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Question To My Readers


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Before I begin let me express a prayer to the families in the Oklahoma region of our Country.  
A sincere thank you to all the volunteers who have come forward to assist during this time.


I had a slight dilemma today with an issue and I still do not understand the meaning or purpose.  Perhaps someone from my reader nation can explain.

Without going into deep details, an incident occurred where a point was being made about a subject.  The subject went astray, as does happen at times.  
Then a certain point had to be made by a person.  This point was cruel, mean, unthoughtful, totally not necessary.  
It was made with contempt, almost as if to be mindfully hurtful when made.  There was no thought as to how much it had hurt the guest of the home even when it was pointed out.  The point was still the driving force that would not be dropped.  

At that point in time, even my interventions were of no use and the cold callous comments continued.  The feeling of self centeredness and superiority in one’s own opinion was what seemed to be on the plate of the speaker who was not going to stop.  The guest politely  left.  The speaker did not stop.  

When is it necessary to “drive a point home” so much that it is mean and hurtful to another.  Isn’t life too short?  I am just not understanding the need for this.  I really need someone to explain to me why it is ok to hurt others over petty crap that will not pay my bills next month.  It will not bring back the lives lost today in Oklahoma.  

Was it worth making two women cry to make yourself feel like a real man?  Was that the real purpose?  I am really not understanding.

Does it really matter if someone is or is not an “Army Brat”?  Will they pay their bills on time if they are or are not?  Does it really matter in the end?  Was it worth it?

Just needed to write,

Tammye Honey




Author: TammyeHoney

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10 thoughts on “Question To My Readers

  1. Such people need to have it brought home to them, whatever it takes, that their behaviour is repulsive and unacceptable. They have forfeited the right to polite or tactful behaviour towards them, and if everyone takes the same stand the message will get home.

  2. I think if making your point by causing tears is the only way to “drive it home” then the point is invalid and the argument is lost.

  3. I fully agree with your other respondents. If you have to hurt people just to prove a point, you have proven that you have nothing to contribute to a discussion except hate, ignorance, uncivilized behavior, and a total lack of compassion for any life form. The 1st Amendment guarantees free speech, but my elders had always taught me “Just because you have the right to say or do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.” In my honest opinion, Humans are the only species who attacks for fun and pleasure instead of survival. Some of our species apparently has been so hurt that they cannot be consoled and choose to hurt others for no particular reason, except that they hide behind guaranteed rights and privileges, instead of considering moral laws in their dealings with others.
    Sadly, they are sick, too sick to know how sick they really are. And how lost in their own minds and souls, they cannot comprehend. You cannot help ones like this who refuse to acknowledge their failings. We can only pray that they seek wisdom and discernment in their future messages. Pray that they are kept away from tragedies, as with their present attitudes and behaviors, they will be crushed beyond belief and then truly blame everyone and everything else for their losses. I pity such people, but do not support, enable, or tolerate their actions. I pray for their lost minds and souls.

  4. Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:
    Tragedies often bring out extremes in people. Sadly it brings out Trolls, Bullies, and Scammers. Beware of all these. They have no moral compasses, nor compassion for others.

  5. Someone who goes to great lengths to “make a point” is an Egomaniac with an inferiority complex! They are sad people actually – most pitiful that many people can’t stand to be around them. Hence, your “guest” left. I would have left too.

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