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Daily Prompt: MikeFest History and Today


Daily Prompt: Do-over!

Go back to a blog post you always thought could be better, or were unsatisfied with — now, fix it.

With those instructions I will now combine two posts that I made that will now probably make more sense together.

To give some History on Mike Fest 2013 we made a video.

This will explain a little history of how Mike Fest began…

Hope to see you at this Years Mike Fest…

Help to keep his memory going.

There is an awesome fundraiser coming up on May 4, 2013.  If you are going to be in the Clarksville, TN area check it out.

There are bands from all over the United States that are participating:

As of right now, the line-up for Mikefest is:
Dogs at Bay
Ben Gallaher
Transend the Fallen
For Lack of Lithym
Mindset Defect
Killing Grace
Oblivion Myth

If you are an area vendor and would like to participate:

VENDORS APPLY for this year’s Mikefest Concert
All non-food vendors. No set up fees. Just a Donation for the Raffles.
Contact: Emmanuel or Tammye Green @ 931-552-9598, Verizon 270-881-2911 or 518-435-5455, for more information.
This year’s local cause is for Wounded Warrior, SGT Keith Hale.
Thank You.
PS: More Information @
VENDORS APPLY for this year’s Mikefest Concert<br />
All non-food vendors. No set up fees. Just a Donation for the Raffles.<br />
Contact: Emmanuel or Tammye Green @ 931-552-9598, Verizon 270-881-2911 or 518-435-5455, for more information.<br />
This year’s local cause is for Wounded Warrior, SGT Keith Hale.<br />
Thank You.<br />
PS: More Information @
Each Year a different Charity is selected.  This Year the Charity is Wounded Warriors.
Here is a scoop on the recipient for this year:
This is a little about SGT Keith Hale, the recipient of this years Mikefest donations. Thank you for writing this TiAnna – MRSGT Keith Hale joined the Army after 9\11 to stand up for the country he loves. He has been married to his wife TiAnna for 10 yrs and they have 3 amazing kids Zach, Kaley and Nathan who is autistic. Keith 1st deployed with the 1/115th Shelbyville in 2005 for 15 months to TQ, Iraq, where he was a scout truck driver. His 2nd deployment was with the 278th HHT RFS to Mosul, Iraq and was now a truck commander for the scout truck (scout trucks go out in front of the convoy). Over the deployments there were many close calls. In June 2010, he was having some issues with dizziness and vomiting but he would push through to continue the mission. On June 5th, they were coming into FOB Spiecher there was a wreck and a lot of confusion. He fell from the back of the MRAP and received a brain injury and spinal nerve injury that caused damage to his right leg. He still carries the nickname deadleg. He still has many uphill battles, medically speaking, but will continue to soldier up. SGT Keith Hale medically retired on February 27th 2013.

If you would like to be a part of this or just donate please feel free to contact any number that you find listed.
Date: May 4, 2013Time: Noon – 10 P.M.

Address: 3825 Old Dover Road North
Woodlawn, TN 37191

Mikefest is a yearly event that has been created by Byron and Melissa Russell in remembrance of Michael Charles Russell. He passed away while they were on vacation at  Disney World on a ride.  He had an non-diagnosed heart condition.  Instead of mourning his loss, they now celebrate life each year by remembering him through this fundraiser for a different charity each year.
We would appreciate your support and prayers for this function to be a success.
Thank You for Hearing my plea.

This is so important to so many people and will bring hope to lives… can you help support this cause?

Hey what are you doing on May 4th come and support a great cause

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