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Daily Prompt: Citizen of Today

Daily Prompt: 21st Century Citizen

Do you belong in this day and age?
Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century?
If you do, explain why —
and if you don’t,
when in human history would you rather be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MODERN.

Let’s get real here for a second… there is not an era that has gone by that has not had it’s trials and tribulations.
With that being said, living for today and making a difference in todays society might just have an impact on tomorrow.

  • Being kind to a stranger (even a smile or kind word)
  • Being a foster parent to stray animals
  • Being a helping hand in your community
  • Teaching a class for just the cost of supplies in your community
  • Having a get to know you party in your neighborhood

Our neighbors got to know us when we went around with cameras and video equiptment and loved the video we made…

It did not cost us anything and did not hurt the environment at all…gave a smile to 28,135 people so far…

It was a way for me to get to know my neighbors and they got to know me as the lady from NY with the camera lol…

What have you done in this century to make an impact?

Would love to hear…

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 Have you helped in your community during a time of need?
Here is another video we made for our community to prove to insurance companies that it was real in our area
Tammye Honey


Weekly Writing Challenge: Stepping through the Door



The door to your house/flat/apartment/abode has come unstuck in time. The next time you walk through it, you find yourself in the same place, but a different time entirely. Where are you, and what happens next?

A lot’s probably changed in the time you’ve lived here, and it can be hard to imagine what might have happened, or be about to happen down the line. When thinking about where you might end up, time-wise, consider these questions:

  • Do you feel passionate about a certain historical period?
  • Or are you forever daydreaming about the shape of things to come?
  • If your strongest emotions brought you back to a time in your life, when would it be?
  • Who used to live here, before you? Who might be here when you’ve moved on?
  • What do you think will change most about the world around you in the years to come?
  • What do you think has changed most since your parents’ or grandparents’ generations?
  • When did some of your best (or worst) memories take place?
  • Are you more drawn to gritty realism, far-flung historical romances, or science fiction stories?
  • Do you have any regrets? How would you change the decisions you made if so?

That was the writing assignment for the Weekly Writing Challenge.
I would actually like to write about how different our life has been since Peachy has been in our life for almost one year now.  It is hard to believe that it will be one year next month since we went to the shelter to see what kind of puppy they had in the ad and she was there in the office.  So badly beaten that she could barely walk.  We have had returning customers since that year to our store who can’t get over the change in her.  She loves to have company now and comes out to greet each one.  She loves to get the attention that each bestows upon her.  She is very protective of my office area and her food.

She is quite the Queen around here and we can only wonder how anyone could have possibly have been so cruel to an animal.  She was supposed to have been my hubby’s side kick.

As irony would have it, after the passing of Sassy (She died from bone cancer) poor Trina was very lonely.  She had lost Nelly to a car accident when she was protecting Sassy from a pack of dogs and when the car went to the shoulder of the road to miss the ten dogs in the road, he hit Nelly instead.  Each day, Trina had left a dog bone in the front of the store anticipating the return of Nelly.

Now, Peachy is my shadow.  Trina is my hubby’s side kick and goes everywhere with him.  Ar night, we have a certain place that each of us sleeps on the bed.  A regular routine.  I would not trade any of this for anything.  Life is a precious commodity.  I am grateful for the time I have on this earth.  I do not dream of what I do not have.

I did not grow up with magazines of movie stars.  I did not grow up even knowing who was who in the movies.  Television was very limited in viewing.  I was only allowed to read books to escape into different worlds of fantasy.  I did not grow up having imaginary friends.  Being an only child, I grew close to my animals around me and played with them as if they were my friends.

Perhaps that is why my animals and I are so close now and why I do not long to step through the door and wonder what is on the other side.  I am content with what is on this side.

What are your thoughts on this subject?  Would love to hear.

Leave me a comment and let me know.

Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Show and Tell 5 Minute Presentation

Daily Prompt: Show and Tell

by michelle w. on March 16, 2013

You’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a group of young schoolchildren on the topic of your choice. Describe your presentation. 

This has to be one of the hardest Daily Prompt Choices yet.  I think that mine will be on “How important it is to care for your animal”.

Petz Game

You Can Help Local Shelter Pets

If you’ve tried to volunteer at a shelter, you might have been told you’re just too young. But that’s no reason to get bummed out! You can do so much more for shelter pets than you might think. Check out some of the cool stuff kids have done at shelters across the country.

  1. Go Viral
    These Hawaiian kids created a promotional video and a mega-catchy song for the Lana’I Animal Rescue Center.
  2. Fill ‘Er Up
    Take a tip from kids in the capital. They helped the Washington Humane Society prepare Busy Buckets—buckets filled with stuff like toys and treats that help, you guessed it, keep shelter dogs busy and happy.
  3. Toy Story
    Check out these awesome cat toys kids made out of extra collar material at Sacramento County Animal Care. Your local shelter might have some extra stuff lying around that would make a great cat toy—all you have to do is ask…and get crafty.
  4. PB & J? Make That PB & K…
    We’re betting Girl Scout Troop 40892 had as much fun stuffing Kong toys with peanut butter as the dogs at McKamey Animal Center had unstuffing them!
  5. Join a Program Just for Kids
    It’s true, some shelters have awesome programs made especially for kids. At the Bay Area Humane Society in Wisconsin, kids even get to help teach shelter pets new tricks.

