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Daily Prompt: Places for me is the country life

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Daily Prompt: Places

by michelle w. on March 2, 2013

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

Since this prompt was so vague I am not sure exactly what Michelle had in mind, I took it that we were to chose which was our favorite spots.  The beach is nice to visit however, due to the fear of hurricanes, I would not want to live near one.  The mountains are wonderful, as I used to live in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State.  The snow was very deep and it never got very warm.  To me the Mountains and the Forest go hand in hand.  At least there they did.

I am loving the country life.  We do not have cows, or any farm animals nor do our neighbors.  We are located outside of the city and love it.  We have several acres of land where our animals can play.  Although they are all in the warm house today due to the snow falling.  Even my animals from New York now love the warmer weather here and prefer nicer days rather than playing in the snow like they used to.

If my hubby was not afraid of getting on a plane he would love to go to Spain.  I would love to go to Italy, Costa Rica  and Australia.  We both would love to go visit his daughter in Germany while they are there…that is not going to happen though lol…  I would be happy if we just flew to New York to visit both of our families.

What is your favorite place to be?  Please share with me…would love to hear…

Thank you for reading

Tammye Honey

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