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Weekly Writing Challenge: How I Have Been Moved By Music


Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

  • A song that triggers a memory.
  • A song that symbolizes a person, a place, or past relationship.
  • A song that represents you — that you could consider as your “intro music.”
  • Song lyrics that speak to you.
  • Lyrics that inspire you to write a short story or other musings.
  • Your favorite song — and why.
  • A musician, band, composer, etc. whose music has affected or changed you.
  • Commentary on a musician, band, or genre.
  • An album review.

Many songs have moved me in my life  and have stirred a lot of emotions.  At my age, they would fill the pages if I were to list them all. Two of the most difficult videos that I have ever helped to produce left me crying with every scene and I still get teary eyed each time that I view them. I only had a personal connection with one, that was a family who reaches out to help others in so many ways after losing their own son.  It is their way of giving back.  The video was a tribute to them.

The other was a tribute to my husband’s brother and several of his friends who have passed away.  The entire time this video was being made I cried with each frame that I added.  The completion was a success and not only made my hubby happy, it also made his family very proud.
For songs that inspire me and keep me motivated…
Okay, so I am a romantic sap at heart…
So what inspires and moves you?  I would love to hear… feel free to respond with a video response.
Waiting to hear from you…
Tammye Honey

Author: TammyeHoney

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: How I Have Been Moved By Music

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  4. Thank you for sharing the five songs and your feelings and memories of them.

  5. Hi Tammye Honey,

    SoundEagle can see the therapeutic nature of writing about your grief, nostalgia and beloved ones.

    Please accept SoundEagle’s condolences on the passing away of your beloved ones, who will live on in your memories as well as in their legacies.

    Take care.

  6. I nearly forgot to mention that my post that is perhaps most in keeping with the spirit of your current post is, a love song that I composed with lyrics to farewell a beloved one who has passed away. But it can also just be a love song of nostalgia or missing someone, much like your choice of songs above. 🙂

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