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Daily Prompt: Pair Them Up

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Daily Prompt: Companionable

Head to one of your favorite blogs. Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.


[pi-nuhl-tuh-mit]  Show IPA



next to the last: the penultimate scene of the play.

of or pertaining to a penult.


1670–80;  see penultultimate
Can be confused: penultimate, lastultimate.
With that out of the way so that you know exactly what Michelle was really saying… I am off to my A-Z challenge perhaps my reflection will be to the bloggers who are trying to become established and have very few followers since each of them have a lot to say.  This prompt really did not inspire me today to write.
Here are what other Daily Prompt Writers had to say about their penultimate posts:
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 See you in the R section of YouTube…for the A-Z Challenge
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