June 8th.  With phone calls made at least some of the hard work is done and now it is just a waiting process to see what Mother Nature can throw at us between now and then.  If you are in the area during that time, would love to see you.  By then we should be dug out of our Monsoons and enjoying the sunlight and warmth that the South is known for.

That is our bands which are still working on the line ups due to other commitments now…  We are not out of the woods yet, although our compass is working well.

Over 10 Straight hours of live music.

This years line up so far, more to be added:

Ben Gallaher @
Oblivion Myth @
Dogs at Bay
Transend the Fallen
For Lack of Lithym
Mindset Defect
Killing Grace
Awaken @

Plus performers playing off stage around the Fest.

Thank you to our Sponsors / Vendors / Crafters, so far

We Urge you to Visit their Booth and Support Their Business.

1. ManCave: Guide Will J. Brant @
2. Scentsy/Velata: Tammye Green, Independent Certified Consultant. @ &
3. Thirty One: Chantelle R. Dempsey, Independent Consultant,@
4. Paparazzi Accessories: Aimee Miller, Premier Director & Lisa Mannion, Independent Consultant @
5. Tupperware: Michele Turk, Consultant @
6. Origami Owl: – Lisa Clarke, Independent Designer #3986 @
7. It Works!: Carolyn Evens, Independent Distributer @
8. ACE: Beth Vincent, Senior Associate @
9. Need Something Framed & More: Silvi Mize, Owner @
10. Arica Langelier, Realtor PenFed Realty, Real-estate
11. Crafts Galore and Soaps & More: Brenda Duckett, Owner @
12. Lemongrass Spa Products: Charla Pugh, Sales Consultant @
13. Mary Kay: Melissa Arrington, Independent Beauty Consultant @
14. Honey Bears Boutique: Linda Walker, Owner @
15. Raving Wolf’s Varity, Custom handmade Native American and Biker Jewelry: Ravingwolf, Artist, Designer, Owner @
16, ViSalus: Craig Critchfield, Independent Promoter @
17. La Bella Baskets: Michelle Rose & Lelia Restivo Consultants @ &
18. Jladycreations: Jacki Lowner, Designer/Owner. One of a kind jewelry @
19. Blackfire Bakery: The Foxworth Family, Owners @
20. Jenny Lander’s Gems: Jenny Lander, Owner/Designer. Custom made jewelry @
21. The Pampered Chef: Angela Davis, Independent Senior Consultant @

Reserve your spot now. Limited Openings, on a first come bases, no duplications of vendors.

These businesses will not have a booth at Mikefest 2013, but have made generous donations to the cause. A very BIG Thank YOU.

1. Thirty One: Christy Pouw, Consultant @
2. AVON: Angela Shelton, Independent Sales Represented
3. The Pampered Chef: Angela Davis, Independent Senior Consultant (Is now a vendor)
4. Tupperware: Eman & Tammye Green, Independent Consultants @
5. Dove Chocolate Discoveries: Sharon Rowley, Independent Chocolatier @ (Possible Vendor Now)

This year’s Mikefest 2013 Official Event Photographers: ….So Smile…Thank You…

Sharper Edge Photography:
LC Photography:

So grab your lawn chair, and get ready to be entertained with a whole day of music and fun.

No outside beverages
No drugs
No Pets

New Vendors will possibly be added due to the Change in date also so please standby as we are still upgrading lists daily.

Reporting to you live from Tennessee,

Tammye Honey.