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Daily Prompt: He Said We Are Getting Filled Quickly With Vendors


Daily Prompt: S/he Said

Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it.





He is my hubby…and has been up since the very early hours of morning.  He is busy advertising for Vendors to participate in MikeFest 2013.
As I walked through to let the dogs out and feed the cats, my early morning routine…I was greeted with “We are almost Full”.
My response was “Yes, Good Morning, I love you too…I know.”



As I came to get on Word Press to start my morning articles for my various blog sites, I had a beautiful message from another writer here on Word Press who always has very interesting material.
Today was a surprise it was the Beautiful blogger award.  This came from

This way, you can go see what she said and I do not have to quote her.  My two nominees are: who is a daily prompt blogger and also finds time to do various articles throughout the day of interest besides.

I could fill my entire page and a few more with nominees.  Just see my side wall with likes and you will see who is deserving of this award.  Since it requires only two…, Not only was this article interesting, it tugged on the heart as it was a true story of a mom and dad coping with a child with a difficulty that keeps that child set apart at times from others.  Some call it a disability.  The way she describes it is a temporary set back.  It is a must read.

Thank you to Word Press for changing my thought pattern.  For introducing me to writers that I might have never met.  For allowing me to see styles of writing, photography, poetry, cooking and humor that I would have possibly missed had I not became a daily prompt writer.

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Check there in a few hours and you will be amazed at how many writers there are who do the Daily Prompt.

For an added bonus, for some reason there are two prompts today…not certain why… so I am off to do the next prompt then the Letter L with YouTube so stay tuned.

Tammye Honey

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.





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