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Road Trip A-Z Challenge Day 7 Part III

Post A-to-Z Road Trip [2013]


This road trip is a little different today.  Since I received a 3 in 1 Award from

I am a free spirit, born 20 years too late. With a huge love for all things Latin, I think I might have been / should be Spanish! I live in a constant state of gratitude and seek to find something beautiful in every day. I live to inspire and help. Hopefully I will be able to make a small difference somewhere. My motto, there is always something to be grateful for!

The nominees will be my road trip:

There are fifteen nominees:



    Hmm, where to begin. If I had my choice, I would definitely choose “living to eat.” I’ve grown to believe that “living to eat” and “eating to live” are not mutually exclusive. In everything, there’s a balance. This blog is primarily about that journey. As in many journeys, there will be detours. But that’s part of it.

    I’m The Mouse and I like to cook. Sometimes more than actually eating (but not by much). I rarely use recipes and often make things up as I go along. Part of this blog is to try and document what I cooked so I can cook it again. I’ll try to be as detailed as I can (key word “try). Don’t expect too much details. If you want more information, leave a comment, I’ll get back to you.

    The Cat is the chief taster in the family. If the dish passes her, it’s good. If it doesn’t, oh well.

    We also like to eat out, and eating out provides inspiration for me to try it at home, but with The Mouse’s spin on it.

    For now, about us, let’s just say Living, loving, eating, tasting, cooking, and sharing …

    Peace out.

    The Mouse




    I’m a retired factory worker living now in Boise, Idaho.

    In the fifth grade (second time around) I wrote a poem as a class assignment. The poem was read to the class and I remember one part of it quite well:

    “Instead of spelling and reducing my fractions                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I’m entertaining the class with all my actions                                                                                                                                                                                                                           That’s why I’m placed in this class’s rear                                                                                                                                                                                                                                What some learned in one will take me another year.”

    The class and teacher laughed and a powerful lesson was learned: Writing influences people‘s thought and emotions.

    In the tenth grade I wrote a short story that was passed to friends. They found it amusing and entertaining. For all my life I have written only for myself sharing with only friends and family, like a painter who paints only for themselves because of its personal enjoyment.

    Now being retired I’m sharing the stories that have rattled around in my head for years.

    What Is The Jittery Goat All About?

    The Jittery Goat went online in December of 2008. Something new is added once or twice a week. I’ve never had writer’s block – come close. I’m always searching for a topic that’s on people’s minds and that can be written humorously. That’s a challenge.

    I’m from the generation that stared at test patterns on the TV, first plastered the a transistor radio to their ear, served in an unwanted and unpopular war, saw a President assassinated, one resign, one that should have, saw men step on the moon, and people blow-up in the sky trying to go to space. I have lived though IMAX, Iphones, Ipads, and now living through I forgot, I don’t know, and I don’t care. I find myself most comfortable with people who are skeptical and cynical, but not to the degree of being downright negative or depressing. In other words they see or want to see the silver lining, but they are constantly aware of the dark cloud and are certain of its potential.

    The Need For Redemption Is Instinctive

    What is read early influences one throughout life.  The first book that I read that deeply impressed me (8th grade) was To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus Finch was a man born of principle. He did the right thing because to him it was the only thing to do. The book Billy Budd followed.  It left me thinking for weeks. The outcry of Billy Budd prior to his hanging impressed upon me the need to always be forgiving. “God bless you Captain Vere!” was Billy Budd’s cry to the captain responsible for his execution just before hung. Of course, Melville likely barrowed it from Jesus’ execution, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    In my early twenties I became more interested in the Bible, not as literature or a collection of lessons taught by narratives, but as God’s inspired message to man.  It has been the Bible that gives redemption and forgiveness context, reason, and form for the Billy Budd-like declaration. We do it because God forgives. It is good and healthy for us emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    Life is an unending chain of events of wrongs to us and as we have likewise done to others. Forgiveness is the only thing that makes sense. It gives depth and background for the Finch-like character I read about. Animals don’t retaliate for harm done to them, because they forget. Humans remember. Forgiveness is what prevents retaliation. It seems it is a quality that is unique in creation to humans.

