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A Call From My Hubby’s Nephew

My hubby has a special nephew.
He can be a bit overwhelming at times.
He is now in his thirties.  He lives with his mom and grandparents.
My hubby says that I am funny when I deal with him.
I insist that he uses respect.
His family says that he can’t remember from day to day.
I disagree.
It is funny that he can now remember that when I answer the phone, the only way he can speak with his uncle is to call him by Uncle, not his first name.
When I answer, he knows that if he does not, he will not talk to him.

Today he called with the request for me to look up a word and give him the definition.
The word was does.
Forty five minutes later, I hung up the telephone knowing that he finally understood the meaning.

clock ticking

I took the time with him, using the word in sentences.
I also got across the point of various tenses, pronouns and verbs associated that were confusing him.
I did not have to do this.
I could have just hung up the phone after I told him his uncle was sleeping.


It did not take away from my day at all to spend the 45 minutes with him.
He was happy when he hung up.
He was no longer aggrivated like he had been when he first called.
I never asked why he needed to know.
I decided that the can of worms that had brought on the frustration just needed to be calmed.

By his being satisfied with the answer, his day will now be better.
He will have a calmer day.

smiley face
In turn, so will the others who live with him.
Why this could not have been done on his end remains a mystery.

critical eye
Perhaps a dictionary for Christmas will be a nice gift.





Sometimes all a person needs in life is to know that somewhere they have a friend who will listen…

Thank you for reading,

Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Don’t Post If You Don’t Want It Known

Daily Prompt: Do Not Disturb

How do you manage your online privacy?
Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places?
Information you’ll never share online?
Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PRIVATE. 

Don’t Post anything that you would not want the world to know…that is my rule of thumb…

I do not give certain details about my family and especially grand children as I do not want stalkers.

Since we own businesses it is obvious that there is an address and information available about us.

Headphones are not overkill, he needs all the help he can get

Headphones are not overkill, he is on skype with a customer

Our family is a different story…there is no need to share that…if they want it shared they will do it themselves.

What are your feelings on this?  Would love to hear.

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Super happy reading as there were quite a few to read…..

Tammye Honey


Weekly Writing Challenge: Cell Phones as a distraction or blessing?


Is the ubiquitous internet — that constant need to ogle our phones at the first free moment — affecting our ability to focus? Do you find yourself compelled to change your Facebook status, or check your blog stats, or forward that new lolcat when you should be writing that proposal, building that deck, or designing that new site? Do you give your spouse laser eyes when you’ve served dinner and they’re texting a friend or taking a call while dinner gets cold? Is that constant alluring stream of self-validating Twitter @replies, Facebook Likes, and Instagram hearts affecting our ability to relate to human beings in the flesh?

Answer the poll below, then expand on your thoughts and feelings about whether or not the internet is ruining our focus and our ability to relate to other humans in an original blog post on your site. Be sure to tag your entry with DPchallenge.

I have to admit that as little as I know about my phone, I am addicted to Words With Friends as it does help to keep me calm throughout the day.  I find a challenge in trying to use all of my letters in one pass or at least most of them till I get to the end and then I just hope to use them.  
I do put my phone down when I have company.  I will tell phone callers (that are not customers), that I have company and will call them back and will wait to answer text messages as long as they are not customers.  

I have different ringtones to signify whether it is gmail notifications or if it is a facebook or email.  I also have a separate ringtone to let me know a text has come in so that I am not constantly checking my phone.

Since Words With Friends has a mind of it’s own and some days I can’t play for close to ten hours at a stretch, I will go a long time without being on my phone.

If my phone is on the charger I might not even get a call much less a text message for days till my cat drops the phone.

We do use the phone for our square  for business transactions.  This I love.  It has made life much easier.

What are your feelings on this subject has it taken away from social skills?

Please take my poll below and let me know

Thank you as always for reading and for your feedback,

Tammye Honey



Daily Prompt: Interviewing Kermit The Frog

Daily Prompt: The Interview

Interview your favorite fictional character.

Thanks for the great idea, ranu802!

It is not easy when you are different in life, so I am doing Kermit the Frog…

Here is an interview that was given 

So some of the highlights of Kermit’s life…

Kermit has a naughty side too

When I think of Kermit there is always one song that comes to mind

Moving into the movie scene

When Kermit tied the knot

It may not be easy being different but if you accept yourself as you are, people look past that and look at you as yourself.

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Have a great day,

Tammye Honey





Daily Prompt: Communicating in Cyber World

Daily Prompt: It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World

How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all?
How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

I am not a fan of the text or the chat box.  I end up giving my telephone number and asking the person to call me.
Even answering a text message on the phone if it has to go into detail will end up being that way.

I love skype as I can actually talk to the person and type at the same time so if they don’t understand then I can speak.



My hubby uses the Skype for questions regarding  Tupperware.  This way he can explain the answers that customers have regarding the product.  It would be just too much to type.



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Stay dry and stay safe,

Tammye Honey


Are You Kidding Me?

Some of the companies out there with the telemarketing techniques are just too much.

Congratulations!  You have won a free Walmart Gift card for $100.00 if you give us your credit card information we will send it to you for $3.75.
Do they really think people are that stupid to hand over their information over the phone for something like this?
Are they seriously hard of hearing when you tell them NO…I do not want it…I will not give you my information…Do NOT Call…

This guy this morning acted like he was amazed that I was saying NO.  He would not stop.  I ended up hanging up on him only because I was too kind and would not put my hubby on the phone for one of his regular routines.
I do realize that they get paid only with commission and have to be pushy.  That is not my problem.  Is this the same type of person who goes on a date and the word No does not mean No to them?

I am so glad that we are on a do not call list.  So much good for that stupid list.

I feel the urge to actually say at times Are you F@@@ing kidding Me?  If you love me so much and I have won it then you know where I live, just send it.

The problem with that is that then you are on the phone for another 15 minutes as they explain why they need to do the processing and handling charges.

Process this people…If I wanted the product, I would have bought it by now.  If it is free, it always comes with a catch.  If it is that good then just send it to me.

There, I feel better now.

Tammye Honey