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Daily Prompt: This is Third TIme


Daily Prompt: History of Language

Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”

Since the origin of this phrase means that if you survived being hanged the third time you were free…
according to

I am going to put a little twist on this prompt and describe an article that I ended up reading three times yesterday.
It was a well written article that took all of your senses and drew you into the story where you felt that you were there while it was happening.
You could almost smell the surroundings.  Hear the noises around.  See the actions happening.  Touch the surroundings.  Taste the describe items.
Much more than that, you could sense the emotions that were going through the individual described.

The reason that I read this three times is that each time I went to leave a comment to say how I felt about the article,
I was interrupted.  When I came back, I had re-read the article to be sure of what I wanted to say about the piece written and not take up an entire page.

I am one of those people who does not tell you how a movie or book ends, so you can now go and read it for yourself.  While there, please tell Lily Mugford that I said hello.

You will be glad that you did.

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Now I am off to the Letter M for Music on YouTube…

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: This is Third TIme

  1. I read your blog 3 times 🙂

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  3. I just had to drop by and I am glad I did… Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed my walk down memory lane.

    • Now you see why I did not try and comment in that tiny box…would never fit. Did you notice, they have to read your’s to see what all the hype is about lol…Thank you

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