    Redemption seems, in some ways, an underlying thread in my writing. If not outright expressed it is often the reflex that pushes the key that forms the word that makes the story.

    The desire to make things right when we offend is universal as is the need to extend forgiveness. It comes natural. We can’t live without it or the hope it produces.

So that is all I can fit for part III…it has taken me all day just to try and get this to publish…

Tammye Honey


Road Trip A-Z Challenge Part I

Post A-to-Z Road Trip [2013]


This road trip is a little different today.  Since I received a 3 in 1 Award from




    Hm… where to begin?

    My jiggly bits.

    I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls who – when standing – had so much space between their thighs a freight train could barrel through my waif-like gams. And I would barely notice.

    Much like 99.9% of my very limited and uneventful sexual encounters, my response would be, “Um… did something just happen. Should I turn off the TV? I felt nothing between my legs.”

    Why so happily aloof?

    Because my thighs never touch. Like ever.

    In my head, my existence became a mythical tale of leg gap wonders….

    Strong winds would pass through my legs just to say “hello.” And rabbits and fairies visited my cavernous gap just to spread the word throughout my fairy tale kingdom, “All hail! The gap is here. Let there be peace in this unencumbered crotch. Amen.”

    And it – life – would be totally rad.

    So flippin’ perfect.

    Just me and my leg gap and my fully encumbered crotch.

    The end.

    Except it wasn’t the end – ‘cause it didn’t really happen.

    Here is what did.

    Decades of hating my body. Decades of hating my thighs – and the rest of my jiggly bits. And decades of trying to be something I was not.

    I mean that fact is… A unicorn will gallop through my living room long before my sumptuous thighs evaporate.

    I am tall. I am muscular as hell. And that is simply – the deal. I am never ever gonna be a waif.

    On a good day, I am the most fit version of me. Vibrant. Happy. Mouthy. A little sarcastic. Quick with a lame story. But by no means a waif.

    About 3 years ago, I started blogging about my weight loss journey. I lost about 55 pounds and I continued to write until I embraced all of my jiggly bits. That said, this is not a weight loss blog.

    Let me say it again – not, not, not.

    I have spent decades talking about my weight, obsessing over it, weighing myself to exhaustion. The fact is I am gonna eat well and exercise or not.

    Further, I don’t ask people about their weight or food or anything remotely tangential – nor do I give an it-shay. That is their business.

    I am entirely overwhelmed just trying to get to work on time every other decade. And that is my business – and I suck it.

    I’ve just talked, read and researched it to death – so it is now equivalent to childbirth or marriage to me – “I don’t care if other people do it, but – by all means – leave me out of it.”

    So again – this is not a weight loss blog. There are a bazillion people and places where “the numbers” can be discussed in a bazillion different ways. I am just giving my journey some context.

    The best way I know to lose some weight is to…

    • Drop a boyfriend that shouldn’t be [- 150 lbs.]
    • Or finally stop talking to that itch-bay [yes, I am fluent in Pig Latin. Impressed yet?] at work or at Thankgiving dinner or next door that drives you nuts [now, deduct another 150 lbs.]
    • Or get rid of all of the it-shay in your house that takes up too much space and is too much work to clean [now, deduct another 20 – 40 lbs.]

    And presto magic! [Throw in some Harry Potter spell here…]

    And most people will weigh in at -300, at the very least.

    Anyway, that’s how it all went down.

    Once I accepted my body. And me. I just became less interested in writing about the jiggle of my thighs, cellulite, that soft mound beneath my belly button.

    And became more concerned with exorcising and/or accepting life’s REAL jiggly bits. The parts of my life that just hung on my soul, shaking and shaking, every time I wanted to move forward or move at all.

