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Daily Prompt: Impossibility


Daily Prompt: Impossibility

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

Thanks for the great idea, Zen A.!

When we first became married (Both a second time) we had doubters who said we would not last a year.  In September, it will be 4 years.

When we began to sell Tupperware we were told it was a passing whim and it would not last.  It too will soon be 4 years.

When we created our store in our sun room we were told “What a joke” No one will come… They are coming and enjoy the hands on seeing the product before purchase.

When we started to do the Non Food Vendors Advertising for Mike Fest I first prayed to God for guidance.  I set the baskets each at $100.00 value retail.  I was told that I was insane.  They are coming in and are glad to be a part again this year.

Three phones are constantly ringing with Vendors who want to participate in this event this year.

When I said that I could get the maximum vendors needed I was told good luck.  Now I am at a point where we have a cut off and it is based on first baskets in will get the spots.  The response has been greater than the amount of space available.

Each year we have seen Mike Fest grow.  The fact that there is no admission fee for the vendors and that their basket goes directly to the raffle that is for the charity 100% with no hidden fees, all of it goes directly to the chosen charity which this year is:

This is a little about SGT Keith Hale, the recipient of this years Mikefest donations. Thank you for writing this TiAnna – MR

SGT Keith Hale joined the Army after 9\11 to stand up for the country he loves. He has been married to his wife TiAnna for 10 yrs and they have 3 amazing kids Zach, Kaley and Nathan who is autistic. Keith 1st deployed with the 1/115th Shelbyville in 2005 for 15 months to TQ, Iraq, where he was a scout truck driver. His 2nd deployment was with the 278th HHT RFS to Mosul, Iraq and was now a truck commander for the scout truck (scout trucks go out in front of the convoy). Over the deployments there were many close calls. In June 2010, he was having some issues with dizziness and vomiting but he would push through to continue the mission. On June 5th, they were coming into FOB Spiecher there was a wreck and a lot of confusion. He fell from the back of the MRAP and received a brain injury and spinal nerve injury that caused damage to his right leg. He still carries the nickname deadleg. He still has many uphill battles, medically speaking, but will continue to soldier up. SGT Keith Hale medically retired on February 27th 2013.

The sixth is that SGT Keith Hale can not believe this is happening.  It still feels like a dream to him that total strangers have come together to do this for him and his family.

Please come and show your support.  Hit like on Facebook and let him know that your care. Leave an encouraging word or two please.

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