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Such A Local Loss of An Officer

Emotional Funeral Held For Slain Bardstown Officer

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (AP) – Hundreds of people lined the streets of Bardstown and packed into a church for the emotional funeral of a police officer fatally shot on a highway exit ramp.

The coffin of 33-year-old Jason Ellis was draped in an American flag Thursday for the 1 1/2-hour service. At least a half-dozen speakers took to the podium at Parkway Baptist Church.

The crowd included Ellis’ wife and two young sons as well as police officers from across Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin told mourners that Ellis was a fun-loving jokester who dressed as an elf at a town Christmas party, and he was proud of his work taking drugs off the streets with his K-9 partner.

Ellis was shot to death early Saturday morning on his way home from work. Police said he got out of his cruiser to remove debris from the roadway when he was killed. An investigation was ongoing. A $100,000 reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest.

Members of the University of Kentucky and Lexington Police Departments stand with the casket for Bardstown Officer Jason Ellis on Thursday, May 30, 2013. (AP Photo)

Members of the University of Kentucky and Lexington Police Departments stand with the casket for Bardstown Officer Jason Ellis on Thursday, May 30, 2013. (AP Photo)

Police officers salute as the body of slain Bardstown Police Department officer Jason Ellis is brought into the Jefferson County Government Building on May 25, 2013, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo)

Police officers salute as the body of slain Bardstown Police Department officer Jason Ellis is brought into the Jefferson County Government Building on May 25, 2013, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo)

This was such a moving story and such a local loss that I had to share it with my readers.

Thank you for reading.

Tammye Honey

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MikeFest Countdown Timer Starts Again

002 (3) ??????????????????????


Welcome to the South.  Here the weather is so subject to change.  It can be freezing in the early morning and by 5 PM you are looking for a cool place to hide.   The rain in the Spring is just as strange.  We had standing rain in our poor yard during the month of April.  The old saying is April showers bring May flowers.  Instead, we are receiving buckets of rain.  Severe thunderstorms on the horizon with a hint of the possibility of tornado warnings.



That was the weather report that we woke to this morning.  When you are planning an event the idea of being in a little rain is a possibility.  This was a bit of overkill by Mother Nature.

For the safety of the various bands that are to play, food vendors, non food vendors and spectators, water and electricity just do not mix.  Monsoons and electricity are like a plugged running hairdryer in a bubble bath.  A total recipe for disaster and a shrinkage of a crowd in a hurry.

So the process slowly began:

Tribute to Michael Russell
07 May 1994 – 29 June 2006

Notifying each element of the festival to see if the new date of June 8th would work for them or if it would be a no go.  When you are calling 30 plus non food vendors, it makes for a busy day.  You do not want them to read it on Facebook and think that they were kept out of the loop.

The response was wonderful.  What a great team of non food vendors we have.  The bands were all great about rescheduling also.  The food vendors again come to the rescue.  I think my hardest call was  the Bakery that is new to our area.  Imagine telling a bakery that you need them to stop baking for an event and hold the presses for a month.  Luckily they had two functions that they were doing on the same day.  Surprise, they will be ready.  We actually made life a little less complicated for them.



We do live on to see another day.  Our new day is now June 8th.  With phone calls made at least some of the hard work is done and now it is just a waiting process to see what Mother Nature can throw at us between now and then.  If you are in the area during that time, would love to see you.  By then we should be dug out of our Monsoons and enjoying the sunlight and warmth that the South is known for.

That is our bands which are still working on the line ups due to other commitments now…  We are not out of the woods yet, although our compass is working well.

Over 10 Straight hours of live music.

This years line up so far, more to be added:

Ben Gallaher @
Oblivion Myth @
Dogs at Bay
Transend the Fallen
For Lack of Lithym
Mindset Defect
Killing Grace
Awaken @

Plus performers playing off stage around the Fest.

Thank you to our Sponsors / Vendors / Crafters, so far

We Urge you to Visit their Booth and Support Their Business.