    Yes, those jiggly bits. And I’ve had my share…

    • Abusive childhood. [So been there, so done that.]
    • Sociopath mother. [The itch-bay was – and remains cray cray.]
    • Lovers. Walked, walked, walked all over me and my low self-esteem/self-worth [Sigh]
    • My voice. I mean the one that spoke my truth, cried my indignation. Didn’t even know I could have one.

    The list goes on and on…

    But let’s just say speaking up – I mean truly advocating for myself – is firmly in my wheelhouse now.

    Demons from the past no longer rule me. Laugh at me. Taunt my soul. Hurt my heart.

    I could laugh at them, but who gives an it-shay? That’s when I knew I was truly “fixed” – because every reminder didn’t stop me in my tracks. Fill me with tears. [Boy, there was a time not long ago when I could use 2 boxes of Kleenex on some mom and kid in a Hallmark commercial. For realz.]

    But now? Eh. I just feel whole and peaceful [and I wish I could explain it better than that, but that’s all I got.]

    I say all of that to say being brutally honest about my past – using words – propelled me past it. Yes, I mean blogging. [I know. Right? It’s totally cray cray.]

    But it is what it is.

    And certainly, my support system and genuine friendships I made at saved my life – on so many levels.

    No, I don’t work for them. I mean no one in their right mind would want me to be their spokesperson. I curse too much. I have anger issues that scurry right to surface on special occasions [and holidays, of course.] And I say exactly what I mean – making me politically un-savvy, at best.

    But as goddess of everything fabulous, RuPaul, would say: “my goal is to always come from a place of love …but sometimes you just have to break it down for a mother[trucker].”

    I guess my fairy tale now would be to share and love and laugh so hard it hurts (but in a good way). To be so honest that it if makes just one person feel less lonely, less hopeless for one second, it would be worth it.

    And to wake up every day and say, “I love my jiggly bits.”

    The ones on the outside and the inside.

    That is my new goal.

    That is now my mission for life.

    I know it’s a lofty goal. But what can’t we accomplish together?

    I am pretty sure the answer is nothing.

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. Man is the pen name of someone that doesn’t care to hear the criticism for his thoughts and opinions.You may feel free to share, reblog, sing, comment, or whatever else you feel like just do not steal my words or take credit for them as they are copyrighted and protected by the hounds of hell. (added: 1-29-13 Well… with all these new visitors I have hired some “helpers” to guard my writing… and stuff…please disregard the icy feeling on your neck and down your spine) Thanks and enjoy!Additional Note: 03.13.13 – Since my blog hit 5000 members today I found two lazy Dragons that had nothing better to do than to torment fishermen in Fiji, so I did you a favor Fiji and employed them. Meet Jolly and Lolly, they can belch a flame or two and are generally lazy… but please don’t get them “fired up” … my blog might not survive.Additional Note: 04.03.13 – Today my blog hit 100,000 views and I am very excited. I am also worried about my Chia Pet collection so I asked my 10th grade English teacher to come watch over things. She has great experience with watching for idle hands that swipe things, and she was retired and bored. You really don’t want to mess with her, she can be pretty cranky.


    Within this blog, you will find three or more general topics to choose from. Well, actually I have two blogs going on, one for western stories and one on heritage and trail cooking. You can reach either site within the other blog.

    The first; For those interested in Old West short stories, click on that category. My stories are written on the spur of the moment. Nothing ticks me off more than spending $10 or more on a paperback then finding the story sucked! Now I’m not saying mine are any better than a published author gets printed, it’s just that I like endings that leave me with the feeling that the time I spent reading it was worth its while. I also love history. You’ll find that many times I place the characters or story itself in a setting that at the time was or still is real. Eg: The storm of the century involves a real storm that occurred in 1950 but I claim artistic license as to the events of the characters. My theory is that the unadulterated  truth can be pretty boring, so I lie my tail off to make it a readable story…or something like that. I call it truthful fiction!

