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C4C is A Great Christmas Spirit


Why not Volunteer and Show that YOU care…


Thought this was a great idea for Christmas…our Community has started a tree in the local grocery stores to purchase an angel so that a family eats for Christmas…

Company for Christmas -

Why not Volunteer and help this season

Thank You and please checkout the original sites

Happy Holidays

Tammye Honey


Meat Manicotti,and a little thing of spinach for me, I Hope

Logo of the Barilla Group

Logo of the Barilla Group (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok so I have been sitting here starving and reading blogs wondering what to make for a quick dinner and ugh … Omnomalicious just does me in …

Since I am not a fan of any type of Sausage…I am thinking Spinach since I bought 4 bags of fresh baby spinach on last trip to market… however, as I am getting ready to make it, hubby pops in, sees my ingredients and heads to freezer to return with MEAT, lol.. so here we go with pictures even… Ok then I purchase a different brand of lasagna that I will not mention that was other than Barilla and am totally disappointed so it is back to pantry and I am left with Manicotti or Jumbo Shells so we will see from here…what a day so far…

This was going to be an easy meal and now food is on hold like most planes that I ride that circle the airport for hours waiting to get permission to land..

Honestly I will not stray from this pasta company ever again…

Grandma Cattot always said that if you must cheat and can’t take time to make the pasta or machine is in repair shop then do the Barilla or make a veggie dish… now I know why. May she not be cursing me in Heaven right now and I just asked my hubby for a pasta maker for my birthday in September.  He said to email him a good one so I am turning to you my friends and saying help..I want to make every thing from noodles to lasagna to manicotti to spirals with it…I want it to be multifunctional and versatile as well as heavy duty.

  • No dried pasta can compare to the taste of fresh homemade, and luckily the world’s most popular pasta machine is also the most versatile. Simple-to-use and solidly constructed, this authentic Italian machine produces smooth sheets of fresh pasta from your dough with the help of an attached motor. An adjustable dial with nine settings allows you to roll out pasta to your exact desired thicknessfrom 2 1/2 mm to 0.3 mm. The body of the machine is made of nickel-plated and chrome-plated steel for long-term resistance to corrosion and features flat rollers for making the dough sheet, as well as an easy-to-remove double-cutter. The rollers are constructed of special nickel-plated steel with a double-slotted opening for the handle and motor unit. All gears are in case-hardened and tempered steel for extra-long life. The handle and table clamp feature handgrips made of ABS plastic suitable for food use. The attached motor allows the machine to freely run while you can feed pasta through the desired pasta attachments. Three attachments are included: an attachment to roll out dough, to make angel hair and fettuccini. Five-year warranty. 6 3/4 h x 13 1/4 l. Hand wash. Made in Italy.Web only.
  • Specialty Kitchen Gadgets – Make authentic pasta your grandmother would be proud of, using this pasta machine from Italy. Atlas 150 machine with narrow and wide cutters makes 4 types of pasta; flat dough sheet, fettuccine, spaghetti and tagliolini. Simply change the thickness of the dough sheet to make round or flat noodles. You control the noodle size by rotating the dial from .3mm to 2.5mm in a total of 9 positions. Using a family favorite batch of dough, fill and crank to knead and roll out the pasta. It’s that easy to enjoy beautiful, Italian-made pasta at home! Detailed instructions and recipes included. This is the machine that is sturdily made to pass down from generation to generation. Chrome-plated steel body and nickel-plated rollers resist corrosion. Made entirely in Italy by the quality manufacturer of pasta machines for more than 60 years. Wipe clean. 3-year manufacturer warranty. 8L x 8W (14L w/handle) x 6H.Lasagna and ravioli attachments available separately. Motor unit also available separatel – Specifications Model V177 8L x 8W x 6H 6-lb. Made in Italy 3-year manufacturer warranty Care and Use Wipes clean
Marcato V240 Atlas 150 Pasta Machine And Motor Set

Marcato V240 Atlas 150 Pasta Machine And…

Write a review

$144.36 – $169.95

This will be the perfect gift if he wants fresh pasta …

So after boiling the pasta for eight minutes

and cooking the meat in the diced onion and fresh Italian Basil and Italian Parsley from my flower pot garden and a few tsp of minced garlic and olive oil in pan…

I chopped and added the cherry tomatoes to add on top of meat.