1. ManCave: Guide Will J. Brant @
2. Scentsy/Velata: Tammye Green, Independent Certified Consultant. @ &
3. Thirty One: Chantelle R. Dempsey, Independent Consultant,@
4. Paparazzi Accessories: Aimee Miller, Premier Director & Lisa Mannion, Independent Consultant @
5. Tupperware: Michele Turk, Consultant @
6. Origami Owl: – Lisa Clarke, Independent Designer #3986 @
7. It Works!: Carolyn Evens, Independent Distributer @
8. ACE: Beth Vincent, Senior Associate @
9. Need Something Framed & More: Silvi Mize, Owner @
10. Arica Langelier, Realtor PenFed Realty, Real-estate
11. Crafts Galore and Soaps & More: Brenda Duckett, Owner @
12. Lemongrass Spa Products: Charla Pugh, Sales Consultant @
13. Mary Kay: Melissa Arrington, Independent Beauty Consultant @
14. Honey Bears Boutique: Linda Walker, Owner @
15. Raving Wolf’s Varity, Custom handmade Native American and Biker Jewelry: Ravingwolf, Artist, Designer, Owner @
16, ViSalus: Craig Critchfield, Independent Promoter @
17. La Bella Baskets: Michelle Rose & Lelia Restivo Consultants @ &
18. Jladycreations: Jacki Lowner, Designer/Owner. One of a kind jewelry @
19. Blackfire Bakery: The Foxworth Family, Owners @
20. Jenny Lander’s Gems: Jenny Lander, Owner/Designer. Custom made jewelry @
21. The Pampered Chef: Angela Davis, Independent Senior Consultant @

Reserve your spot now. Limited Openings, on a first come bases, no duplications of vendors.

These businesses will not have a booth at Mikefest 2013, but have made generous donations to the cause. A very BIG Thank YOU.

1. Thirty One: Christy Pouw, Consultant @
2. AVON: Angela Shelton, Independent Sales Represented
3. The Pampered Chef: Angela Davis, Independent Senior Consultant (Is now a vendor)
4. Tupperware: Eman & Tammye Green, Independent Consultants @
5. Dove Chocolate Discoveries: Sharon Rowley, Independent Chocolatier @ (Possible Vendor Now)

This year’s Mikefest 2013 Official Event Photographers: ….So Smile…Thank You…

Sharper Edge Photography:
LC Photography:

So grab your lawn chair, and get ready to be entertained with a whole day of music and fun.

No outside beverages
No drugs
No Pets

New Vendors will possibly be added due to the Change in date also so please standby as we are still upgrading lists daily.

Reporting to you live from Tennessee,

Tammye Honey.


Daily Prompt: Dear Leader

In our local newspaper there were the following stories posted today about the Tragic Deaths that occurred in Connecticut at the Elementary School.  Our Prayers to all the Families that it involved.

Here is an article that I found rather interesting in our local paper that may change the way that guns are sold and what guns are sold.

Cerberus to sell gun company that makes Bushmaster

Written by
Joshua Freed And Michelle Chapman
Associated Press


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The company that makes one of the weapons used to kill elementary school children in Connecticut is being put up for sale by its owner, which called Friday’s tragedy a “watershed event” in the debate over gun control.

The private-equity group Cerberus Capital Management said Tuesday it will sell its controlling stake in Freedom Group International, the maker of Bushmaster rifles. Investors also continued to bail out of other gunmakers while the retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods said it would stop selling military-style rifles.

The activity comes as the political winds appear to be shifting. Some Republicans now say they’re willing to discuss the issue of gun control — along with mental health issues and violent video games,

Cerberus cobbled Freedom Group together by buying Bushmaster, Remington, and other well-known gun brands starting in 2006. On Friday, a gunman using what is believed to have been a Bushmaster military-style rifle killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in one of the worst mass shootings in U.S history.

“It is apparent that the Sandy Hook tragedy was a watershed event that has raised the national debate on gun control to an unprecedented level,” Cerberus wrote in announcing the planned sale. Cerberus owned 95 percent of Freedom Group, according to a year-end 2011 filing for the gunmaker on its website.

Freedom Group said it’s the largest firearms manufacturer in the U.S. It sold 1.1 million rifles and shotguns last year, along with 2 billion rounds of ammunition. Its products are sold to law enforcement and military customers, as well as retailers who sell them to hunters and gun enthusiasts.

The so-called Assault Weapons Ban that expired in 2004 restricted the sale of some types of guns like those made by Bushmaster. Freedom Group noted in its filing that new laws along the lines of the expired assault weapons ban “could have a material adverse effect on our business.”

Cerberus attempted to distance itself from that debate on Tuesday.