    The second; My heritage cooking blog.  This is a blog on Heritage cooking recipes and related stuff.  I once had someone tell me that my recipe was the same as the one they found online. I do scan the cooking sites but don’t copy their recipes then claim I got it from my great grandmother on her death bed. I explained it like this. If your great grandma had a really good recipe, do you think she held it in a bank vault and left it in her will to you? Nope, she shared it with friends and family. How many times have we shared our favorite recipes with others….I bet tons of times! So a family from Idaho can have the same recipe as one in Texas because that recipe was at one time in the past shared. It’s like a family tree. So, don’t get upset if you see your own grandma’s secret recipe for Russian Borscht online under Kim Soo’s Chinese cooking secrets!

    The third; Not so short, short stories. These are stories bigger than the 5,000 word ones that many magazines etc limit your submissions to. There are times a 5,000 word story just can’t do what a 8,000 word one does. I had a western magazine once recommend I reduce my 7,200 word short story to 5,000 before they would consider publishing it. I thought it stunk after I cut it down so I never resubmitted it. Anyway, they’re less than a novel but longer than a short story. Again, ‘The storm of the century’ is a good example of this.

    About the Author; The old west has always fascinated me. As a kid in Idaho my brothers and I used to scavenge the Oregon trailthat cut through our farm for junk the wagon trail folks left alongside the road. I grew up with Hoppalong Cassidy, Sheriff Spud and yodeling cowboys. As much as I wanted to write my own stories of the old west, I was too busy trying to put food on the table most times to even consider it. I’m kinda’ retired now due to a good beating I got when I fell off a tall building I was working on, so now I find myself with the time to write. Since the accident, I’ve been thinking of changing my name also to Hoppalong but accuracy would dictate I call myself instead, stumble-a-long!

    I still get out West from time to time but most of my writing is done from my Lazy Boy here in Florida. When I was younger (and not so stove up) my wife and I worked on a large cattle ranch. She cooked for the hands and I bossed ‘em around! My years spent in the saddle inspecting and mending fences, chasing cows out of the brush, driving cattle to new pasture and sleeping many nights under the stars gave me a new appreciation for our Lord and Creator. He sure did make some awful fine scenery to gaze at while I worked the range!

    I miss the cowboy life and live it vicariously now in my writing.  Maybe someday I can once again kick off my boots on ranch house porch and hear the bawling cattle letting me know I and my heart are home again. Dreams… even though I’m a bit stove up now, I still dream my dreams.

    I was in Cave Creek Arizona one afternoon having some lunch at a local cowboy watering hole when a man and his woman road up on horseback, hitched ‘em to the rail and clunked on inside with their tall heel’d western boots clunking  an’ spurs  jingling on the wooden walkway. They had been riding to town and because of the days heat, decided to stop and grab a cold one. Now that’s my idea of what a town should be like! I tip my hat to any town still allowing horses on their streets and to those establishments kind enough to provide hitching rails and watering troughs for thirsty Nags.

    Contact me at; or

  4. well to know me you have to know about my family.

    I have a mum and dad that have been together for 30plus years they maried in there early 20s and had just me and my big sister.

    My dad was in the army till i was about 12 ish then arfter 22years 6 months and 3days he left the army.

    there have been times my amazing dad had to take rubbish jobs work all sorts of hours and althou he has moaned and has really hated it at time he has worked to provide for us.

    As for my mum she dos everything for everyone she is so helpful and is always running around for someone always doing something. i often worry about her getting warn out but she is always there for her family and friends.

    My sister i love my sister to bits at times i love to hate her but love her moment im done moaning about her. She worked dam hard to become a nurse. She loves her  job although she works hard and dos not get a lot of gratitude for her job and is under paid.

    The there are my two young sons, Kierren-jack who was born on 22-06-06 at 33weeks he was born not breathing and has had some complications but is amazing young man.Then there is Kai-rhys leach he was born on 24-04-2010 at 35 weeks he had some problems but luckly he has bounced back and seems to be doing well now.

