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Daily Prompt: I Took A Leap Of Faith


Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump

What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to? What would have to happen to make you comfortable taking it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us JUMP.

It will be four years in September since I took that Jump in life.  I was told it would not last.  I was told I would grow bored and move on.  I was told I was a nomad and I could not handle settling down to one spot for too long.  Perhaps that was my flame of incentive to make the second half of my life my own and make it work against all odds.

I bought a used pick up truck which I had some work done on and began to pack.  It was not easy leaving all that had become familiar.  It was not my life I was living though.  I was living a life that was given to me by others.

I have been blessed in life.  I have two beautiful daughters who both have great men in their lives.  They both have beautiful children and have happy lives.  I realize that it is painful that I am not a part of their lives.  I miss them very much every day.

My body was giving me warning signs that it was time to slow down life.  I have never cared for city living.  It is a super fast paced way of life where at times you forget to breathe in between.  Perhaps that is why people who live in the city feel the need to “get away” for their vacations.  Now I live in a place where I do not feel the need for a vacation to get away.  Every day feels like another day that I am on vacation.  Life is relaxed and at a slow pace here.  We take each day as it is thrown at us for what it is worth and enjoy it.  We take time to smell the coffee in the morning as it is brewing.  We have our windows slightly open during the rain storm to enjoy the essence of ozone.  We enjoy the magnolia tree outside in the back yard with it’s majestic stature.

I had prayed about moving to Tennessee for many a night.  I had wondered how it would even be possible.  I had placed it all in God’s hands to find a way if it was his will.  As I sat in a little local pizzaria with a friend a pick up pulled up with a forsale sign on it.  The price was right.  I sent pictures to Eman and he said yes to get it.  He mailed me the plates from Tennessee and the stickers that I needed and I got it inspected.  I stored it in my friend’s drive way with a tarp to cover the back.  So my new adventure began…





My front plate of truck

002 (3)

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7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I Took A Leap Of Faith

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  7. I loved your prompt,you struck a note with me on the second half of your Life, I am going to come out of halftime and start lving mine.

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