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Daily Prompt: The Elevator Episode

Daily Prompt: Elevator

Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

Non-fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with a person from your past. Write this scene.

elevator doors



It was a cold rainy evening.  She had forgotten her umbrella that was tucked in the trunk of her car as she ran for the door of her office building.  She only needed to pick up a few papers and would work on the materials at home.  It was no great task to just grab them and go.  The cleaning crew would be there so she would not be alone.  She felt secure in this building as she had worked there for many years now.  As she approached the elevator there was a well dressed man standing there.  He was totally dry.  There was no signs of an umbrella.  She thought how odd this was, then brushed the thought aside.

As they boarded the elevator, he held the door for her to allow her to enter first.  She entered, pushed her floor’s button then stepped back.  He proceeded to push his button without turning toward her and faced toward the front.  The doors had closed, yet nothing was moving.  She could feel a slight sense of panic rushing in that she was trying to brush aside.  Something did not feel right.  

She stepped forward and pushed the button for her floor again.  Still nothing.  She pressed the emergency button.  There were no sounds.  No alarms.  The stranger was awkwardly very silent and motionless.  She could feel her heart pounding faster.  Her breathing was becoming a bit more rapid and she was beginning to feel a bit faint.  

Her mind began to race with thoughts of panic.  If he killed her no one would know till morning.  What had she been thinking to get on the elevator with a stranger.  Why hadn’t she taken the stairs like she always did.  Now her life might be in danger.  In the hands of a total stranger who with one blow could wipe out her entire existence.  

She thought of how she could defend herself.  She had left her purse in the car.  She could not even be identified.  Thoughts of the last time she had told her family that she loved them flashed before her eyes.  

As she opened her eyes, she could feel the sweat pouring across her brow.  It was not just rain.  She had worked herself into a tizzy.  It was only a dream.

Relieved to find herself in her own bed, her own blankets and pillows surrounding her.  She had never left the comfort of her own apartment.  What could this dream have meant?  

Person in bed

One thing was totally clear to her from the dream, tomorrow she was definitely taking the stairs at work.

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