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Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap Is there one?


Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

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Our blogs are platforms from which we share our experiences, opinions, and views with the online world. ForMind the Gap challenges, we want to hear what you think about a divisive issue. Each challenge will include a poll where you can cast your vote along with your fellow Daily Post participants. After you vote, tell us more about how you feel by expanding on the topic in a blog post. Be sure to visit other participants’ posts to get some healthy discussion going.

To participate, tag your posts with DPchallenge and leave a link to your post in the comments. Please be sure your post has been specifically written in response to this challenge; obvious attempts to link-bait will be deleted. We’ll keep an eye on the tag and highlight some of our favorites on Freshly Pressed each Friday.

This week’s Mind the GapDoes watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world?

I have noticed with the poll on the site Weekly Writing Challenge that the majority have answered the same as myself.  Nice to know that I am not alone.  Rather than post about violence and showing what the violence is I offer this tribute.

Now I ask you my readers, What do you think?  Here is your chance to speak up.  Do you think one is related to the other or is it all in the way we think and are brought up in life?

Would love to hear what you think about this.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap Is there one?

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  3. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!


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  7. Great post. I haven’t a writing challenge yet. Good job!

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