    That is my family and i am Julianne im a single disabled mum of two boys. And these are the people who have helped me become me in there own ways they keep me strong support me and inspire me (shhhh dont tell them i said that)to be interdependent and try and achieve my dreams as much as possible.

So that is Part I…Now to see if it will finally Publish after trying all day…

Tammye Honey


Road Trip A-Z Challenge Day 7 Part II


Post A-to-Z Road Trip [2013]

Here is part two of today’s Road Trip since it was so long…


    About my family and me

    Me well to know me you have to know about my family.

    I have a mum and dad that have been together for 30plus years they maried in there early 20s and had just me and my big sister.

    My dad was in the army till i was about 12 ish then arfter 22years 6 months and 3days he left the army.

    there have been times my amazing dad had to take rubbish jobs work all sorts of hours and althou he has moaned and has really hated it at time he has worked to provide for us.

    As for my mum she dos everything for everyone she is so helpful and is always running around for someone always doing something. i often worry about her getting warn out but she is always there for her family and friends.

    My sister i love my sister to bits at times i love to hate her but love her moment im done moaning about her. She worked dam hard to become a nurse. She loves her  job although she works hard and dos not get a lot of gratitude for her job and is under paid.

    The there are my two young sons, Kierren-jack who was born on 22-06-06 at 33weeks he was born not breathing and has had some complications but is amazing young man.Then there is Kai-rhys leach he was born on 24-04-2010 at 35 weeks he had some problems but luckly he has bounced back and seems to be doing well now.

    That is my family and i am Julianne im a single disabled mum of two boys. And these are the people who have helped me become me in there own ways they keep me strong support me and inspire me (shhhh dont tell them i said that)to be interdependent and try and achieve my dreams as much as possible.


    About Me

    I am an Australian author, have a sensitive-new-age Rottweiler called Kitty and a German Shepherd (in desperate need for The Dog Whisperer) called Sabre.

  3. I’ve won several national and international writing awards, the latest being the 2012 YouWriteOn Book of the Year Award for my novel Soul’s Child.

    I’ve had interesting jobs, including working in a crocodile farm in Far North Queensland.

    My web page can be found at


    Rumpy Dog

    Rumpy Dog

    All About Me!

    Hi! My name is Rumpy, and I am an Alaskan Malamute. I used to live in Middle Tennessee, but now my family and I reside in the Florida Panhandle of the US. I have this cool blog that I started in 2011. Here at we talk about all things animal, with a focus on animal welfare and responsible animal companion guardianship. But we also like to throw in a heaping helping of cute! cute! cute! I mean, how could you look at me and not melt, right?

    My story? Well, I was found on the side of a busy street. Jenny thought she would help me find my home, but nobody claimed me. So now I live with her. She’s a pretty good ole’ gal, but she is mighty stingy with the dog cookies. *sigh*

    Also living here is DeDe- an older lady of unknown origins that was living at the trash dump. DeDe has many health concerns, yet you’d never know it by looking at her. She’s the happiest dog in the whole world!

    There are also some cats- they each have their own story. June Buggie is their chief spokesperson. He is 16 years old, crotchety, and not afraid to say what’s on his mind.

    All writings and photos are the copyright property of Jenny Threet (unless the writer is a guest blogger, in which case it is the property of that guest blogger) and may not be used without permission.

    You can contact me at


    Two Rights Attempting To Make A Left!

    Happily married couple taking one day at a time to reacquaint with one another after surviving life-threatening illnesses!



    Well what is there to say, not a lot really…. We, as a family have had numerous cameras and video cameras, but that is it.  They would generally collect dust rather than get used.  Yes when our son was young we would get the camera out and take snaps and pester people at family festivities and of course holidays, but other than that nothing.

    Well, a few Christmas’ ago my husband asked for a new camera. I purchased him the FujiFilm Finepix S5700 for just over £150 and off he trotted. The old dog had learnt that when camera appears, pose, poppa is filming.. must pose and be on best behaviour.  Well the retrievers are a different matter, when poppa appears with the Camera it oh a new toy for us.. and are bounding around so much it is hard to take a picture.