These are awesome things for children to do that can help pets in each childs area and can spread the word that animals are important.

What would you say to a group of school age children for five minutes?

Would love to hear….leave me a comment.

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 Thank you for reading and have a great weekend,
Tammye Honey

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Are Your Pets Really Safe?

Here are 5 things to check for in your home thanks to the ASPCA and their warnings for the household.


In 2012, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) in Urbana, Illinois, handled more than 180,000 cases about pets possibly exposed to poisonous substances—and some breeds seemed to make up a lot more of those calls than others.

Nearly 14,000 of APCC’s 2012 calls were from worried pet parents of Labradors.Domestic shorthair cats were involved in approximately 10,000 cases (the second-most popular breed involved in APCC calls).Mixed-breed dogs (8,000 cases),Chihuahuas (4,833 cases), Golden Retrievers (4,819 cases) and Yorkshire Terriers (3,800 cases) rounded out the top six.

No matter what kind of pets they had, thousands of pet parents called us about the same products last year. Here were the top five poisons that caused pet parents to call APCC for help in 2012:

1. Prescription Human Medications

APCC handled 25,000 cases regarding human prescription medications in 2012. The top three types of medications that animals were exposed to were: heart medications (blood pressure pills), antidepressants and pain medications (opioids and prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

2. Insecticides

While just 11% of all calls to the APCC are about insecticides, more than 50% of the calls to APCC involving cats pertain to felines exposed to insecticides.

3. Over-the-Counter Human Medications

This group contains acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen as well as herbal and nutraceutical products (fish oil, joint supplements).

4. Veterinary Products and Medications

Veterinary products made up nearly 6% of APCC’s case volume for 2012. Both OTC and prescription veterinary products are included in this group. Watch out for flavored tablets!

5. Household Products

APCC fielded more than 10,000 calls about household products in 2012. Household toxins can range from fire logs to cleaning products.

For numbers six through 10, check out the full list of the top poisons of 2012.

Think you know your poisons? Take the ASPCA’s I Can’t Believe It’s Poisonous Quiz on Facebook!

And remember: If you have any reason to suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, please contact your veterinarian or the Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline at (888) 426-4435.

This is just too important not to share with everyone who owns a pet.

Please take the quiz and keep your animals safe, no matter if they are pedigree or are a shelter animal, they are part of your family now.  They are your responsibility.

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Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day 2013

Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day 2013


Please join the ASPCA and fellow animal lovers on Tuesday, April 16, in Nashville for Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day! This is an exciting opportunity to let your state lawmakers know, in person, that you support animal protection and oppose laws that would allow animals to be hurt and exploited.

During Lobby Day, you and other animal advocates will be the voices for animals in your state!

Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day provides animal advocates with a structured, comfortable setting in which to meet their elected officials. We’ll organize and help prepare you for these meetings with insider tips and an overview of pending or upcoming legislation that directly impacts animals.

This event is critical to our lobbying efforts and to preventing animal cruelty. It’s also a great networking activity, and is invigorating, inspiring and very personally rewarding. Don’t miss out!

Tennessee Voices for Animals Lobby Day 2013

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Time: 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
Cost: None!
Place: Tennessee State Capitol
Old Supreme Court Chamber (first floor)
900 Charlotte Avenue
Nashville, TN 37219


If you do not know what this is all about then perhaps you should check out a friend of mine who has a blog that is dedicated to animal voices in the world.

I urge you to find out where this is happening in your area and try to attend.

Thank you for reading and have a purrfect day. Keep a smile and pet an animal.

Tammye Honey

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Give a Shout Out to Our Local Organization

We called our local branch of “Paws With a Cause” to help us with an over flow of our household items that we wanted to share with them such as blankets and pillows and containers from the kitchen area.  

Our local branch is



The Story Behind the Name.

In the fall of 2005, our family was changed forever.
Max came to us. One day, while Megan and Brittany were waiting for the bus, they spotted a dog in the field across from the house. They called it over, but since he was a stray German Shepherd, they thought he might have been dangerous. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Max soon became part of our family. He thought he deserved to sleep in beds and eat at the dinner table. For 6 years, he was more than just a pet; he was a friend.

Tragically, on Valentine’s Day 2010, Max had to be put down due to a severe illness. Although we still miss and love him dearly, we do everything in his memory.

At Max’s Hope Pet Rescue, we believe that even though people ‘rescue’ animals, it is really the animals that do the rescuing. Pets provide unconditional love and silent support when you need it most.

Have you been ”rescued”?

They said that they are looking for homes for some various pets to be adopted right now.  They are always busy and were heading to pick up three more dogs as they stopped by to see us.

Thank you to for the encouragement to others to continue to help others to see the need to seek out a shelter pet.  Keep animals spayed and neutered and also to buy toys from shelters not from pet stores.

You ask how you can help?

This is right from Max’s Hopes site:

How You can Help

Thank you for your interest in helping us!

