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The Liebster Award



This is the first award that I received of the two.  Thank You for the honor and here are the rules.

Here are the rules.

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.

3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.

4. Go to their page and tell them.

5. No tag backs!

Here are 11 things about myself that I am to tell the world.

  1. I am remarried for the first time and am glad that I took the chance.
  2. My hubby and I have two dogs and two cats.
  3. I teach sewing, crocheting and knitting to area people.
  4. We have numerous grand children plus adopted grand children.
  5. We live in the country just outside of Clarksville, TN and Ft. Campbell, KY
  6. My favorite color is blue, although I love bright colors.
  7. I love to decorate
  8. My new hubby and I run many businesses that are all home based.
  9. I love to cook
  10. My friends and my hubby feel that I am very friendly, kind, sharing, amusing and intelligent.
  11. My hubby looks to me to spell constantly.  My friends feel that I am very positive.

Here are the Questions that I need to answer:

1. Which superpower would you want?

Since I can already fairly accurately read my new hubby’s mind  I am not sure what super powers there are … Perhaps some great strength could come in handy.

2. If you had that superpower, would you be my sidekick?

Since I am married, not sure if I fit the bill on this one.  In a cartoon I could be Wonder Woman.

3. If you could make sure a certain actor/actress would never be allowed to make another movie ever again, who would it be?

Since I can’t go to the movie theater due to their serving popcorn I do not have an answer for this,.

4. Why?

My allergy to Corn and Corn Products.

5. What are you 33 grams of?

Hopefully not excessive fluids or fats.  Since I have lost so much weight both are quite reduced.

6. Are you as tired of this post as I, Captain Procrastination, am?

It has become long and tedious.

7. You’re blocking the TV. Can you move a little to the left?

This one I did immediately.  I just turned sideways and you had the full view of the TV.

8. I guess I should’ve asked this as number 3, but I don’t care enough to put them in order. What would your superhero name be if you were my sidekick?

Since Wonder Woman is taken how about Blog Woman?

9. Do you have any money I can borrow? I might eventually pay you back one day.

We are tapped out from used to be friends that once they borrowed the money stopped communicating with us.

10. Which movie character (it can be from any movie) would you most want with you during a zombie apocalypse?

Since I have never viewed a Zombie Apocalypse I went to YouTube to be educated.

To my amazement there was a lot of material on the subject.  I chose the survival method.  I would just request The Men In Black

11. . Which movie character (it can be from any movie) would you least want with you during a zombie apocalypse?

Woody Allen

Now for My 11 Questions:

  1. Why do you have a blog on Word
  2. What is unique about your writings?
  3. In what direction do you want your writings to flow in the coming year?
  4. Do you find receiving awards annoying or delightful?
  5. Do you use your Blog for inspiration to others or for a place to vent?
  6. Do you own more than one blog site?
  7. Is your site a teaching tool or a learning tool?
  8. What type of reader do you want to attract to your site?
  9. Have your accomplished this task?
  10. Do you feel that your site is running great, needs improvement or is in the beginning stages?
  11. Do you know what “Tagging” is?  (I do not) lol

Choose 11 people and link them in your post.

Here comes the hard part…just picking 11 great blog sites on Word

I have slowly started to choose my recipients and will explain why I read their blogs.

  1. (A quick read for a really great laugh)
  2. (For their dedication to the prevention of cruelty to animals)
  3. (For her honest blog on parenting and life in general)
  4. (For great recipe ideas almost daily)
  5. (Although she is not Word Press she always has great recipes)
  6. (For giving me inspiring ideas for my students to try)
  7. (For her new product reviews and New Looks on the Runways)
  8. (Another great recipe site)
  9. (For a different prospective on life)
  10. (For a different approach to life topics)
  11. (For when I feel like receiving a dozen roses)

Don’t panic if your blog was not mentioned, it might be in the next award… Could have kept going but if I did I would not get to the other award.

 Go to their page and tell them. (I was hoping the trackbacks would do this for me)

No tag backs! Can someone tell me what this is please?  Am I guilty of this?  I hope not.  

I am thinking that it means giving the award back to the person who just gave it to you…. I have acknowledged that great blog site…but did not include in my list.  Hope that I did it correctly.  Would not want to be reported to the Word Police and get a ticket or fine.

This became long due to subject material…hope you stayed with me through it.

Tammye Honey



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I am about Blogging various information. If you check, I have several sites. Everything from food to funny with a few product lines in between. I am a Daily Prompt Blogger and an A-Z prompt blogger as well. Thank you for checking out my site. I hope you enjoy. I started this for cooking and my corn allergy and then it grew...

4 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

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  2. Congratulations on your award.

  3. Holy Christmas that’s a lot of Q&A! Good thing I am creatively licensed to take liberties with my version of the truth.

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