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Daily Prompt: An Act Of Kindness


Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us KINDNESS.

Thanks for the great idea, Archita!

It was a rainy Spring night.  It seemed that it had rained for days on end.  I was recouperating from a gall bladder surgery and from an infection in my teeth due to the gall bladder.  I was due to have all of my teeth extracted.  No matter what I tried to eat, it did not agree with me.  The headaches from the vomiting were overpowering.  To lift my head from the pillow was an effort.  My hubby was sick on the couch with the flu, hoping I would not catch it.  

The dogs did not realize this however and still needed to go out.  On one of our trips during the late night, my left leg (with the sciatic nerve damage) decided not to work as I went to come back up two small stairs to enter the house.  My left rib cage became one with the brick exterior of the house.  Dropping to my knees, unable to breathe let alone shout out, I crawled to the bedroom.  Gasping for air and a comfortable place to lay, I fell back to sleep eventually.

The next morning, as if an angel had sent her, a friend called to see how I was feeling.  It was as if she could sense it in my voice.  Not only did she come over and checked my ribs (she is a registered nurse), she helped wrap my ribs to help me breathe easier.  She took a list and money and went to the store for me.  She bought groceries and pet food to help us get through.  She not only went to the store, she stopped at two different stores to help me save money.

She has a very busy life.  Her hubby is away in Kuwait, and they have six children.   The children are busy with out of school activities as well as school functions.  In her spare time, she still finds time for the gym and for her friends.  

This was not a random act of kindness, this is how she is every day.  For this I say thank you so much.  I can never repay your kindess.  The deep love that I feel is always there and the appreciation will always stand higher than any mountain top. Can we ever tell anyone how we feel enough…

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