I have taken the ricotta cheese and whipped together with egg and garlic powder and a hint of Mediterranean herb and chilled while waiting.

Stuffing was easy for me as I used to sit at a tv tray on the porch swing every Saturday morning early and stuff cannoli with a spoon and a bowl then place on a lined cookie sheet. I never knew a pastry bag existed till I was well into married life lol…

350 oven F for about 25 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbling sauce.

I used fresh spinach for mine and steamed in my Tupperware Steamer for 7 minutes on power of 7 since we have a 1200 watt microwave.

Adding water to base

Two pounds of fresh baby spinach

Cover and then get on with cooking

Unlike frozen spinach, this is ready to use…

Just stir in desired quantity and it chops it nicely while stirring it.  I also added a bit of Mediterranean Herb and garlic powder while stirring.

I stuffed, covered with a layer of the ricotta cheese then sauce and a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese then when finished baking added a hint of spinach on top of pan to remind hubby that this pan was spinach dish.

Happy Eating to all… on my way to dig in …

Tammye Honey


Spam Folder

I am amazed at how huge my spam folder is every day…

seriously speaking that is

Why don’t people open an actual account and really blog if they want to add a comment to someone’s page.

Do they seriously think that their comments will be posted so that others can go to a bogus site and be misguided?  What is up with this…find something real to do with your time please…

Could you also learn to spell a little better and not be as obvious with the changing of one word in your name each time that you change your accounts…

Any way you slice it …it still comes out as SPAM

Just a different View

Perhaps my next step will be to list the different accounts that are associated together

That could almost be a fun game….spam and spam’s brother and sister…maybe even a few cousins thrown in…

I agree in Freedom of Speech from Real People…not fake accounts….

Thank you,

Tammye Honey


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Girlscouts selling cookies

This is funny cause my hubby had to add another set of  pictures with it… could not just stop there lol…

Oh yeah…at least they were paid for first….


Laughing at Everyday Life 1.0

So I head off to the local store for the bi-weekly trek for milk and bananas only to be attacked to purchase some Girl Scout cookies. Three things come to mind….


A)   Only in America do Brownies sell Cookies

Ironic I know – It sounds like a form of food slavery.  Cannibalism & human trafficking come to mind


B)   Why is it the kids don’t really do the attacking I mean selling?

Let’s be real a moment. Selling Girl Scout cookies has become like kids doing their own science projects. The parents do all the work and the kids get the credit.

We are such a competitive society we have forgotten the dual purpose of the event. Raise money for the troops, but to also teach selling skills & increase confidence for our girls. Now it is about raising the most money, making their kids look the best…

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Another Few Easy Fixes

Since I have an older Kitchen I am limited to what I can do with what I have so if you can’t build out, I say go up…which is what I did…as you will see by the photos that are enclosed I took some racks like hubby has in his tool area and placed my spice rack in them…alphabetically (that is how you purchase them in the store).  Then I took two of the racks from Tupperware and placed below for my larger lids so I do not have to hunt for them.

Spice Rack

Tupperware Lid Holders

Roll around Rack

This rack stores my potatoes and onions as well as a few items underneath that I do not use every day, yet are essential in my kitchen.

Roll Around Petition

This area not only divides my cook area from dining area but also gave me added space for microwave prep area which I never had before.  This was between the spice rack and the fridge against the wall and I hit it every time I came into the kitchen in the dark.

Recycle Bag Dispenser

My recycle bags drove me crazy and this bin stores a ton of them…I have a tall kitchen garbage bag that lines it and when it is full I pull it out and take it with me when I go to the grocery store and recycle it there.

Instead of painting

I continued the pattern on these two cupboards only rather than paint them.  I noticed that the heat from the burner had changed their color despite the oil that I put on them to try and revive them…so I covered them….

Rather than reach under a cupboard

This was a great find at the Goodwill for $29.00 I got the pot rack and for another $29.00 I got the Tefal set…that was a good day for shopping…

Aprons out of traffic

By placing the aprons out of traffic they stay cleaner and kitchen stays neater too