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If you had told me that I would have made it from A-Z with bands, singers and groups with You Tube
before I started this challenge my answer would have been “Well, Maybe.”
Now here I am having been able to accomplish 26 days of music from You Tube that were never very short.

I was actually amazed at how much information I was able to obtain.  Groups I had never heard of before.

There were a lot of strange encounters as well since I learned a lot about video games and their character sources.

There are a lot more that I missed which is what makes this journey so incredible.  With the help of some fellow bloggers who added
in comments I was able to capture a full realm of music that I would never have found on my own.

This was an incredible journey.  I was glad that I took the time to take the challenge and see it to the end.

From A-Z it is a wonderful day…

Can’t wait till next year to try my hand at this again.

Tammye Honey

Author: TammyeHoney

I am about Blogging various information. If you check, I have several sites. Everything from food to funny with a few product lines in between. I am a Daily Prompt Blogger and an A-Z prompt blogger as well. Thank you for checking out my site. I hope you enjoy. I started this for cooking and my corn allergy and then it grew...

3 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Reflections

  1. Thank you! I’ll agree that one can learn so much from research and comments while doing the A to Z. Glad you had a positive experience.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  2. That was my letter “Z” – Zippety Doo Dah …

    Cheers from one AtoZer to another!

  3. Heartiest congratulations on completion of your challenge.

    – Your fellow A to Zer
    Do check my reflections post at

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