    Finally a camera that gets used, and we have taken some very good snaps.

    I was happy with my little Digimax 450, point and shoot, nothing technical… I don’t do technical..  But you know what men are like with their toys, the more buttons, settings and gadgets they can have the better.

    Even if they don’t understand what every feature does, they still have to have them.  One thing I have noticed is that when he was using is Fujifilm camera, most pictures were taken on auto, (whatever that means).  Can’t grumble though as some of the pictures have been absolutely brilliant.

    However, this Christmas and when asked he wanted to have one of these super duper cameras.  You know the ones with interchangeable lenses.  So off we went on our search of the internet and the one that caught his eye was the Canon EOS1100D..  No wonder it caught his eye, it was over £400 on some sites, just for the body of the camera.

    Well as luck had it we were shopping at Bluewater and walked into Currys and they were doing a deal where the you could get this specific camera with a 18-55mm lens for £378.99.  What a bargain   so we waited until after Christmas and he collected all his Christmas money together added the rest and set off for Currys.  Well that was the deal before Christmas, the after Christmas deal was the same but if you paid an extra £100 you get the 75-300 lens as well.

    You guessed it as the sales person was explaining things, I just nodded.. everything was whooshing straight over my head.

    So home we come armed with a camera and two lenses.

    After unpacking the box and acting like a child with a new toy, I was promptly given the Fujifilm camera and an instruction manual.  Well I have been reading the manual for days and I still don’t have a clue what optical zoom is and what digital zoom is.  I suppose the only way I am going to learn how to use this camera is to be brave take it out of the case and get clicking.

    But come August 2012, hubby decided that he wanted the new Canon EOS600D, apparently it does this and that and I was promptly handed down the EOS1100D… Oh my god, what they heck do I do with this.. it does far more than the Panasonic one and I have only just learnt that.. Oh I will cope

    Well here we are with three decent cameras and a website.  I suppose the only thing to do is go out snapping and post our pictures for all to view.

    Yep, when weekends arrive, come rain or shine, me, him and three cameras will be heading for the great outdoors … not forgetting the dogs..

    Can’t wait to try those pub lunches out … oh I forgot we are supposed to be taking photos.


    About Theresa Jewel Ammons

    My full name is Theresa Jewel Ammons Pinkston and I’m a writer. I used to think my over-active imagination was a curse, but now I use it for writing and coming up with other ideas!

    Several years ago, I chose to use only my middle and maiden name as my “Writing Name”. See more about me and my stories at Jewel’s Writing  and  Jewel’s Writing Blog  .


    This is a picture recommended by WordPress and can be found in the “Media Gallery”. I actually have amuch larger box (it’s one of those plastic “tubs” you buy for storage) full of notebooks and journals!!

    Hopefully, I can take a photo of it and post the picture of My Writing Collection underneath this text.

    Jan. 25, 2013 addition:


    I finally took a picture of My Writing Collection (above) and want to share it with you. This “tub” contains notebooks, journals and binders that all have my writing in them. There are plain journals or diaries about my battle with anxiety and depression, stories, parts of the novels I’m working on, and just general writing notes or plans. In addition to this large collection, I have a file box (approx. 12″ wide) with files for short-shorts, children’s stories and more. So, what do you think? I’m also using this image as my Gravatar.



    In the fall of 2011, my lovely daughter-in- law Ash, a blogger, suggested that I blog about John’s and my Snowbirding trip to the US.

    Snowbirding: When Canadians (Usually old, very) get the heck out of Canada via plane, train, automobile (A truck and a fifth wheel for the Smiths) during the winter.

    I couldn’t believe that people would be bothered to read about our RV’ing escapades, but began anyway. Once we returned to Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, I fully intended to stop blogging, but couldn’t resist sharing the trials and tribulations of trying to assimilate back into North America: attempting to make friends, surviving family get togethers, enduring doctors’ appointments, fishing, handling Canadian weather…  basically anything that amused us. Hopefully “Honey did you see that?” will entertain you too.