“We are investors, not statesmen or policy makers,” the company said in its statement. Firms like Cerberus are basically privately run pools of money that invest in companies on behalf of pension funds including those for teachers, police officers, and other institutions. “It is not our role to take positions, or attempt to shape or influence the gun control policy debate. That is the job of our federal and state legislators,” the private-equity firm said.  The sale may have been influenced by one or more of those clients. The announcement comes one day after the California State Teachers Retirement System, a large pension fund, told The Wall Street Journal that it was reviewing its $500 million investment commitment to Cerberus because of the firm’s stake in Freedom Group.

Cerberus is best known for its investment in Chrysler. It ended up walking away from that investment as the U.S. government bailed out the car company.

Money made from the Freedom Group sale will be returned to its investors, Cerberus said.

Meanwhile, Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. said in a statement that it suspended the sale of modern sporting rifles in all of its stores. The company also removed all guns from sale and display at its store closest to Newtown.

Shares in publicly-traded gun makers were dropping for a third-straight day.

Shares of Sturm, Ruger & Co. dropped $3.74, or 8.5 percent, to $40.26 in afternoon trading Tuesday. They’re down more than 10 percent since Thursday, the day before the shooting. Shares of Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. fell 11 percent to $7.70, and are down 19.3 percent from their Thursday close.

Outdoor goods retailer Cabela’s Inc. fell $1.58, or 3.8 percent, to $39.63.

A Cerberus spokesman did not return a phone message left on Tuesday. A representative for Freedom Group could not be immediately reached for comment.

Dick’s stores suspend sales of certain rifles

Written by
Associated Press
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PITTSBURGH (AP) — A sporting goods company says it’s suspending sales of modern rifles nationwide because of the school shooting in Connecticut.

Dick’s Sporting Goods also says it’s removing all guns from display at its store closest to Newtown, where the massacre took place.

Authorities say a gunman killed 26 people, mostly children, with a military-style rifle at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday. He then killed himself.

A statement posted on Dick’s corporate website expresses sympathy for the victims’ families. It says sales of modern sporting rifles will be suspended during “this time of national mourning.”

It’s not clear how long the suspension will last. A spokesman for Dick’s did not immediately return a call for comment on Tuesday.

Pittsburgh-based Dick’s operates more than 500 sporting goods stores in 44 states, including at Governor’s Square Mall in Clarksville.

The sad fact still remains that with all of these efforts, the shooters in the past few shootings Nationally were not the owners of the guns.  Forcing a gun control on stolen guns should be interesting.  I have never heard of someone walking into a police station and handing over a gun that they stole before they used it.

Perhaps our leaders need to take a different approach to their “gun control” and look at the picture from a broader view.

Our News Channel 5 last night broadcasted that Tennessee is proposing a bill to allow all teachers to carry a weapon on their person during school hours.  This will come with the stipulation that they must attend classes on gun safety including hours at a firing range and will have to keep the guns in a safe environment on their person at all times free from access to the children.

Education Department Planning School Safety Summit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – The Tennessee Department of Education is planning a statewide School Safety Summit next month.

Department spokeswoman Kelli Gauthier said the meeting is a result of concerns following the deadly elementary school shooting in Connecticut last week. Twenty children and six adults were slain by a gunman packing a high-powered rifle.

Gauthier said the summit will gather hundreds of district and community leaders from across Tennessee to discuss how to ensure the proper training and implementation of safety measures in schools.

The summit will be hosted by Williamson County schools.

Perhaps we will become like other countries and decide to deal with this problem like they have for years.  Israel has had guns in the classroom for years.  Those children are not having to seek professional counseling by Psychiatrists or Psychologists.  That is just one Nation that I have named. Just a thought.

Tammye Honey

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Clarksville schools act after hacking report

Clarksville schools act after hacking report


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – School officials in Clarksville, Tenn., have shut down websites and email after a hacker group claimed to have stolen data.

Officials said they have asked police and the FBI for help in the case.

According to The Leaf-Chronicle ( ), a group calling itself Spex Security said it had the email passwords and Social Security numbers of thousands of students and school system employees.

The group said Clarksville was targeted because of its “belligerence,” but there was no elaboration.

School system spokeswoman Elise Shelton says the system has not been contacted by the group. She urged individuals to monitor their financial accounts closely.


Information from: The Leaf-Chronicle,

Glad to hear that the school is monitoring this very closely.  It is important that they do and they seem to want to stay on top of it for certain.

This is at least a little comfort for the current parents…not for the parents of students who have since gone on to college….lets hope that all damage is contained.

