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Weekly Writing Challenge: Cell Phones as a distraction or blessing?



Is the ubiquitous internet — that constant need to ogle our phones at the first free moment — affecting our ability to focus? Do you find yourself compelled to change your Facebook status, or check your blog stats, or forward that new lolcat when you should be writing that proposal, building that deck, or designing that new site? Do you give your spouse laser eyes when you’ve served dinner and they’re texting a friend or taking a call while dinner gets cold? Is that constant alluring stream of self-validating Twitter @replies, Facebook Likes, and Instagram hearts affecting our ability to relate to human beings in the flesh?

Answer the poll below, then expand on your thoughts and feelings about whether or not the internet is ruining our focus and our ability to relate to other humans in an original blog post on your site. Be sure to tag your entry with DPchallenge.

I have to admit that as little as I know about my phone, I am addicted to Words With Friends as it does help to keep me calm throughout the day.  I find a challenge in trying to use all of my letters in one pass or at least most of them till I get to the end and then I just hope to use them.  
I do put my phone down when I have company.  I will tell phone callers (that are not customers), that I have company and will call them back and will wait to answer text messages as long as they are not customers.  

I have different ringtones to signify whether it is gmail notifications or if it is a facebook or email.  I also have a separate ringtone to let me know a text has come in so that I am not constantly checking my phone.

Since Words With Friends has a mind of it’s own and some days I can’t play for close to ten hours at a stretch, I will go a long time without being on my phone.

If my phone is on the charger I might not even get a call much less a text message for days till my cat drops the phone.

We do use the phone for our square  for business transactions.  This I love.  It has made life much easier.

What are your feelings on this subject has it taken away from social skills?

Please take my poll below and let me know

Thank you as always for reading and for your feedback,

Tammye Honey


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Cell Phones as a distraction or blessing?

  1. I hate the way people use their phones. They’re a tool, not a play thing. I do not own a smart phone and can’t figure out why any feels the need to post everything on twitter and facebook. I really don’t care that you’ve done the laundry or gone to the bathroom. I think it’s beyond rude to be looking at your phone when you’re with someone. If you want to be with the person on the phone ..what are you doing here with me. I have my phone on vibrate about 80% of the day. I do not carry it around or talk on it when shopping and doing other things. I hate to go out to dinner and see kids/teens at a table playing on the phones not engaged in the family discussion at table and think parents ought to snatch the dam thing right out of their hands.

    • Wow see what I miss cause we do not eat out…I have never seen any of those types of posts on Facebook perhaps it is because my friends only post for prayers of others or an occasional joke or a recipe. Thank you so much for sharing. I have learned a lot.

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