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Would This Be A 2 1/2 Dog Night?


As I was lying in bed last night trying to get comfortable to watch a little television it slowly began to happen.  I could hear thunderstorms in the distance outside so I had anticipated already what type of night I was going to have.



The term 3 dog night has been around for a very long time. So has the band lol

That is not the 3 dog that I am talking about today though, that will come up when I get to the Letter T lol…

Alaska. A traditional Inupiat Eskimo igloo four miles south of Nome.



That is more the 3 dog night that I am talking about…

On thunderstorm night in our home, my hubby decides to take to the couch as he likes to stretch out and knows what is going to happen.  I get company in our queen size bed.  As I laid there last night each animal slowly crept onto the bed, one at a time.  As the thunder drew closer, the number increased.  I only had my cell phone with me and was lying on my side with my one arm pinned with a huge cat lying on top of me.  Peachy pushed against my shins as I was curled in bed.  Trina was against my back and tush.  TC took up my stomach area.

1365918900840 1365918873410

2013-04-14 00.56.30

2013-04-14 00.57.28


Now being wrapped like I am in a sleeping bag with only one hand out to try and function with the camera on my phone without moving…that is what makes these pictures so funny and was so difficult to take.  The cat on top of me weights close to 40 lbs.

Could not resist sharing this.  I have to admit that I was very warm.


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5 thoughts on “Would This Be A 2 1/2 Dog Night?

  1. Too funny… those cats just love warm bodies

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