Tammye Honey

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9000 Social Security Names Were Released From School

This story is straight from the Channel 5 News station in Nashville TN

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – A tech firm analysis of the hacking attack on the Clarksville-Montgomery County school district found that nearly 9,000 social security numbers were posted.

About 5,000 belonged to district employees, and the rest belonged to students.

The full names and student IDs of nearly 4,000 students were also exposed, and of those, about 1,30 also had their genders and birth dates exposed.

The affected students were born between April 1987 and September 1993.

The school district said they had gotten a call from Clarksville Police on Sunday afternoon that a 911 call had come in saying the personal data of 110,000 Clarksville-Montgomery County School system employees and student had been compromised.

A hacking group calling itself Spex Security posted the information of approximately 14,500 students and employees online on Monday.

All school system websites were shut down. The school system contacted the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

School officials urge individuals to closely monitor their financial accounts. Police also encourage people to double check their credit reports and financial documents, and shred any document with personal information on it.

This is a follow up story from the Clarksville school investigation that has been ongoing that I first reported on in my blog so I have ping back to that story… Sadly I am not making this up and have documented my story with the actual report included for viewing.

Please check your own school system and how protected your children and information really are.  They are not certain just how many years back this group went back and obtained information.  This is all that they published not how much information that they have.

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Another Threat Follow Up Posting

Day Two of Reporting on Incidents happening across our state…

NASHVILLE, Tenn. The Nashville Electric Service has issued a warning to its customers about a possible multi-state scam.

In a release on Tuesday, NES officials said that they have been notified of a scam directed at utility customers. Officials said that scammers ask customers for personal information, such as Social Security numbers and then tell the customers they’ve been approved for special funding that will foot their bill.

According to officials victims of the scam have been reported in California, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas and Florida.

“Although we are not aware of any NES customers who have been contacted by this scam, we want to make our customers aware of potential issues so they can protect themselves from becoming victims of identity theft and fraudulent activities,” said Teresa Corlew, NES VP & Chief Customer Care Officer.

NES said that employees of NES never ask customers for personal information such as bank accounts or social security numbers.

The Nashville Electric Service warned customers to be vigilant about protecting their personal information. Anyone with questions about the scam should contact NES Customer Relations at (615) 736-6900.

What happened to being able to tracing these back…was that only in the movies?

Let’s hope that these incidents end soon… some elderly have to choose between tv and medications…they have no idea.

Tammye Green


Scary News About School Information on Your Children

The other day a friend a I were discussing a blog that I was going to write and put on my site with pictures which would include her children.  I had assured her that I would not include their names or their addresses due to the scares that our own children have about the internet and our own grand children’s pictures.

While watching the local Television Station News Tonight… The following article which can be linked here appeared which is really eye opening…

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Authorities believe hackers accessed the personal data of 110,000 Clarksville-Montgomery County School system employees and students.

A 911 call came in around noon Sunday to Clarksville police about the hacking. Police contacted school officials, whose technology specialists determined a hacking group threatened to release a portion of the data.

A group calling itself Spex Security on Monday released the information on about 14,500 students and school system employees.

The information included students’ names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and school and state ID numbers. Employee and school wide email passwords were also posted.

All school system websites were shut down. The school system contacted the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“We basically unplugged, I mean all systems are shutdown right now and they will stay that way until we have otherwise some information that tells us to put them back up,” district spokeswoman Elise Shelton said Monday.

The group released the following statement with the information:

“Our primary suspects include the U.S. government for torturous and deceptive acts on our own soil, the educational system for exuberantly being blown-over and belligerently not patching the holes in their system, and anybody else who partook a role in the murder of America.”

The statement went on to say that Clarksville “was primarily targeted due to their belligerence.” The statement did not clarify what that meant.

“If there are other firewalls that we can put up besides what we have we will certainly look into doing that. We want to make sure that all of our information is secure,” Shelton said.

School officials urge individuals to closely monitor their financial accounts.

I just texted the mom and said…”guess the pictures are not the only things that you have to worry about now…”

Sadly, this is a true story and is not a hoax.  This is really happening.  This is a possible thing that could happen anywhere in the world… please make sure that your school system is protecting your children’s information.  The bad part of this, how many years of information have they been able to obtain?  Now they are worried about people who are deceased and their social security numbers… where does it end?

I am a person who normally looks on the bright side of life…this time I am having a little difficulty finding it. For a school system to simply say CYA…hmmm

Thank you for reading and check in to your local school system and their policy…you might be as amazed as we were…when it was too late for us though…

Tammye Honey