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A Bad Apple


Tiny apples


When you are ready to make a pie and you find a bad apple, that does not stop the process from happening.  It simply slows the process down.

The same goes with dealing with people in the world.  It is sad to say that sometimes people do not think about how their actions will affect others.
The effect that happens each time something negative is said or done is a trickle down and is not just a stab at one person or item.  It carries with it a weight far greater.
When a group or organization is trying to have a fundraiser for a specific purpose, any negativity that is associated with that does have an effect.

Through childish behavior, and selfish acts of cruel behavior, a simple statement can not only have an effect on who the target was but also the group associated with it and several innocent bystanders who really did not get involved in the first place.

This is sad.  If we could only make bad apples go away, life would be so nice.  Life is too short to be cruel.  To slam one person does not make another look better.

Think before you speak as to how it will affect each individual that you are attacking.  Not just your target as it does go much deeper than that.

When an organization can not advertise on a given site or use a site reference due to a slam that was solely intended for an individual this hurts more than just the initial target that it was intended for.

Thanks but no thanks for the cruel words that were bestowed.  They may not have been intended for the recipients who ended up receiving them, yet it did happen and now the process is in flow.

Think before you speak again is all we ask.  The tongue is as sharp as a double edged sword.  Just be careful it does not come back to cut you.

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2 thoughts on “A Bad Apple

  1. The negative comments should not have been posted publicly. At most, they should have been a private communication to the target party. Maybe we need to talk about WordPress or blogging etiquette.

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