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Daily Prompt: The Magic Question of Why Do I Blog?


Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Why do you blog?

Thanks for the great idea, Paranoid Guy!



I don’t think it is the Million Dollar Question Today

Bombing at Boston Marathon

Now who is responsible for this?

That is the Million Dollar Question

Why do I blog?  So that my tiny voice in this vast world might almost be recognized among all of the things that are happening in the world today.  Perhaps a moment of silence for the lives lost yesterday is in order here.

Perhaps why I blog is insignificant at this moment only to pay respect to those lives lost and those who were injured.

The Boston Marathon is ran every year and is not a political statement.  It is not against any anti-rights movements.  It is simply an act of endurance.

I only pray that who did this has the power trip to come forward and admit they are responsible.  That they are not only caught but are made an example of that this is not tolerated on American soil.

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14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Magic Question of Why Do I Blog?

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  3. I live just 15 minutes from the city so the bombings are very close to home for me. Many of my family and friends were closely affected by this. As a whole, people always seem to come together in time of tragedy and that speaks volumes to those who try to hurt others. Just goes to show that, even though there is evil in the world, the light will shine through and expel that darkness by the good deeds of others.
    Thank you for this tribute to Boston.

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  5. You have truly asked the million dollar question. The Boston Marathon has participants from around the globe. It is an attack on American soil yes, but it has been felt around the world.

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  8. Act of terrorism is done by groups or an individuals that feel that this is the only way to get there point across or get attention for what ever reason. It is interesting to note that al-Qaeda is not claiming responsibly. Maybe because this is a international event because they are trying not to get the wrong people upset with them.

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