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7 Barbie, I Love Lucy Dolls, Collectors / Memorabilia Lot



In time for Christmas

I Love Lucy “ITALIAN MOVIE” Barbie Episode 150

Lucy&Ricky Ricardo 50th Anniversary Barbie Enceinte Episode 50

I Love Lucy Be A Pal Episode 3

I love Lucy Gets a Paris Gown Episode 147

I Love Lucy “LA at Last 2003” Episode #114

I Love Lucy Does a TV Commercial Barbie Episode 30

I Love Lucy Barbie Job Switching 1999 Episode 39

These dolls have never been taken out of their boxes.

Boxes are in excellent condition, as well as the dolls.

Perfect gift for a Barbie / I Love Lucy fan

If you have any questions or need any, assistance call or text @ Verizon 518-435-5455 or 270-881-2911

Thank For L@@King and Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

$450.00 OBO

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Reblog of Letters to and From Santa

This was just too funny not to share….

A sincere thank you to

Jill of All Trades...Expert of None!

I received this in an email today (so I can’t take credit for any of this) and COULD. NOT. STOP. LAUGHING.  It may be because I deal with contracts every single day of my existence, but either way, the humor and possible reality of this email is hilarious.  In fact, it’s so funny it’s almost sad.  There’s a hint of today’s youth involved, so if this is where we are headed…well, I’ll let you read it and decide.


Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? I hope everyone, from the reindeer to the elves, is fine. I have been a very good boy this year. I would like an X-Box 360 with Call of Duty IV and an iPhone 4 for Christmas. I hope you remember that come Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas,

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Daily Prompt: Guilty Pleasures I Hate To Love

This is like doing a countdown to Christmas lol…

hersheys chocolate bars

Only if I can find the bars that I am not allergic to lolice cream

Only if I can find a brand that does not have modified food starch or corn syrup or corn starchLindor Truffles

Only if I hide them from my hubbypotato chips

So allergic to these but they are sooooooo goodspinach dip

So allergic to spinach but it is my favorite veggie and I love it as a dipthe voice

Watching TV two nights a week for this program is pricelesscoffee

Hubby knows now not to wake me before 8AM to reinstall the internet unless he has made a pot of coffee

Philidelphia Cream cheese

Philadelphia Cream Cheese with anything is the best


Bubble Baths, oh How I do miss them

A new Tee Shirt

Guilty as charged

That was a lot of pleasures

CIMG2311Cuddling with my doggies and crocheting or knitting with the TV on for them to watch

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 Thank you for viewing my post
Happy Holidays
Tammye Honey

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Dora Was Rescued from Starvation Now she’s spending her first holiday at home.

Thank You ASPCA for this Reminder

Dora’s First Holiday at Home

Dora Was Rescued from Starvation

Now she’s spending her first holiday at home.

On a chilly day last holiday season, the ASPCA rescued Dora, a starving, matted little Shih Tzu with a severely injured tail. When she arrived at the ASPCA, she was weak, terrified and emaciated. But before long, under our care Dora began to gain weight and strength. She started to gain confidence, too, and as 2012 began, Dora’s spirited personality started to shine through.

That’s when world-renowned designer and architect Robert Couturier learned about Dora. A steadfast ASPCA supporter with three Shih Tzus of his own, he was deeply moved by her story. Within a week, he became her new foster parent.

“She slept in my arms the whole time on the way home,” Robert remembers. “It was as if she could finally sleep, and that she knew nothing bad was ever going to happen to her anymore.”

At his Connecticut country house, Robert introduced Dora to his boyfriend, Jeffrey, who fell in love with her immediately. Then he gave Dora a toy. She took it to her crate and looked at him with wide, cautious eyes, as if to ask: Is it OK for me to keep something of my very own?

“Of course it’s OK,” Robert told her, his heart breaking a little. He scooped her up and carried her with him all evening, just as he does now whenever they are together.

These days, Dora sleeps between her guardians’ pillows and enjoys playing with her favorite canine sibling: five-year-old Hercule, who fell head over heels for her the first day they met. “He’s her knight,” Robert jokes.

In October, Robert and Jeffrey adopted Dora. That makes it official: For the first time in her young life, Dora is home for the holidays.

It’s a beautiful thing to consider: Thanks to your compassion for pets like Dora, thousands are enjoying their first holiday season with a loving family.

Dora: After

People are not the only ones who need someone for the Holidays

Adopt a pet from a shelter before you think about going to a pet store and getting a puppy… save a life…

Tammye Honey

via (7072 unread) – tammye42 – Yahoo! Mail.


Buddy Holiday BOGO Offer

This is a buy one get one free offer for a limited time only…

There’s no better surprise than spying a Buddy underneath the Christmas tree – and this year, Scentsy is here to help you make gift-giving double the fun! Starting Sept. 26 through Dec. 31, 2012, buy one of our selected Buddies and receive a second Buddy for FREE.

Each of your new friends will come with a Scent Pak to make snuggling up to your new Buddy extra festive!

Choose any two of these popular Buddies:
Lenny the Lamb, Penny the Pig, Roarbert the Lion, Ribbert the Frog, Ollie the Elephant,
Mollie the Monkey, Patch the Dog, Scratch the Cat, Barnabus the Bear, Wellington the Duck
Bring your new Scentsy Buddies to life with two Scent Paks, one for each of your new friends.
Scent Pak #1: Choose any Scent Pak fragrance in the Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog!
Scent Pak #2: We’ll choose a second Scent Pak for you!
Don’t wait to stock up on your Scentsy Buddy gifts – there are a limited number of Buddies
available during this promotion, and these 10 Buddies will be gone for good after Feb. 28, 2013.*
*Offer does not apply to Pooki the Polar Bear or Baby Buddies. Cannot be purchased using Host Half-Price Rewards.

I do not usually blog this product on my regular blog however, this was just too exciting an offer not to share.


To be able to double your Christmas list shopping for half price…


Remember this is a limited time offer…so let us know if you need to have any assistance in ordering.

TammyeHoney and Eman