    Shelley and John (My loving, supportive editor)



    “Everything good that happened to me happened by accident. I was not filled with ambition nor fired by a drive toward a clear-cut goal. I never knew exactly where I was going.” – Jack Benny

    “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” – Lewis Carroll

    “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” – Oscar Wilde

    Edward Hotspur is a world-famous author and witticist.  The world just doesn’t know it yet.  He is also a multiple-award-winning blogger! True. He loves sarcasm, cynicism, wittiness, one-liners, awful puns, music, cooking and left-handed salads. He adores referring to himself in the third person. He had no help whatsoever writing this ‘about’ section.

    He used to try to follow this basic pattern:

    1. Weekly post about music
    2. Daily post about philosophy or random musings, 5 days a week
    3. Random erratic silly surreal crazy insane frequently humorous posts that make you question his sanity, or even if he’s human
    4. Other, because there’s always an other

    Now, he will follow this one:

    1. At least one post a day, revolving door of subject matter, content, quality and candy. You’ll still question his sanity, though.

    These will be punctuated with punctuation. They will also be punctuated with pictures of everyday things that no one would take pictures of for a blog, plus flowers that soften the rough edges of the barbs in certain rants and sarcastic comments.

    Most of all, there will seem to be no rhyme or reason to his blog, but there is an underlying message/theme running through all of them: He is awesome. Or possibly insane, though the two are not mutually exclusive.

    Finally, if you learn one thing from him, it’s that the key to success is to stand in the middle of a crowded room and scream these magic words 10 times: Alpha Kenny Body!

    (Edward Hotspur is not responsible for anything that happens, no matter how awesome.)

    For some funny or particularly good quotes from the readers in the blogosphere, check out the Quotes link on the menu bar at the top!
    For more about this guy, go to where it all began, leave a comment and be a part of history!
    For the most awesome article of clothing that will ever touch your body, gaze upon this wonder! And for a handy list of the ancient articles/posts on Mr. Hotspur’s blog, click on Hotspur Archives at the menu bar up there somewhere!

    NEW: He’s got this book thingy now. If you’re curious, click the pic

    Whew, what a road trip today was.  Awesome is a great word to use for today’s trip.  Hope that you enjoy each one and are looking forward to tomorrow when perhaps we will not take such a long journey as I think I need a nap after today lol…

    Let me know if you have found someone that we should enjoy also.
    I will add it to the next few road road trips if you let me know in a message.
    Thank you for reading.  Let me know if you are enjoying the road trip.

    Sorry this took so long have been swamped with Mike Fest Vendors today.

    Tammye Honey


Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love In Writing

Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

Over the weekend, we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

Photographers, share a photo that says unconventional. 

The love shown by other blog sites for your writings.  I awoke this morning to have received three awards in one from

The instructions were quite simple:

The rules for the awards are as follows:

  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website.
  2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.
  3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself:

3-3in-1 1-3-in-1


So here are the Awards.  This is about as unconventional as it gets.  This is an honor.

Seven Interesting Things about Myself:

  1. The sunlight gives me migraines so I am not able to go outside much.
  2. I love fresh air so my windows are open even on chilly days
  3. I do not leave the house very much
  4. It takes me forever to get to sleep at night and stay asleep.
  5. I love to paint with acrylic and oil paints on canvas but rarely do it.
  6. I love my coffee in the morning
  7. I do not like to be waken during the night for a dumb reason.  If the house is not on fire or a tornado, or an emergency, let me sleep or I am not a nice person.

Wow now for fifteen nominees that I have never picked before?

Wait…With this I should just take a road trip…you will have to see my day today Day7

So lets see what the other Daily Prompt Writers had to say on the subject then we can continue on with the road trip,

So hurry back to see who I nominated…

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Happy Reading

Tammye Honey