We are always in need of monetary donations, foster homes, volunteers, and supplies. We also work closely with Pet Palace on Trough Springs Road in Clarksville, Tennessee and would greatly appreciate gift cards or merchandise donations from here!

Monetary donations:
We are a registered non-profit and 501c3. All donations are tax-deductible. Donations go straight toward our vet account at Mansfield Veterinary Clinic. If you are considering a monetary donation, no amount is too small! Every bit goes straight to getting our adoptables the vet care that they need. If you are currently unable to adopt, but would like to “sponsor” an adoptable from our petfinder list, please let us know and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible! Donations to our causes can also be made under the “Donate Now!” link to the right.

Foster homes:
If you are currently unable to adopt but would like to provide a temporary home for a pet in need, please find our “Fostering a pet” link to the right to fill out an application to foster. Since we do not run an actual shelter, we are always in desperate need of foster homes. The number of animals we can help rehome is directly related to the amount of foster homes we currently have available. Please consider fostering today!

We are always planning as many fundraisers and adoption events as we can. If you are interested in coordinating a fundraiser on behalf of Max’s Hope or if you are interested in attending an adoption fair, please fill out our “Volunteer Application” and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible.

Kids’ Club:
We appreciate all time donations from our supporters, but would like to extend a special invitation to our youth to become involved in animal welfare. Please consider submitting an application on the “Kids’ Club Application” page today!

We are always in need of supplies here at Max’s Hope! We try to ensure all new adopters are prepared for their new pet by providing them with gift baskets of toys and necessities. If you are interested in donating a gift basket toward a particular pet, please let us know! Below is a list of the supplies we currently need. If you are able to donate any of the items below, or have something you believe we can use, please leave us a message under our “contact us” link to the right and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible.

Purina cat & Kitten food
litter boxes
food/water bowls
litter box liners
scratching posts
travel kennels

Purina dog & puppy food
food/water bowls
travel kennels
small, medium, large, and extra large metal kennels

As always, we are in need of foster homes (the more we have the more we save!) and donations to our veterinary fund at Mansfield Animal Hospital. Thank you all SO much for all the help and support you have given us. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will be used for a great cause.

If you have any questions please let us know…if you are not from our area look up a shelter in your area like we did and ping back and let them know that you also have helped and you heard about it here please… if you tell two friends and they tell two friend…etc… we will go far.

Thank you for reading

Tammye Honey

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World Spay Day 2013 February 13th

As I was reading my emails this morning I found this interesting one that I would like to share since this dog will be in a parade in their area and would like the vote from readers.

birthday-012This is Rumpy Dog and June Buggie.  They are all about ASPCA and Today’s Post is all about getting your animal Spayed.

They are famous and have a book… 

You can purchase the book on

So here is the scoop on Rumpy today:

I have entered the Humane Society World Spay Day Pet Pageant!

I want to be crowned Mr. World Spay Day 2013. And you can help make that happen.

All you have to do is vote for me here.

Why have I entered this contest? Because I want you to help me raise awareness of this important worldwide event. Because I want to promote spay/neuter of companion animals in all parts of the world.

Because I believe that spaying/neutering of animals is one of the most important things humans can do to improve the plight of companion animals in the world today.

I want you to help me by voting for me and by sharing with your friends. And if you want to enter your companion animal, that’s great too. This is all about getting the word out.

And if you are able to do so, please consider making a donation to the World Spay Day event.

If you’d like to know what events are taking place in your country, check here. In the US, you can find events here.

And it’s not too late for YOUR organization to sponsor an event. Especially if you’re in Utah. There is NOTHING as of yet in that state. *shakes head sadly*

So please help me promote this event by voting for me every day, and by asking all your friends to do so.

 Of course I am going to vote for Rumpy, and June Buggie if she is in the Parade as well.  I went to My local to see what was happening.  Sadly it is in Nashville, TN so it is almost 1 1/2 Hours away with no mention of a parade.  They are also offering something great though.
If you don’t believe in having your animals spayed perhaps you should see Rumpy’s Video:
Home > Find an Event
On February 13th, we will participate in Project Homeless Connect. This event will put us in direct contact with over 350 homeless people, many of which have animal companions. This is our niche, as an organization we work with homeless pet owners, and pet owners housed but living in poverty. By participating in PHC, we will be able to sign more pet owners up for our weekly spay/neuter transport. Each week we provide transportation, spay/neuter, vaccines, deworming, flea/tick treatment and nail trims to pet owners living in poverty.

Organizer: SAFPAW
Type: Spay/Neuter Surgeries or Vouchers
Contact: Laurie Green
Location: Project Homeless Connect
Tennessee State Fairgrounds, 500 Wedgewood Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203
Date(s): 2/13/2013
Volunteer Opportunities
We need volunteers to help with both getting everything ready and setting up the booth.
Volunteer Contact Information
Dan McDow
Donation Opportunities
monetary donations for our ongoing weekly s/n transport
pet food, dry dog and cat food
Donation Contact Information
Laurie Green
Donation website –

Thank you for reading and Please vote for Rumpy.

Tammye Honey