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Daily Prompt: Going List-Y

Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a List

Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! Top five slices of pizza in your town, ten reasons disco will never die, the three secrets to happiness — go silly or go deep, just go list-y.


Why do we make lists?  What type of lists do we make?  Are they to keep us organized, help us to remember or just something to doodle when in a meeting?

I decided to explore the different types of lists that people make.  Here are my findings.

The Ever Famous Summer Bucket List…(Kids are out of school for break, have limited time to get it done in short time)

bucket list


Then I began to think about what do we use list for besides…

wine list on menu


Menus in Restaurants

top ten spices eating right listReading articles


Making Appointments

party guest list

Having a party or wedding

notebook lists

Taking notes or inventory

cleaning list

Cleaning Lists



store joke


We make this so we do not impulse shop

do it

Ah the Honey Do List…


Now it is time for me to make my list like the prompt said…

I need to decide which list to start with first…
Perhaps I need a list for my lists
Should they all be neatly lined on the fridge?
Do I line them up by importance?
What deems the list more important?
My fridge has a Honey Do and Grocery…
Both are forgotten by hubby…
If I could eat in a corn free restaurant, I would love a menu
I don’t drink, so I do not need a wine list.
I am a little old to start a bucket list
Today is day off from A-Z Challenge
Tomorrow I do the Letter M
That really is a list of sorts, yet broken down by day
It does not feel like a list that is in a list.
I guess you could easily say that my lists have lists.

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What is your list like and why?  I would love to hear…leave me a comment please.

Tammye Honey


Even Though All Things Are Possible, Do We Really Want To?

I present my fellow bloggers with this question to ponder for a second.  Really give it some thought.  I am curious as to some of the responses that I will receive on this post.

I love this song because it is so true…it is so real and why would you want to do certain things that are beyond your spectrum of ability and resources?  Unless it is on that bucket list of yours of course.


So as you drive around today attempting to empty that list and trying to burn a candle at both ends


Remember the song and that “You can be happy if you’ve a mind to”

So just grab a scooby snack or something healthy if you prefer and rethink your thought process of what you need to really make you happy… It might not cost anything and might be right under your nose.

Of course if you are one of those people who can’t see beyond the end of your nose… perhaps it is time to get your eyes checked.

Have a great day and Keep Pondering.

Tammye Honey


Bucket List

A Very Popular Blog I have found seems to be the Bucket List….

I have noticed, however just by the contents of the list that they are made by young moms or soon to be moms…

I thought that I would give an older rendition of the bucket list which is not in any way making light of their lists at all it is simply a list of how things change when you get older and how things suddenly take on a new light and one of the delights is when you wake up in the morning and you have not “kicked the bucket” during  the course of the night lol…

That is a really big plus when you get older… Trust me on that one lol…

On to the list…

First is going out to purchase your bucket and remembering to put it on your grocery list… then remembering to take the grocery list off of the refrigerator with the coupons that you have clipped to it…

Now by this age, you have seen a great many of these buckets and have purchased so many and have actually left a ton accidentally behind also… Even done a few with the grand children lol…

Every time I move into a new home it seems like I purchase one of these and build a stone wishing well to go with it from area stone… I am not sure what I am wishing for or why I do it.  I guess it is just Tradition and we can’t be breaking a tradition now can we…lol

This has been on my shopping list for the longest time…I actually used a pitcher filled with ice to chill a bottle of wine for a house guest the last time she came over… We do not drink.  I have a collection of wines because my daughter sends me wine for Christmas every year faithfully.

Someday I will find that perfect Ice Bucket I am certain… till then, the pitcher does work…

Now except for the fact that I have to pop allergy pills to eat this, it is a great idea for a bucket if you do not feel like cooking…lol… does not make many bucket lists though lol…

Now for the useless bucket award …

It is pretty in its own way, but what on earth would you really use it for?  Let’s be honest here… a true dust collector for those who have a real problem with chronic shopping…

Then there is the retired man’s bucket… ideal for what ever a retired man really does…

Oh yeah just wheel it with your foot…

I can’t forget hubby’s bucket hat as now that he is not carrying the same hair load that he used to, the sunburn on the top of the head can be painful and dangerous…

He does own several so they can be washed frequently to rid them of the perspiration scent that they do attract lol…

Now even I am too young to remember the Bucket 10 car…although men who retire now collect them…thankfully, not mine…

I would not want to have to pay the insurance premium on it and love the pick up truck to be honest with you…lol

Have to admit my hubby did not quite retire to become a bucket head per say…lol…

He has been known to strum a guitar on occasion, and has worn a Tupperware Canister for a video before… lol… I don’t think that is quite the same though…

Well even though we both own a Fendor Guitar, neither are a T bucket…

But then this is also a T Bucket and we do not have this either lol…

Imagine that lol…

There are some things in life that are really cute, however I am glad that I do not own…

This is one of them…cute to look at dangerous to play with…

So that is my rendition of my bucket list…and I finished it before I kicked the bucket too….woo hoo….

Sometimes you just have to look at the lighter side of life…

Have a great day and always keep your bucket half full…never know when you might need to put out a fire lol…

Tammye Honey