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Give a Shout Out to Our Local Organization

We called our local branch of “Paws With a Cause” to help us with an over flow of our household items that we wanted to share with them such as blankets and pillows and containers from the kitchen area.  

Our local branch is



The Story Behind the Name.

In the fall of 2005, our family was changed forever.
Max came to us. One day, while Megan and Brittany were waiting for the bus, they spotted a dog in the field across from the house. They called it over, but since he was a stray German Shepherd, they thought he might have been dangerous. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Max soon became part of our family. He thought he deserved to sleep in beds and eat at the dinner table. For 6 years, he was more than just a pet; he was a friend.

Tragically, on Valentine’s Day 2010, Max had to be put down due to a severe illness. Although we still miss and love him dearly, we do everything in his memory.

At Max’s Hope Pet Rescue, we believe that even though people ‘rescue’ animals, it is really the animals that do the rescuing. Pets provide unconditional love and silent support when you need it most.

Have you been ”rescued”?

They said that they are looking for homes for some various pets to be adopted right now.  They are always busy and were heading to pick up three more dogs as they stopped by to see us.

Thank you to for the encouragement to others to continue to help others to see the need to seek out a shelter pet.  Keep animals spayed and neutered and also to buy toys from shelters not from pet stores.

You ask how you can help?

This is right from Max’s Hopes site:

How You can Help

Thank you for your interest in helping us!

We are always in need of monetary donations, foster homes, volunteers, and supplies. We also work closely with Pet Palace on Trough Springs Road in Clarksville, Tennessee and would greatly appreciate gift cards or merchandise donations from here!

Monetary donations:
We are a registered non-profit and 501c3. All donations are tax-deductible. Donations go straight toward our vet account at Mansfield Veterinary Clinic. If you are considering a monetary donation, no amount is too small! Every bit goes straight to getting our adoptables the vet care that they need. If you are currently unable to adopt, but would like to “sponsor” an adoptable from our petfinder list, please let us know and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible! Donations to our causes can also be made under the “Donate Now!” link to the right.

Foster homes:
If you are currently unable to adopt but would like to provide a temporary home for a pet in need, please find our “Fostering a pet” link to the right to fill out an application to foster. Since we do not run an actual shelter, we are always in desperate need of foster homes. The number of animals we can help rehome is directly related to the amount of foster homes we currently have available. Please consider fostering today!

We are always planning as many fundraisers and adoption events as we can. If you are interested in coordinating a fundraiser on behalf of Max’s Hope or if you are interested in attending an adoption fair, please fill out our “Volunteer Application” and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible.

Kids’ Club:
We appreciate all time donations from our supporters, but would like to extend a special invitation to our youth to become involved in animal welfare. Please consider submitting an application on the “Kids’ Club Application” page today!

We are always in need of supplies here at Max’s Hope! We try to ensure all new adopters are prepared for their new pet by providing them with gift baskets of toys and necessities. If you are interested in donating a gift basket toward a particular pet, please let us know! Below is a list of the supplies we currently need. If you are able to donate any of the items below, or have something you believe we can use, please leave us a message under our “contact us” link to the right and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible.

Purina cat & Kitten food
litter boxes
food/water bowls
litter box liners
scratching posts
travel kennels

Purina dog & puppy food
food/water bowls
travel kennels
small, medium, large, and extra large metal kennels

As always, we are in need of foster homes (the more we have the more we save!) and donations to our veterinary fund at Mansfield Animal Hospital. Thank you all SO much for all the help and support you have given us. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will be used for a great cause.

If you have any questions please let us know…if you are not from our area look up a shelter in your area like we did and ping back and let them know that you also have helped and you heard about it here please… if you tell two friends and they tell two friend…etc… we will go far.

Thank you for reading

Tammye Honey

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Dora Was Rescued from Starvation Now she’s spending her first holiday at home.

Thank You ASPCA for this Reminder

Dora’s First Holiday at Home

Dora Was Rescued from Starvation

Now she’s spending her first holiday at home.

On a chilly day last holiday season, the ASPCA rescued Dora, a starving, matted little Shih Tzu with a severely injured tail. When she arrived at the ASPCA, she was weak, terrified and emaciated. But before long, under our care Dora began to gain weight and strength. She started to gain confidence, too, and as 2012 began, Dora’s spirited personality started to shine through.

That’s when world-renowned designer and architect Robert Couturier learned about Dora. A steadfast ASPCA supporter with three Shih Tzus of his own, he was deeply moved by her story. Within a week, he became her new foster parent.

“She slept in my arms the whole time on the way home,” Robert remembers. “It was as if she could finally sleep, and that she knew nothing bad was ever going to happen to her anymore.”

At his Connecticut country house, Robert introduced Dora to his boyfriend, Jeffrey, who fell in love with her immediately. Then he gave Dora a toy. She took it to her crate and looked at him with wide, cautious eyes, as if to ask: Is it OK for me to keep something of my very own?

“Of course it’s OK,” Robert told her, his heart breaking a little. He scooped her up and carried her with him all evening, just as he does now whenever they are together.

These days, Dora sleeps between her guardians’ pillows and enjoys playing with her favorite canine sibling: five-year-old Hercule, who fell head over heels for her the first day they met. “He’s her knight,” Robert jokes.

In October, Robert and Jeffrey adopted Dora. That makes it official: For the first time in her young life, Dora is home for the holidays.

It’s a beautiful thing to consider: Thanks to your compassion for pets like Dora, thousands are enjoying their first holiday season with a loving family.

Dora: After

People are not the only ones who need someone for the Holidays

Adopt a pet from a shelter before you think about going to a pet store and getting a puppy… save a life…

Tammye Honey

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