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Daily Prompt: Pressing On to Share The Love

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Daily Prompt: Press It

Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.

The very first one that comes to mind is a post by a regular that I read and it was really a great Poem that she wrote.

The poem was very touching, well written and the message was one that was well worth a reblog.

The next one that comes to mind is a mom who shows her love of children through her blog…every step of the way.  She also shows her love of crafts on the blog.  Her latest blog was on her second child’s first hair cut.
 Through her writings, you can tell her overflowing love of her family.

The next must read is going to two bloggers actually because when I am hungry, I always go to these two sites to see what they or their guest bloggers are cooking for the day.  They never disappoint me and always have something great to offer:  When he is not giving you a great recipe he is giving you a diced competition of four great blogging chefs who are competing with a recipe. This gal is all about cooking and blogs or has guest blogs daily about food.

So that is my recommendations for the day…I have many more on my wall if you check that I actually recommend daily as I read them.

Now I am off to my A-Z challenge…I am on the Letter J so I am still going strong.

Tammye Honey


Shine On Award



Sending a VERY BIG THANK YOU to the person who nominated me:

( I Really Appreciate this award) *** Also A Nominee***

Here are the 15 bloggers i would like to nominate:

  14. (Without you I would not have my daily inspiration)

I would have added **, however someone beat me to it.

Thank You again for the Nomination, it is quite an honor and makes me feel as if over the past year, perhaps I am going in the correct directions.  I had a difficult time just picking 15 btw because I could have filled two pages of Great Authors here on Word Press.

Tammye Honey


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Are You a Writer or a Blogger?

Found this as a very interesting topic for discussion today as that is quite a question.

My site shows several sides of me…

A blogger, a cook and a writer…a little bit of dabbling into photography, a crafter…a want to be designer, or re-designer as home is already designed and I am just simplifying it…

What are you…would love to hear your thoughts on this …

Tammye Honey